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Tips to Create Your First Shopify Store May 13, 2021
Step by Step Tips to Create Your First Shopify Store
Opening a virtual Shopify store online would be difficult if you had to build a company website from scratch. After all, just because you have a curated list of products and items to offer doesn't mean you have the skills too to create a website on your own. Furthermore, not only designing but also adding theme templates, payment options, shipping features, and other features is a challenge that necessitates professional assistance. This is why Shopify comes as the best solution for building an easy-to-use, streamlined, and user-friendly business store.   However, before you start building your store, you should understand what Shopify is and how it works. Shopify Explained Shopify is a well-known platform that allows users to build fully integrated Read More
Creative Fonts for Your Logo Design May 7, 2021
Tips to Choose the Creative Fonts for Your Logo Design
Any project, whether it's a website or a logo design, requires the designer to put in their best efforts and imagination. Also, the client's needs or business goals make the designers bring everything into effect by using their imagination to some extent.  When it comes to logo design, it reflects every company or organization. In simple terms, it demonstrates what the company is all about and how it can assist the target audience in meeting their goals. Innovative logo design aims to convey the brand's vision and mission to the visitors. However, many logos are designed to a certain point of context that either justifies the design or brand’s name. Hence, choosing the right and creative font for logo designing Read More
Launching a Successful eCommerce stores May 6, 2021
5 Secrets to Launching a Successful eCommerce Business
eCommerce stores have always proved that in-person stores are not the only ways for entrepreneurs to establish their dream ventures. Several enterprises are going bankrupt or shutting down soon. Business digitization could be an exciting place to consider as more business owners are showing interest in the digital world to create digital brands and stay competitive. With the global COVID-19 crisis, several offline stores were forced to establish an online presence for their brands. This is why every business owner now needs to set up their digital store.  However, having a digital presence without the right tactics in place does not guarantee a company's success and can be intimidating. If you want to keep your venture on top, you'll need Read More
Outsource Web Design April 30, 2021
7 Reasons Why it is a Good Time to Outsource Web Design
Having a dynamic web design for your business site that can attract potential customers and stand ahead of the competition is essential.  Do you own a business?  Yes!! You might be aware of how time-consuming it could be to web design a website. Building a website that runs smoothly, offers easy navigation, and seems alluring is a tedious task. Furthermore, the right tools, resources, and budget are some constraints that could be a task for businesses with less budget. Additionally, working with the same in-house developers every other day can cause your website to appear outdated and unappealing. Hence, several companies find it more beneficial and convenient to hire a reputable web design company for their business’s first website design. Read More
Creating a Responsive Web Design April 28, 2021
10 Tips For Creating A Responsive Web Design
Owning a static website that seems desktop-friendly is inadequate, particularly now that the internet is simply accessible via smartphones and tablets. By now, if you do not own a mobile-friendly website or responsive web designs, you're probably losing the potential audience. Hence, stuffing everything within a single page and calling it the solution won't work for your business. Therefore, the idea of embracing responsive website design must be considered. According to studies, mobile devices account for 60% of all searches. Furthermore, Google favors mobile-responsive websites, indicating that responsive design is here to stay. So, if you’re just new to business website designing, follow the below-shared tips to creating a visually appealing and responsive web design. On the other hand, if Read More
Top 5 Responsive Web Design Companies April 19, 2021
Top 5 Responsive Web Design Companies in Singapore
If you don't have a great multi-platform business website in 2021, you won't get too far. In Singapore, you’ll find a plethora of web design companies to pick from. However, the areas of expertise of each department will differ. Indeed, a web design firm that specializes solely in web design is not the best choice. Hence, your company will require resources other than website design to expand the business growth. In short, you’ll need to understand the customer base and website design challenges to choose the right web design agency. Therefore, we've compiled below the top 5 agencies in Singapore that you can consider for your project. Without any further ado, let us dig into detail about these agencies and Read More
Website Maintenance April 14, 2021
Website Maintenance: Why It is Important
For any business, a website's existence is not enough for attracting customers. People will visit the website to explore your company, its offerings, business goals, etc. You can lose sales opportunities if your website is obsolete or does not provide the required information. Hence, it is crucial to understand the significance of timely website development and maintenance.  Did you ever notice how websites lose their audience after a specific time?  The reason behind this is the lack of website maintenance. Although you can design the best responsive and mobile-friendly website, ignoring it can be fatal for your business. Your website is a necessary asset that contributes to the smooth running of ventures and boosts customer growth. Furthermore, website maintenance is Read More
Shopify-VS-Bigcommerce-2021 March 12, 2021
Shopify Vs BigCommerce (2021): Which eCommerce Alternatives Are Worth Considering?
Choosing the best eCommerce platform is a smart move. While researching, you must have bumped into Shopify and BigCommerce- the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) eCommerce website builders in the eCommerce market. Both Shopify and BigCommerce are perfect on their own. However, each one has its similarities and differences, which might be quite challenging for you to pick the right one. In this article, we have narrowed down the key differences between the two. This makes your job easy to choose the best platform for your business. Here, you will find the answer for - which platform is better, Shopify or BigCommerce? Which is easier to use?  What about better plans and pricing? Which has the best eCommerce web design in Singapore?  Read More
18 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate March 5, 2021
18 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate
If we asked about the conversion rate of your website, what will be your response? Would you answer the number proudly? Or get embarrassed while telling the answer? The conversion rate is all about more revenue! And, you always want to record it in increasing order, right? Often, companies underestimate the potential of UX design, website speed, content readability, external links, CTAs, and many other elements, which further become the reason for high bounce rate and poor conversion rate.  Conversions are the core element of any online marketing campaign. Business owners run the marketing campaign in hope that customers will sign up for their services, buy their products, fill out a form, and others to get desired revenue. Some Unbelievable Read More
improve the click-through-rate of your web page February 23, 2021
Ways to improve the click-through-rate (CTR) of your web page
So you created a website, but no one is visiting it? Not generating enough organic traffic to your website could be the reason! Have you ever tried ways to get traffic without improving the ranking? Are you creating more links? Are you building more content? Believe us- it is not going to work!! Click-Through Rate (CTR) optimization is the right way. It is an essential metric as it shows how many users are interested in your website and click on the ads to know more about it.  The #1 Google organic search results have 31.7% of average CTR.   And, it is more likely to get a click than the #10 results on Google. From the above graph, it is found that Read More
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