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Why Does Website Speed Matters?

The speed of loading the website and any of its pages is the most important factor that deserves close attention during optimization. The loading speed is determined in two ways; the time it takes to fully display a specific page and the time it takes to download the first byte. Your page speed affects both your Google rankings and user satisfaction. A fast website can attract more users because they can navigate between pages and read different content more easily and quickly. In this case, users are likely to return to your website, which is great for your search engine rankings.
The Google rankings, Facebook and Adwords ads, and all potential customers acquired through your website are closely related to your website’s speed and user experience. The Core Web Vitals indicator released by Google in mid-2020 puts more stress on the fast loading of websites and website speed. Increasing website speed is comparatively simple, and at a high level includes reviewing the implementation of a set of website speeds, technical best practices, and the current status of the website. Implementing the uncomplicated repetitive maintenance procedures also assures that your website loads quickly in the future. At Awebstar, we fix slow-loading websites and adjust fast-loading websites to load as quickly as possible.
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How Page Speed Optimization can make the difference?

Page speed optimization is not the ultimate goal, however, it can certainly improve the performance of your website not just technically. Website traffic will increase significantly, there will be a lower bounce rate, more page views, and a longer stay time. The user experience will be increased, thereby improving the number of conversions, and boosting revenue. Of-course, all of these things are interrelated. If you neglect the slightest under-performance in an area, it will have an impact on the overall performance of your website. Just a 1-second delay in loading speed can influence the performance of the website.

How Awebstar Professionals Can Speed Up Your Website

Perhaps you know, because your website is not loading fast enough, you have wasted thousands of dollars in potential income. The page speed optimization service from Awebstar will help you increase the speed of your website from 15% to 50%, and the speed score from slow to fast. To this end, we will optimize different aspects of your website, including: With a focus on this, our professionals will assuredly optimize the various aspects of the website, such as:
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Website caching setup and configuration
  • Minimizing Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Image optimization and compression
  • Minifying and combining CSS and JavaScript files
  • Minimizing HTTP requests and decrease redirects
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Speed Optimization Services

  • Full Site Backup Before Commencement
  • Browser, Page & Object Caching Configuration & Tuning
  • Nextgen Image Optimization, & Lazy Loading
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup, SQL Server & PHP Tuneup
  • HTTPS Implementation (if required)
  • Cloudflare CDN Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Implementation
  • Optional Hosting Migration
  • Firewall & Security Hardening Implementation
  • 100+ Optimization Steps That Boost Speed, SEO & Reliability
  • Cloudflare APO Edge Caching Implementation
  • Google PSI Review & Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Sitewide Test Of Page Sizes
  • We Can Work In Conjunction With Your Existing Dev Team
  • Upfront Audit & Consult Call Before Commencement
  • Basic SEO Review & Advice

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