Top-Notch Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Mobile App Development Trends in 2021
The mobile apps industry is growing. There are around
3.2 billion smartphone users on the globe. Isn’t it amazing?

Smartphone and application usage is growing at a steady rate. Even, without showing any sign of slowing down in the foreseeable future. The statistics have revealed that mobile applications generate about $935 billion in revenue by 2023.  

The Apple App store holds  1.96 million apps for downloading. Similarly, 2.87 million apps are there for download on the Google Play Store. 88% of mobile time is largely spent on applications.

However, smartphone application usage dominates the specific categories. The below graph is showing the top categories that are letting the users turn to smartphones.

mobile app trends


The Emergence of Mobile App Development Trends

The mobile application development trends are emerging at a fast speed every single day. It is not showing any turning back. Technology is giving birth to a new trend on a daily basis.  

The year 2021 is considered to be a transformative year in application enhancement. The  web development company is adopting and is updated towards the latest trends related.

It is advisable to support the customers in a better way. The mobile application resellers should follow the new developmental trends. The developers and the content creators who have an urge to take their products to the next level with mobile production are in a similar boat.

The fundamental growth in the competition enables businesses to opt for mobile applications to make their game stronger.  Hence, there is a need to know the mobile app development trends in 2021. Considering all, we are presenting the leading mobile app development trends dominating this year.

Mobile Application Trends That Dominate in 2021Mobile Application Trends That Dominate

In recent years, mobile phones have become a significant asset in everyone’s life. Hence, the mobile application development business has achieved heights of success.

Internet of Things (IoT) App integration

Everyone’s life nowadays relies on the internet. When we consider that the internet cannot control the kitchen, house, or bedroom, we must be informed about the Internet of Things.  Indeed, this technological trend is booming and many are concerned about the same.

It is vital in many fields. The biometric Cyber Security scanners, wireless inventory trackers, smart factory equipment, auto farming equipment, wearable health monitors, wireless appliances, smart home protection systems, etc are some of these.

The users are adopting technology to experience improvement in their lives. Moreover, the brands such as Amazon and Google are using it to the best and in-depth. Simultaneously,  grow the competition with “Google Home Voice Controller” and “Echo” correspondingly.


To the maximum, selling and purchasing of goods are handled from mobile applications. The idea behind online buying is not unique and web applications are keeping it honest. Even so, the native applications are providing a better user experience. It is possible because of their exceptional user-experience approach. However, it then improves the chances of buying. According to the reports of BrizFeel, 40% of the customers use mobile phones for shopping. 

Also, there are many reasons for this. The user selects the mobile shopping applications for how easy they make browsing products. In addition, applications are powerful, they collect user data for relevant and customized offers. Undoubtedly, it boosts the user experience.

The other point is that the users do not like app redeem and form-filling, routing them from the irritating activities. Applications memorize the transaction and enable them to be carried out quickly while buying. On the other hand, the sellers can stimulate the customers to create more purchases. They provide special terms and pricing while shopping in applications. With an integration of the solutions, like, AI, 5G, cloud computing, mobile payment applications, m-commerce has a successful future ahead.

Samsung’s Foldable OLED Display

After the release of the Samsung foldable OLED display, the operating systems are using the technology to convert the mobile experiences.  Google officially offered support on Android phones in 2021 with screen continuity API.

As per Samsung, thousands of leading Android Apps that integrate Twitter, VSCO, Microsoft Office, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook,  Spotify, are optimizing for Galaxy fold.

‘Foldable Phone’ is now the buzzword in the last year. As it is trending even this year, the user must schedule the app development method. Therefore, it operates sleekly on foldable devices, the daunting mobile app development trend in 2021.

The gaming applications and video streaming get the most from foldable devices. However, improves the screen size, or with additional space for providing extra controls and details.

Wearable Device Development

Wearable Device Development

For a long time now, wearable devices have become a part of daily life. These days, there is an extensive number of fitness bands, trackers, and smartwatches of some color and shape in the market. The people are getting used to it.

However, in 2019, Apples’ announcement provides the business a second wind from their watch OS6. It encourages confident developers to create applications, particularly for the Apple wearable devices. It led the other wave of investment with the content creators and application sellers to the booming market.

Wearable devices are not a breakthrough. However, are distant from approaching their overall potential. Already, the wearable trend has influenced. It is continuing to influence the manner the developers are designing mobile applications.

Wearable Application or Smartwatch Integration

The wearable already has built a hype in the customers. Commercially, they are accessible in the form of display devices, smartwatches, body sensors, smart jewelry, etc. It is expected that wearable applications will be an essential part of daily lives as technology advances.

Recently, Apple has announced its WatchOS update at the WWDC meeting.  The Apple Watch applications no longer need to use the cooperative iOS application. They also have their Application Store.  Clearly, it shows the development of wearable technology to be the most essential mobile application development in 2021.

With applications that operate the iPhone independently, Apple has upgraded the Apple watch to the standalone unit status. This could be used by the customers for the definite digital requirements. On the contrary, the application companies and developers must develop applications that provide exceptional digital expertise to Apple watch customers. Also,  it provides them the benefit of those that do not. The wearable can trace and examine the body’s heartbeats, movements, body temperature, steps, and other measures. In 2021, we will definitely see the improved demand for wearable application growth.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence
Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

These are trendy applications for many years now. 2021 will experience smarter, unique, and more able chatbots. It is said that the capability it will attain will go beyond the simple problems. Nevertheless, these will be the eCommerce conversation hallmark. 

This is an engaging strategy for online shopping that enables the users to communicate to the brands straight. However, it assures important communication before buying. 

In the case of Artificial Intelligence, the estimation says that it will be the future. Indeed, will boost its influence. In integration with the internet of things, artificial intelligence efficiently integrates with the making process, assuring waste reduction and quality control. The companies are even leveraging preventive and predictive maintenance, advanced forecasting, users’ behavior insights, advanced data analysis, etc.

The companies can get advantages from preventive and predictive maintenance, users’ behavior insights, advanced forecasting, and advanced data analysis.

 Augmented Reality

Many shoppers around the globe are denied the possibility to visit physical stores. They try the things they prefer, favor a more safe and interactive experience from the businesses they select.

Augmented reality is a powerful tool to do it. With integration into the mobile application, it has become a strong sales-boosting element. While linking with smart suggestions and AI, it allows to meets user preferences more effectively.  

This trend uses by Nike, H&M, IKEA, and many different brand names. Certainly, it will be the most noticeable mobile application trend in 2021. Additional AR-powered applications like, face swap or beauty filtering solutions will be trending. The reason is the increasing demand for social media and customers’ desire for fun. 

5G Technology

Cellular networks demand the technological next generation of standard- 5G. The mobile application development companies must implement the unique features as per the new performance level. The experimental research and tests affirm that 5G is stable, cheaper, and faster than 4G; also consumes less energy. Statista has informed that there will be 1.3 billion 5G subscriptions globally till 2023.

The mobile software development in itself considers processing enhanced content, like, heavy VR & AR 3D objects, 4k videos, etc. The users require cellular networks for giving a similar experience similar to WIFI. Therefore, 5G might become the solution, and executing its functionalities support would be a preference in 2021.

Beacons and Nearby Networking

Beacons are just small wireless devices that transmit radio signals periodically. When the signals are found by nearby mobile phones from Bluetooth, the user can even get a personalized message or offer. Notwithstanding, the technology is not unique, the beacons even offer an effective method of brand-customer interaction from mobile devices. 

From the beacons, the sellers can improve the offline and online presence of the beacon. Understand more about the user behavior and efficiently personalize the message.  From the statistics, the beacon technology market will reach $56.6 billion by 2026. In addition, the Beacons build a comprehensive range of the probabilities for the mobile applications. It is probable with the high potential for improving the sales, promotion, and marketing abilities. 

Moreover, the technology is acknowledged by big names like Apple and Google. It is because they declared the COVID-19 contact tracing system according to the beacons designed (for lessening the virus spread). Not to mention, this and other cases can generate only when much attention to the technology is given. Therefore, it is high time to include beacons in the tech stack in the year 2021.

Cloud Computing Integration
Cloud Computing Integration

It is a challenging task to create a fully functional mobile application that does not demand more power. Most importantly, it lessens the usage of batteries.

As smartphones are highly innovative and manage a lot of operations. So, it is even more complex for the vendors to offer optimized and effective applications.  Instead of using the resources of the device, there is an installation of the mobile application, the developers can move to cloud-based systems and obtain heavy computation in the cloud.  Correspondingly, it boosts the performance of the mobile applications at the user’s end. Definitely, in 2021, the trend of cloud computing will get higher strength using 5G technology.

Benefits of Implementing Mobile App Development Trends

In general, the new trends will improve the business-centric and customer-centric approaches.

When it is about the customer-centric approach, the app development trends will enhance the already implemented design of the apps. These provide a great user experience and user interface (UI and UX) with the quick speedy solution providing a reliable and stable workflow. Hence, provides reliable data safety measures. 

When it is about the business-centric approach, the mobile app development trends will notice an improvement of the secure,  quick, and low-cost nature of payment, easy-to-adopt, and easy-to-update between the users. It, therefore, assists in businesses mainstreaming the new mobile applications among customers, clients, and employees to grow to new trends. In addition, the data security guarantee is even a win-win with these trends. 

Wrapping Up

Are any of the mentioned mobile application trends we have described suit your business growth approach? 

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