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what is seo July 16, 2015
What is On-Page SEO?
On-page SEO generally refers to factors that have an effect on your web page or website listing in the natural search results. You can control the factors or this can be done by the coding on your page. If you do not know the basics, it becomes quite challenging to secure top positions for your competitive key phrases even when you have an excellent PR and outreach campaign and a fantastic link profile. Some of the factors that are relevant for both search engines and readers include: Optimized URLs This is a very important concept when it comes to on-page SEO as preference is still given to URLs that are keyword rich and this is not something that is bound Read More
seo service cost singapore July 9, 2015
The Standard SEO Service Cost in Singapore
If you would like to invest in professional SEO services, it is important to understand you need to budget for this as they do not come free of charge. There are very many companies that offer the seo service at different rates thus you have to take your time and research to get the one that offers the ideal rates where you can be assured of getting great value for money. The cost usually depends on the exact services you will be getting. Below is an example of some of the services rendered by the professionals and how much it may cost you. One Time SEO Report This is where a comprehensive analysis is done including search engine friendliness review, Read More
SEO Techniques That You Must Know July 2, 2015
SEO Techniques That You Must Know
As the years go by, it is important to stay at the top of your game when it comes to SEO techniques so that you can continue reaping the benefits of your SEO efforts. There are numerous tips that you find online and you need to be very careful to sieve the ones that are most important to help you bring in more traffic to your site. Best SEO Techniques to Follow Below are some of the SEO techniques that you must know and use in the upcoming year. Find Bloggers and Potential Back-linkers using Delicious You already know that back-linking is very important and should be included in your SEO techniques. You can use Delicious to find topics that Read More
SEO Secrets You have to Know June 25, 2015
SEO Secrets You Have to Know
Over time, Google has become smarter in a bid to offer the most useful and relevant search results. Experts who work for Google are always tweaking the algorithms that Google uses so that the search engine is able to understand the words that individuals search and the information that they are actually looking for so that it can ignore all the irrelevant words. Nowadays, Google is able to understand conversational search that used pronouns as well as multiple related searches in a row. SEO Experts have also been working hard to distinguish high-quality sites from spam low-quality sites. Best SEO Secrets to Learn To avoid being penalized and have your site rank highly to enjoy all the benefits that come Read More
Is seo Worth investing June 18, 2015
Is it worth investing into SEO?
As websites look for techniques on how to improve rankings, it is possible that the persons who manage or own them have heard about the benefits that come about with SEO. This raises the question of whether it is worth investing in SEO. To answer this, it is important to note that over and over again SEO continues to prove itself as an integral part of online business success and there are very many businesses that have benefited in a huge way simply by investing in proper SEO practices. Reasons: Why it is Worthy to Invest in SEO Some of the reasons why you will find it worthy to invest in SEO include: Helps to Create a Strong Online Presence Read More
how seo works June 11, 2015
How Does SEO Work?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to ensure that online users have a flawless experience when they visit your site. SEO makes it easy for search engines to determine what an individual or company is trying to communicate to their target audience. The search engines want to ensure that the websites they refer a user to on their results pages have the most applicable content in regards to what an online user is looking for. What Do Search Engines Want? It is important to understand the criteria that search engines used to determine whether a site is relevant. Search engines consider the kind of content you have on your site including the title, descriptions, and text. They also look at Read More
SEO mistakes June 4, 2015
Common SEO Mistakes People Do
There are numerous common SEO mistakes people do that jeopardize their efforts for Search Engine Optimization. This normally results in low rankings and not enough traffic among many other vices that may cause the website to fail. Some of them you may not even be aware that you are making something that can be quite frustrating. Google and all the other major search engines are undertaking the task of giving relevance and quality to search engine. This means you have to take this under control if you want to take benefits from SEO. Some Common SEO Mistakes Examples of some of the common mistakes that people do include: Not Optimizing Pages to Relevant Keywords Look for a number of main Read More
seo campaign not giving results May 28, 2015
A Few Reason Why Your SEO Campaign is Not Giving Results
If you are putting in effort for SEO,  you probably know that it is one of the greatest tools that can help you rank highly on various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This helps to increase the visibility of your site and ultimately makes it more successful. If you are not getting the desired results from your SEO campaign, it means that there is something you are doing wrong and it needs to be changed as soon as possible to help you benefit from excellent results. Reasons Why SEO Campaign may not be Giving Results Some of the reasons why the campaign may not be giving you results include: Lack of Effective Planning It is not possible Read More
seo and html May 21, 2015
Best SEO Practices for html5
Html5 has been designed specifically to help standardize various multimedia formats so that they can be understood consistently by browsers. It makes it easy for a person to include interactive multimedia elements within the website without the need for external plugins like Flash. It is best to understand html5 seo soon as HTML5 can be described as an evolving process with various new features that will be added over the coming months or even years. If you are wondering what HTML5 can offer, here are some of what you can get from it: It brings in several improvements in terms of user experience and usability. It has several new tags that developers can use to classify important content. It is Read More
seo friendly wordpress themes
Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
Coding and site structure is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. This means that selecting and utilizing SEO friendly WordPress themes is vital. There are certain features that you should be on the lookout for before you settle on the one to use such as tags. Although SEO experts may differ when it comes to selecting the ideal theme, all of them agree that you should be very careful when selecting a theme. WordPress themes can be referred to as SEO optimized when: It is code free. It follows the guidelines that have been prescribed on various search engines such as Google. The theme has been optimized for speed. It is a responsive theme. Below Read More
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