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CRM Software

Best CRM Software Solution in Singapore

CRM System is the one-stop look for your business groups. It helps you to build enduring relationships with your clients. A CRM System collects the data and brings all the information into one single active unit. CRM system generates a bigger picture so that you can see trends and make more accurate forecasts and predictions for the development of your business.
  • Manage client’s complete history as long as the client is associated with your business; it’s emails, notes, and appointments live all will be isolated in one single place.
  • Track the activity of the user i.e.; you can often receive warnings when your clients perform a significant activity – like when they visit your pricing page or tap on a connection in your email.

*Effective customer relationship management system tool to assist the automation of tasks*

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Do you need a CRM System?

If you own a small business and want to scale-up your business. For that, you have to expand your client base, keep your current clients happy, and make long-term relations with them. Thus stick to your objectives of 1+many i.e., give one person the best facility to convert it into many.
What is CRM Software capable of? It can encourage you to:  
  • Save time with task automation
  • Forecast deals so you can appropriately plan with provisions, staffing, and purchasing
  • Fresh products, packaging, and more for a better customer experience
  • Take advantage of timely events online and from web-based networking media to manufacture your image
  • Reach customers through multiple marketing channels to guide them through your funnel
  • Fill the data and interpret to share throughout your company for a customer-driven business
CRM System

Know How CRM Software Work For You!!

Awebstar has helped many organizations to boost business growth within a timeslot. We have served nearly, 15000+ organizations, individual of large scale or small scale businesses. All those companies are renowned for their structured relationship with customers to compete well at the marketplace.


Align Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing components can cooperate to enable you to understand a customer’s needs better and address those requirements through the correct marketing channels.


Increase Sales Productivity

The right CRM software allows your business group to discover and organize the correct leads and deliver insights when and where your sales teams engage with customers.

Customer Relationship

Build Better Customer Relationships

Bringing customer service and sales together helps you decide and predict your client’s preferences accordingly and make it less demanding for them to connect and trust you.


24*7 Assistance


Our CRM software offers 24*7 auto chat facility. So, you can easily communicate with customers at all times and answer their questions on any portable device.



The admin creates the pipeline. The permission access is given through a pipeline to the user. A user can add stages and deals in the pipeline.


Stages are created by the admin in the pipeline. For changing the order of stage in the pipeline, you have to drag-drop stages. Deals are added in the stage.


The deals are to be created and assigned to the users. Add task, product, source, contacts, comments in deal. It also provides multi-language support.


The report of the deals can be seen in stages. Reports can be in the form of a pie chart and table.
Task Management

Task Management

The admin or the user can create the task. The task is assigned to the user and is added in the deal.
Contact Management

Contact Management

Contacts create contacts and social details. The contact can be added to the deal and the company.


The products are added in applications and assigned to deal. Product quantity and discount are set on products.


The deal sources are added in application and source is assigned to deal. All the deals can be checked from the source.
Support Tickets

Support Tickets

Comments can be given on the tickets, and your clients can open a support ticket.


Admin & Staff Roles: You can send any private message to your client, or the client can also send you any message.


Labels can be added to deal. The addition of different color labels will make the deal unique.
File Sharing

File Sharing

Any number of files can be added in the deal, and the file can be downloaded later. Descriptions can also be added to the files.


Deals, tasks, contacts, companies can be exported. Date range or pipeline will enable you to export deals and tasks.


The company is to be added in your application along with the contacts in the company.


You can see all the activity in your application for deals. Check the activity of add/edit/delete deal, products, task, sources contacts, comments.
Deal Activity

Deal Activity

The deal dashboard will enable you to see all the activities in a deal like user assign, source, task, product, etc. added/edit/delete.


Discussion can be started on any deal. The assigned deal members can add comments in the discussion and also reply to the comment.


To-do / Task Management: Private notes can be added in the deal. It will be visible only to you. Both admin and the client can add a note in the deal.
Customer Relationship Management System
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