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Maintain Advantage Over Hackers With The Appropriate Penetration Testing Singapore

Awebstar, a known security expert and service provider, constantly adheres to confidentiality agreements. We have the strongest team of penetration testers in the industry, known for achieving precise results. The reason you've come to us is that you're fed up with your security operations and can't seem to locate the right candidate.

We take great effort to resolve any issues you may have title-48concerning your own personal safety.

We understand the significance of the day-to-day operations of your company, we follow the "rule of detachment" strictly. Our security professionals know how to minimise the impact on your system and the efficiency of your personnel.

You need to know if you're safe against cyberattacks. If your Singapore-based business relies on home-based security workers, you need a remote penetration testing team. As part of an assessment, Awebstar offers a local penetration test in Singapore by a team of experts. Our experienced penetration testing services may be accessible remotely from anywhere in the world, ensuring utmost security.

Our specialists offer specialized penetration testing services for a variety of businesses.

maintain advantage over hackers

What's the Purpose of Singapore Penetration Testing?

  • Unencrypted telecom security flaws could lead to consumer data theft.
  • Theoretical exercises applicable in banking and finance to find network or online application vulnerabilities.
  • We help to identify Existing system security issues and provide solutions made to improve healthcare security.

Service for Penetration Testing of Telecommunications Networks

In the last year, foreign intrusions have been responsible for data breaches at up to 96% of Singaporean companies, according to a Carbon Black survey. With almost 28 percent of Singapore's 63 islands reporting frequent contacts with ransomware, it looks to be the most common sort of attack in Singapore.

Testing to see if a system can be breached is known as penetration testing.

In order to uncover security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, hackers utilise penetration testing. Consequently, the company's IT infrastructure has been upgraded. This type of test can result in both a penetration test and an assessment of whether an IT infrastructure is vulnerable to a cyberattack. Penetration testing necessitates substantial preparation. Before a penetration tester may begin testing within an organization's specified perimeters, the organization's management must give their clearance.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Risk assessment and penetration testing are two strategies to safeguard your organization from external and internal threats.

Hackers pose as criminals and break into your networks to find out where you're vulnerable. Awebstar's wide security assessment services can benefit network infrastructure, online applications, and mobile applications alike. Use these tools to discover and quantify security problems.

Multiple Ways to Conduct a Penetration Test

The purpose of the test affects the type of penetration testing we do on your systems. Penetration testing includes web application testing, network services testing, social engineering testing, and wireless penetration testing. Penetration testing can be classified as either internal or external.

Internal structure is examined in detail.

Observing From the Inside

Internal penetration testing necessitates gaining access to private information. This happens when a company's computer systems and firewalls are penetrated.

External Testing

External penetration testing is performed outside the firm's firewall. This initiative will strengthen the organization's defenses against external cyberattacks.

More Types of Penetration Testing

An Intelligence Driven Red Team Leadership
Rhythm and Blues Synchronism
Purple for Collaboration
Detection of Cloud Infiltration
An Intelligence Driven Red Team Leadership
Rhythm and Blues Synchronism
Purple for Collaboration
Detection of Cloud Infiltration

How Much Does Penetration Testing Cost?

As with other types of cybersecurity services, the costs of penetration testing in Singapore vary depending on the following factors:

  • A penetration tester is required to complete the task.
  • The company's IT infrastructure and network equipment.
  • Whichever strategy you choose will necessitate the employment of a unique set of tools and procedures.
  • Testing might take place on-site or remotely.

Best Penetration Tool

For penetration testing, there is a difference between the best and worst tools. It is common for penetration testers to utilise NMap (or Network Mapper), Wireshark, MetaSploit, and the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.

A wide range of penetration testing solutions are used by Awebstar in addition to those recommended by the industry.. On-site penetration testing in Singapore or remote services like APKtool and OWASP ZAP and Metasploit among a long list are used by our experts.

Why Choose Awebstar's for Penetration Testing?

Expertise in corporate, field, and consultancy settings abounds among our company's advisory and technical team members. As a consequence of our extensive experience in the industry, we are able to offer our clients the best available alternative for remote penetration testing. We have a team of experts who have been recognised and published in their respective fields. Our entire focus is information security and operational risk management, not a sideline for general consultants.

A large group of highly trained operational risk and resilience specialists assists Awebstar's onsite engagements by performing the following duties:

  • Cybersecurity Posture Assessment
  • Security Strategy and Transformation
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • IT Governance
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • ISO 27001 Advisory
  • PCI-DSS Advisory
  • Managed Security Services
  • Identity Access Management
  • Training
  • Data Privacy
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Secure Code Review
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Cloud Security
  • Software License Compliance
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Security Incident and EventManagement (SIEM) & SecurityOperations (SOC)
  • Business Continuity Management/ DisasterRecovery Plan
  • Forensic Services

Awebstar is committed to helping businesses preserve or improve their value by delivering advisory services that assist organizations predict, illuminate, and overcome severe business issues as the legal, regulatory, and economic landscape gets more complex. Because of our extensive global network and pool of highly qualified experts, we are able to provide our clients with a more comprehensive understanding of remote penetration testing.

Awebstar Can Perform Remote Penetration Testing for You

When we do remote penetration testing on our clients' systems to identify flaws and vulnerabilities, both known and undiscovered (so-called "zero-day"), we compile a detailed report that contains repair recommendations for our customers' systems as well as an in-depth analysis of the risks.

OSSTMM, CREST, as well as extensive manual penetration testing and finding validation by highly-skilled and qualified professionals, are used by Awebstar to provide the greatest possible quality.

Awebstar Penetration Testing Strategy

Take advantage of all the resources available to you, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

  • Perform an automatic scan in order to perform a manual evaluation of the results.
  • Both automated and human exploits are employed to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that have been discovered during scanning.
  • All findings must be tested and analysed manually using test cases and industry standards.
  • Each confirmed result is assigned a severity level based on industry standards and grading systems.
  • Penetration testers on our staff have a proven track record of success in high-profile international assignments.
  • Research and development at our company is constantly looking at industry-standard frameworks and standards like CREST, and OSSTMM.
  • To guarantee the accuracy of our reports, we employ both manual and automated techniques.
  • We'll stick to your spending limits while still providing excellent service.
  • Awebstar provides Professionals with complete & precise reports which will give a detailed review.

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