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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of techniques that will help you to make your online presence notable on search engines when a relevant query is held by your potential lead. We call it “Visibility”. Our Seo Experts Singapore has designed our SEO services, to increase the performance of your website, however, increases the sale, accelerate business development, target local and global audience through your website. Awebstar- Top SEO Company, expand your Online visibility with (“natural,” “organic,” or “free”). Let’s check this question that might come in your mind.
How is online visibility beneficial to your business?    
  • Enhances traffic through online reach, however, leads to conversion
  • Build a realistic strategy with a robust approach as per business demands
  • Increase in web presence will ensure you to replace your top competitor’s product/services

Best SEO services convert businesses into a well established “Brand”.

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How the #1 Best SEO Singapore Company does SEO

Known as the number one SEO company, Awebstar assures ranking of your business on page one on the leading search engines. For this reason, we are the best SEO company Singapore on Google and Bing. Our team follows some SEO best methods while customizing the strategy to your company. Check them out below:


Step 1: Google Analytics setup


After meeting the experienced account manager whether face to face, on-call or video chat, the procedure of your website optimization for SEO starts. The first step here is to create a Google Analytics account. In case you already own an account, the experienced account manager will design the plan for your strategy.

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Step 2: Website audit


The account manager can also start your website audit before and after creating the Google Analytics account. They can check the responsive design, navigational structure, and website optimization. As each of these factors affects the SEO performance. Hence, Awebstar analyzes them earlier and follows the proactive approach.

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strategy development

Step 3: Strategy development


The experienced account manager creates a comprehensive business strategy. The aim of strategy development lies in fulfilling the company goals and all other important requirements. Awebstar, as the #1 Seo Agency Singapore covers short and long business goals to maximize the results and improve the performance.

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website optimization

Step 4: Website optimization

While creating the strategy, the experienced account manager starts the website optimization process for SEO. It includes many important steps, such as writing quality content, researching keywords, mobile optimization, fixing website errors and broken backlinks, website speed etc.

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Step 5: Competitor analysis

As the number one seo agency singapore, Awebstar understands the importance of competitor analysis. That is the reason, our SEO agency cover monitoring and reviewing the competitors. The experienced account manager examines different changes in a competitor’s online presence every month. They analyse their website changes, search rankings, leads, link and content additions, market share etc.

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monthly reporting

Step 6: Monthly reporting

We consider transparency as our main priority and provide weekly or monthly reports and live tracking links. You can also check the ranking of the keywords, the number of sales, leads and the revenue generated from the SEO strategy. Additionally, Return of Investment of the SEO services can also be demonstrated.

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seo manage

How important is SEO to your business?

When you search for products online, there are specific keywords you use that bring up relevant search results. For example, you would put in “blue bag” if you want to buy a blue bag from an online store. Your first page of search results will be filled with businesses that have this product available. There’s only one reason why you’re able to see them rank so high and that’s SEO.

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With the right SEO strategy, your business will pop up on search results when it matters. Nobody wants to run a website that is invisible to Google. And that’s why we are best seo company singapore who have spent several years studying this digital marketing technique and how to implement it for businesses. With SEO strategies like keyword research, content creation and implementation, and on-page optimization, we will ensure that your company ranks high in your industry among your target audience.

There are numerous benefits to SEO management, and some of them are:

  • Increase in site traffic
  • Conversion of an audience to paying customers
  • Ranking high on search engines, especially Google
So, what are you waiting for? Get your website SEO optimized now and enjoy these benefits and more. We have affordable SEO plans that will help you get started on a budget. Do not compromise your website’s SEO. Instead, get on the winning train with SEO experts committed to seeing your website rank high with the right content. Get in Touch
keyword research

Keyword Research

When was the last time you placed a keyword on a search engine and went to the second page? It’s entirely possible that you have never gone that far as what you’re looking for is mostly on the first page. This gives you a little idea of how important keyword research is. Keyword Research is what puts your brand on the map. It’s what draws attention to your website successfully as it targets the right people. Without the proper keyword research, your business will be invisible to search engines. Your website won’t rank or appear in any search results. The best way of reaching your target audience is by appearing in search results, preferably on the first page. It would be best if you had the right online marketing strategy and SEO optimization techniques to tailor your business to people that will convert into paying customers. It’s no secret that keyword research is crucial to any successful SEO strategy. Now, here comes the important question: What really is keyword research? This is a detailed process involving the study of the competition, search volume and those keywords that your ideal customers are searching for online. When keyword research is done right, you will be equipped with all the valuable insight you need to use proper terms on your website. If you want to get more site traffic and customers, you need to pay more attention to keyword research. Get in Touch
content management

Content Creation and Implementation

Your website is nothing without content. And not just any content but the ones that connect to your audience quickly. Thanks to content, you can rank on search engines and run an effective SEO campaign. The secret to content creation is the use of keywords gotten through keyword research that are seen as important to your business. Your content can convert your target audience both online and offline. However, contents come in different forms ranging from online guides to service pages and blog posts. Here are some of the popular ones that can be of benefit to your audience. Blogs: Blogs provide fresh content for your website, one thing that Google loves a lot. It could be as short as 1000 words but it should be related to your industry and provide helpful tips for your target customers. Product pages: These contain descriptions and images of your products. Your product pages are similar to service pages as they inform visitors about the items you have available and every other information they need to know about them. Longform content: These are longer versions of blog posts, more than 2000 words. These are longer because you’ll be able to give readers a more extensive look into your topic and help them understand the subject better. Content creation is important for your SEO strategy and as experts, we are here to come up with a working SEO plan that will set your business apart. Get in Touch
seo optimization

On-Page Optimization

Away from SEO optimization for your content, it would help if you also had on-page SEO for your website itself. This is an effective SEO strategy that ensures that your website appears in Google searches. Since it’s targeted at your website, you would be focusing on the design, speed and content of your webpages. How engaging is your about page? Did you use the keywords relevant to your business and industry to rank your about page on Google? These are questions that on-page optimization answers. Here is a more detailed look at what on-page SEO is all about: Device responsiveness: Would your website work as well on mobile devices as it does on bigger screens? It’s important to make your website responsive so that users on smartphones and tablets would have the same experience as those on laptops. This means that your images are the right sizes all the time, even on the smallest of screens. Visitors will keep coming back. Use of images: To keep your website’s visitors from becoming bored with continuous content on your website, you can keep them engaged with images and videos. These multimedia elements are interactive and will have your users staying on your pages for a long time. These are only some of the on-page SEO tactics we will put in place to ensure that your website is fully optimized to rank high on Google, ahead of your competitors. Get in Touch
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