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Our experts provide robust and scalable ROR web development services for the effective completion of application development projects.

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ROR Development Services Singapore

It does not matter if the requirement lies in delivering the web service or the database-backed web application, Awebstar does not let any stone unturned. Our RoR developers provide custom Rails-based backends, efficiently to hit the market faster with superior products. We justify every penny you spend to have a powerful framework. Our specialists perform third-party integrations or custom APIs, covering payment methods, social networks, business tools and mapping rules. For object-relational mapping, we use Active records to process the software objects that interpret data and allow the library to manage the database of your choice. We promise you to build a flexible and scalable solution with novel and unique functionalities for the existing system. Take a look below to check our Ruby on Rails web application development services:
  • Enterprise Modernization
  • Development for Startups
  • Code Audit
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Rescue Mission
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How is Ruby on Rails the Right Decision for You?

Awebstar uses only those technologies that provide optimized, efficient, reliable, and robust results. We cannot doubt how ROR is the demand of modern-day business. It abstracts and simplifies the every day recurring operations with agility and quality. As the Ruby on Rails web development company, we keep the coding mechanism simple yet unique. The websites we develop on this platform are much faster as the website shared and rendered before revamping the whole page. That is why; most of the companies are catering to our ruby on rails application development services. As an open-source and accessible framework, RoR is an exceptional solution for fast application development. It holds the capacity to accommodate all changes dynamically.
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Our ROR Development Competencies

Experience and skill matters when it is about delivering a stable, scalable and robust application to the customers. So, holding an experience of many years, Awebstar builds the competencies that are very difficult to crack.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Easy to Use


The framework is very instinctive and has a good understanding of what the developer does, and a good knowledge of what must be done. It means that the developer does not need to bother about the specifications of the configuration file.

Transparent Development Process

In contrast to other popular frameworks, Ruby on Rails minimizes the development time by 25% to 50%. The MVC of your project can be put into operation in some hours if the professional is working on it. Despite, it will not take a long time even if the amateur is working on it.

Agile Web Development


The fundamental thing you will realize after becoming familiar with RoR is that it is a crazy fast platform. Ruby On Rails can achieve the active transition time among iterative and development functional design. After building the web page on RoR, our developers make it live in no time.

Multi-Language Support

Ruby on Rails depends on Ruby, even though it uses many other languages in its back end. Here, the RoR’s MVC model comes into play. With some of the important languages, like, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, ROR can be accessed perfectly on different web formats without any error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RoR version do you prefer?

We always focus to work on the best and latest versions. Right now, for Ruby on Rails application development, we are using Ruby

Mention the platforms that Ruby on Rails development includes?

Ruby on Rails development meets the needs of every platform. You can consider RoR to create applications for every modern platform, whether it is, iOS, Android, smartphone, desktop, or any other device.

Is hiring Ruby on Rails development services possible for small projects?

Certainly!! Ruby on Rails is an outstanding technology that is introduced to handle complicated projects and tricky business challenges effectively. Even if you are a beginner, or your project is small, then, you can use this to achieve the desired outcome.

Which type of projects can RoR handle effectively?

RoR framework is flexible, it works perfectly for different web development projects.
  • If you want to develop an eCommerce application then RoR will fulfill all of the requirements. Adding and updating product images and descriptions, integrating payment options, providing chat functionality etc. are some of those requirements.
  • If your web application needs database support, then, ROR is the best option to go with.
  • Building the networking and the social media platform is also possible with RoR.
  • It is a great option to develop a general-purpose web application.
We can say that Ruby on Rails is an ideal choice and can work wonderfully with different web application projects.

Are your developers proficient enough to handle different RoR challenges?

Of course, they are! Awebstar has experienced and professional developers who assure managing every type of RoR project excellently. They use only the novel technologies to make the whole process smooth and error-free. In case of any issue or challenge, the experts will comfort you with quick fixing with ease. We do not allow any challenge to hinder the RoR project progress.

What measures do you consider before starting my RoR project?

The first and foremost step before starting the project is finding the project requirements. It is one of those requirements that assures the success of any project. Hence, we curate the list that mentions all the requirements of your project. After outlining, you will have an idea of how your application will look like. In case of any amendments or changes, our RoR developer will assure you what works best for your application.

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