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Impresses your potential users with authentic Customer Rating System

Buy it before it’s too late! Integrate reviews from every possible channel to compute, examine, and boost customer satisfaction level with our Awebstar customer feedback software.

For the enterprises that want to empower the customers and need a convenient way to utilize the feedback, Awebstar is the best feedback software to go with.

It’s feedback solution understands the importance to take the action when it matters the most.

Assist the visitors to reach their potential by incorporating online productivity to gain insight into their performance and progress.

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Look forward to understanding the voice of the customer and present the right questions through the feedback app. What are you waiting for? Initiate now!! No technical expertise required!


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Check Net Promoter Score (NPS) reasons

Awebstar lets you compute NPS in real-time with several interactions and examine the reasons for NPS’s unstable nature.

Developing culture around the customer

Promote an influential team culture by bringing in customer’s voices to your team.

Export Data from API to your System

Automatically ask interested customers to leave a five-star rating. Let frustrated customers find a way out to solve their issues, and stop negative comments from going online.

Intensify training for better Customer Experience

Understand the team’s performance, permit you to celebrate the victory, and work with people who need some support.

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