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Scheduling & Booking

A smart way to streamline Your appointments with
our appointments scheduling software


Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling software will enable you to manage your business like never before. Managing the customers in an efficient and effective manner is one of the most important requirements in any kind of business. The appointment scheduling will take care of this aspect for you. This will enable you to set your business apart from your competitors.

Who Can Use

Hair Salons

The software is a clean and simple tool that will enable you to handle all your hair salon appointments. You will be able to maintain the booking history, future bookings, preferences and contact details of your customers.

Massage Therapy

The appointment scheduling system will allow you to minimize the total time spent by you in scheduling and managing massage therapies to your customers. The system will enable you to manage all your customers.


The system is one of the most powerful and flexible software for efficiently managing all your customers in the spa. Various appointments and facilities that are availed by your customers are managed efficiently.


The appointment scheduling system will keep a record of all the students and staff members for you. The software will allow your students will be able to fix appointments with you.


You can manage all the appointments that are made by your patients with the help of the appointment scheduling system. All the upcoming appointments can be seen at a single place.

Personal Trainers

The appointment scheduling system has a personalized page where your customers will be able to fix appointments with personal trainers. You can manage all the appointments and your customers with the help of system.


Kelley Stamm

I find this software extremely easy and excellent to use. It helps both my clients and me to easily book appointments.

Kaia Schneide

The Software is excellent. I have been using it for about 6 months. The appointment reminder email is easily customized. I've been VERY happy with the software and most of all the customer service and support.

Christop Jacobi

The best appointment booking software I've used to date - simple, reasonably priced and customizable.

Maxie Leffler

I run a coaching institute and have incorporated this appointment software into my new website. It has made booking both group Classes and private lessons so easy!! I love it!