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We are Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd, a well-established Development and Webdesign company in Singapore. Our team is skillful in creating the best mobile applications, landing pages, compelling websites, and offering the professionally-sound solution. We assist companies in seeking innovative solutions to meet their web development needs. Choose us and let your potential visitors never ring your competitor’s bell !! Our multiple featuring website increases the inflow of customers and Boost Sale. Our best website designers singapore  design problem-solving websites to have a continuous relationship with the customers. Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd. provides fully-fledged services, including formative website design in, web development, stunning custom websites, SEO-friendly content, and many more.
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Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd. caters decent quality web architecture with a magnificent display features which draw the visitor’s engagement to your website. What our Website Design Agency do? In our web design company, our professional web designers singapore and developers work together to provide responsive, fresh, and tailor-made websites. The skills of our designers will probably leave a positive impression on your mind. Without any doubt, our Web Design skills will blow your mind and assist you in standing out among the leaders. We offer:
  • Modest and Up-to-date websites according to Google Guidelines
  • Convenient navigation from one page to another
  • Effective content management system
  • Continuous Optimization of speed
  • Adjustable and responsive website layouts along with cross-browser website development
  • Effective and powerful design ideas to improve and engage your audience
  • Digital solutions through different marketing ideas that include social, SEO, etc.
*We Aim To Deliver Nothing Less Than Perfection.*
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We converge the expectations with advanced features for client satisfaction. Our aspiring color selection, smart-features in eCommerce websites make it more trendy and user-friendly. Our Search engine optimization experts follow the right strategy to push your website to the top in the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Our Google Adwords service displays online ads on Google that help you to reach more customers and grow your online business.


  • We make it easy: No hidden costs
  • Our affordable web design: payment plans meant to benefit you
  • Continuous learning: We are always curious to learn and design trending sites with highly interactive features


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Our developers understand the perspective and need of user, as per that designs a flexible framework. With respects to the need to speed up the website, we excel in crafting user-understandable site.

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With years of expertise, our best web designer singapore  team produces unique designing ideas and cutting-edge approaches to create human-centred and conversion focused websites.We code websites according to today’s modern technologies that are revenue-driving and develop highly productive websites to generate more leads.
  • We Prioritise conversion-oriented web design and development services.
  • Our website maintenance cost is FREE. We are available 24X7 to give you support and maintenance.
  • Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd. advice you in each phase of your business development even after the closing of the deal.
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We discover the real potential of website and has served over 50+ industries with 2500+ Satisfied clients over a Decade.

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Eliminate crowded service areas with this mobile e-ticket solution that optimizes customer flow. With this queue software, customers can join a queue even before they arrive and take a number that you will be aware of at all times. With this, they can easily join the queue when it’s their turn, and your business never has to deal with stressful crowds again.


  • Ticket numbers for customers on their smartphone
  • Instant alert for queue numbers
  • Easily book online appointments via mobile devices
  • SMS notifications for access without an internet connection.
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Work Queue Management Software
Why It's Important to Invest in Professional Web Design Services

With the internet as vast and large as it is, there is barely anything you are looking for that you won't find.

This is a major reason why the internet has become a major tool for any venture or business in today's world. Some of the major tools the internet gives to these businesses are Social Media, Websites, e-Commerce sites, Blogs, Online Directories, and many more. Of all these tools, a great website is the most versatile tool and hence, its utmost necessity.

As important as websites are, many business owners do not see the need to pay for professional sites. They think that it is something anyone can 'build' out of thin air. While a few percentages of this population succeed in building mediocre websites, it is important to correct that notion. If you are a business offering services or products, investing in a professional website should be the least of your online budget.

There are various reasons why you should give cognizance to a professional web design for your business. Most of these reasons revolve around your online visibility, accessibility, and overall user experience of your prospective customers. Let us look at a few reasons why you have to invest in a professional web design service.

A Good Website Design Portrays Credibility

When people search for your service or business online, they are looking to get the best deals and from a credible company too. If your website's appearance looks very scattered or unattractive, you are giving off bad vibes already. This is particularly important for businesses without brick-and-mortar stores. Prospective customers have nowhere else to visit to verify the authenticity of your business other than the website. If the website is of substandard quality or is poorly designed, your business may look fraudulent to prospects.

With this, you may end up losing that prospective customer to your competitor. The internet has affected buyer psychology, and these days, a good-looking website means that the business is legitimate and somewhat reliable. When your professionally designed website looks credible, you get more traffic and increase profitability.

A Great Website Design is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

As earlier described, your website's design helps your customers decide if they want to use your services or not – in just a few seconds. Another area why this might be important in relation to online buyers is that they run thorough checks on businesses from their websites. Yes, sometimes, a first impression may not be as convincing. A good website design; one done by a professional, would contain all the information about your business. This will ultimately help anyone looking for information regarding your business get whatever they want to get, in one place.

A good website design will contain important information such as opening hours, customer support, FAQs, the 'About US' page, contact information, and other salient information that a good website design will provide for its users. It is pertinent to get a professionally designed website because it tells people all about your company, with ease.

A Great Website Design Helps Your Search Engine Optimization

Various factors affect the SEO results of a website. Some are affected by elements of the web design, and some are not. The factors affected by the website's design will determine whether or not the website will be ranked high by search engines. Search engines crawl the internet with bots. These bots search and look out for some good design elements and ensure that websites without these elements come up at the latter ends of a search result.

A simple explanation for this ranking method is search engines are building a reputation of quality information with their users. Thus, with the notion that a poorly designed website is illegitimate and unreliable – regardless of what is true – they rank those sites lower. The whole point of website SEO is to increase visibility. With this knowledge, you are convinced that a great website helps your SEO and consequently increases your visibility as a business.

A Good Website Design Sets a Standard for your Service

When you log on to a well-designed website, you already know what to expect from the business. If the design is poor, your expectation from the business or service is immediately lowered, and vice versa. Your customers are humans – mostly – and that sense of warmth and connecting to their needs with your website helps you convert them quickly. When their superficial needs are met with your website, they are more likely to patronize you.

Your Competitors Have Already Invested in a Good Website Design

Earlier on, it was pointed out that the least of your investments in all of the online business tools is a good website. While you are struggling with your competitors for quality of the products, service delivery, and customer relationship, etc., your competitor may just get a good web design and still be ahead of you. A good website design gets you in the face of your target market, and if that hooks them, you convert them and make that sale.

If your business is online and you are focusing on just the products or service and not creating a good website – or modifying the existing one – you are losing many customers. Many internet businesses have figured that a good website design plays a major role in the success of the business. If you don't invest in a professionally designed website, your competitors will convert most of your customers and prospects. This way, you don't even get the opportunity to show them how great your products or service is. Too bad!

In summary, it is of utmost importance for you to recognize that a huge part of the success of an online business lies in the quality of the website. A good website design offers the optimal website navigation, page speed, layouts, color schemes, and advanced add-ons that increase the overall user experience for anyone visiting the website. With these salient advantages, you should have no doubts regarding investing in a professionally designed website.

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