Google Adwords PPC Advertising Service in Singapore

Google offers an advertising program called Google Adwords that will enable you to bid on some keywords. This will allow your ads to appear in Google’s search results when a person searches for those keywords.

YWhen a person clicks on your ad, so you as an advertiser will have to pay for the per click. By this process, Google is making money by this advertising system.

Google is the undisputed and the biggest search engine till date. It handles 1.2 trillion searches worldwide every year that amounts to 40,000 searches in each second.

A complete transparency is offered for the pricing and all your reports will be available 24/7 so as to provide you with clear expectations and results for your campaigns. We are proud to be associated with Google and possess employees that are Google certified.

Who doesn’t want to showcase their ads on Google’s search engine page as quickly as possible? We will offer you a completely qualified ads management service that will enable you to optimize the performance of your Google Ads against an all-inclusive flat management monthly fee. It will be excluded from the fee that you need to pay to Google for the ad.

We will take care of all the technicalities that will allow you to focus on your business. There is no need to worry about the ways to handle it. We will be providing you with a four weeks report as there are no extra fees apart from the monthly charge. Are you waiting to hear more from us? We will provide you with a quote that an all-inclusive package.


Adwords PackagesSilverGoldPlatinumCustomise
Setup Fee$199 (One Time Charge)$249 (One Time Charge)$299 (One Time Charge)$349 (One Time Charge)
Monthly Management Fee *$390 Per Month$590 Per Month$1590 Per MonthCustom Quote
Customer Monthly Budget$500 – $1000 Per Month$1000 – $3000 Per Month$3000 – $6000 Per MonthMore Than $6000 Per Month
Bing / Yahoo Account *Additional of $200/MoAdditional of $200/MoAdditional of $100/MoAdditional of $100/Mo
KeywordsUp to 60Up to 100Up to 1000Unlimited
Ad GroupsUp to 5Up to 12Up to 150Unlimited
Negative Keywordsyesyesyesyes
Desktop Optimize Adsyesyesyesyes
Click to Callyesyesyesyes
Site links Extensionsyesyesyesyes
Call Extensionsyesyesyesyes
Callout Extensionsyesyesyesyes
Location Extensionsyesyesyesyes
Mobile Optimize Adsyesyesyesyes
Custom Weekly Reportsyesyesyesyes
Bi-Monthly Strategy Callyesyesyesyes
Google Analyticsyesyesyesyes
Free 1 Day Adwords Short Courseyesyesyesyes


* Note: On a Monthly Basis