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Equip your staff with an advanced tool to effectively manage all kinds of visitors. The software takes all the security measures to manage your visitor data so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Be a better host with Awebstar’s visitor management system!

singapore’s no1 visitor management system
Best Software for Visitor Management

Best Software for Visitor Management

“Smarter, faster, and more secure visitor check-Ins”

Visitor management software automates the process of managing visitors in schools, hospitals, and other organizations. Our software helps in the efficient tracking, registration, and monitoring of visitors who enter and exit a premises. This helps in providing the necessary information such as visitor arrival time and the total number of visitors on the premises for the auditing purpose. This allows you to focus on providing an exceptional experience for all.
How Does the Visitor Check-In and Check-Out Process Work?
  • Upon arrival, visitors must check in themselves at a designated registration area.
  • After check-in, the visitor has to submit e-signatures or capture their photo.
  • Our system generates digital badges that display all the necessary details of the visitor, including the profile image.
  • When the visitor checks in for the visit, the system automatically sends the alert notification to the host or employee.
  • Lastly, when the visit is over, the visitor needs to check out with just a single click. The system notes down the visitor’s arrival and check-out time and will ask for their service reviews.
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Features of Visitor Management Software

The visitor management system delivers beyond the basics to provide everything you need in a single package.

Visitor Pre-Registration Process - Awebstar

Visitor Pre-Registration

Save time and ensure a smooth check-in process by approving visitor requests in advance.

Self Check-in and Check-out System

Self Check-in/out

Self-check-in and check-out is a smart feature that eases the front desk workload and boosts visitor management efficiency.

Visitor Badge Printing Services

Visitor Badge Printing

Once a request is approved, our visitor registration system generates a visitor badge with all the necessary information for meeting access.

Visitor Screening Procedures

Visitor Screening

Ensure only authorised visitors gain access by cross-referencing details with our waiting list feature.

Host Notification Features

Host Notifications

Our visitor management system keeps the host updated about the arrival of visitors via real-time notification on WhatsApp or through SMS.

Group Invitation Management

Group Invite

Easily invite and check in multiple attendees simultaneously for a smooth event experience.

Mobile Accessibility Options

Mobile Accessibility

Our visitor management system lets hosts control and track visitor activities through mobile apps anytime, anywhere.

Visitor Blacklist Management

Visitor Blacklist

Our software enables you to create a list of unwanted visitors and deny them access until you wish.

Integration Options for Seamless Workflow

Integration Options

The VMS system can integrate with any third-party tool such as access-control systems or messaging platforms to make the smooth host & visitor journey.

Data Privacy and Compliance Standards

Workforce Access Control

The visitor registration system provides access controls to only the authorized workforce to visit any particular area.

Awebstar Powerful VMS Dashboard for Monitoring

Powerful Dashboard

Our single dashboard lets you approve visitor requests, track arrivals, analyze data, and schedule appointments all in one place.

Choose Between Cloud-Based or On-Premises Deployment

Cloud-Based or On-Premises

Option to use our visitor tracking software either in the cloud or on-premises that suits your business best and drives success.

Multi-Tenant VMS

All workspaces are private and secure but share a single database through our visitor management system.
Awebstar Multi-Tenant VMS system
Visitors walk into company.
Organisation setup and authentication.
Connect with specific tenants within the co-working space.
Facilitate access by utilizing a centralized main database.

Visitor Management System In Singapore

Overpower Visitors While Ensuring the Well-being of All

Awebstar is a place where innovative technology converges to provide encouragement, support, and VIP services to visitors. We are privileged to serve over 50+ industries with 2000+ Satisfied clients over a Decade. Awebstar provides 24/7 assistance that makes them feel special.


Our VMS System is Versatile in Many Industries

Awebstar's Visitor Management System isn't just a one-size-fits-all solution. This versatile tool discovers implications in various industries and scenarios, improving the way we welcome and manage visitors. Here are the places where we are transforming the visitor experience.

visitor management system for visitor tracking

Why Choose Awebstar's Visitor Management System?

Awebstar's cloud-based Visitor Management System is a user-friendly self-help sign-in solution.

24/7 customer support is available
24/7 customer support is available.
User-friendly interface that simplifies visitor management tasks for your team
User-friendly interface that simplifies visitor management tasks for your team.
Data Privacy and Compliance
Data Privacy and Compliance
Customised VMS system according to your business needs
Customised VMS system according to your business needs.
Awebstar’s VMS offers cost-effective solutions that can easily scale with your growing business
Awebstar’s VMS offers cost-effective solutions that can easily scale with your growing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visitor management system (VMS)?

A Visitor Management System (VMS) is a software-based solution that helps organizations and facilities register, track, and manage visitors more efficiently. It enhances security, improves efficiency, and provides a better visitor experience by replacing manual logbooks with digital tools.

Does a visitor management system replace my front desk staff?

Visitor Management System typically complements the work of front desk staff rather than replacing them. It automates several tasks, such as visitor registration, badge printing, and background checks, allowing front desk staff to focus on more complex and customer-oriented tasks. VMS enhances its capabilities and helps to maintain high-security standards.

Can visitor management systems help with security?

Yes, visitor management systems play a crucial role in enhancing security. This allows organizations to keep a digital record of all visitors, verify their identities, and perform background checks if necessary. Significantly, this helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that only approved individuals enter the premises, thus improving overall security.

What types of industries use visitor management systems?

Various industries use visitor management systems, including but not limited to:
  • Corporate offices
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Residential communities
  • Event venues
  • Data centers
  • Museums and cultural institutions

Do visitor management apps integrate with other systems?

Yes, many visitor management apps and systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with other tools like access control systems, surveillance, and employee databases. This integration helps maintain consistency in data, automating access permissions, and improving overall operational efficiency. Before choosing a VMS, make sure it has the integration options that your organization needs to achieve its goals.

Can visitor management systems be customised?

Yes, you can customize the visitor software to fit your business needs, no matter the industry or sector.

How do I enable the VMS for a work site?

Enabling a Visitor Management System (VMS) for a work site typically involves the following steps:
  • Choose a suitable VMS provider and software.
  • Install the necessary hardware, such as self-service kiosks, badge printers, and cameras.
  • Set up the system to match your organization's needs, like how visitors sign in and out, badge design, and security rules.
  • Train your staff and users on how to use the VMS effectively.
  • Test the system thoroughly to ensure it functions correctly by taking a free demo trial.

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