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We are a leading Chatbot Development Company specialising in crafting custom AI chatbots that act as smart assistants, providing 24/7 support and quick answers. Partner with us to unlock the power of AI-driven conversations.

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Chatbot Development

Simply Customer Interaction With Your Business

Our Chatbot software facilitates automated communication between a customer and the service provider. Chatbots are virtual assistants, and it is a need of an hour. Our team of professional are committed developing chatbot system to increase the user engagement level with your business. We aim to deliver custom-made chatbot development to resolve your business hurdles.  
  • The chatbot provides new possibilities to increase the visitor’s engagement and operational effectiveness by reducing the expected customer service cost.
  • We communicate with our clients and make changes according to their needs.
  • Our Technical support team offers quick support to all those clients who face problems while using our chatbot system.

Let us know your problem and get the best possible solutions quickly.

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Major Benefits of Chatbot for Business Organisations

  • A sharp improvement in customer experience: Chatbot offers fast and personalised communication. It improves the сustomer experience and insists them to engage with our brand in the future as well.
  • Business Automation: Chatbot facilitates business automation while scheduling appointments with customers, running digital marketing campaigns, processing online payments, answering questions, and providing technical support to customers.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Automated customer management service (facilitated by chatbot) helps companies to save the cost of hiring support resources
  • Reaching Out to a Broader Audience: Happy customers are your real brand ambassadors. Use a chatbot to solve their problems in real-time and gain more customers through referrals and other sources.
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AI Chatbot Development Company In Singapore

Grow Your Business with AI ChatBot

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Chatbot Features

We provide chatbot integration services to different web platforms. The interfaces of our chatbot will drive conversations with the combination of interactive and easy-to-use menus, images, buttons, natural language interfaces, and other UI/UX elements.




By changing interactions based on user information, interests, and past behaviour, AI chatbot developers can offer personalised suggestions and solutions.

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Chatbots support more human-like interactions by using natural language processing to understand and process what users say.

Multi-platform Support

Multi-platform Support


Digital platforms such as messaging apps, social networking sites, websites, and mobile applications can all use chatbots.


Auto Sales


Our chatbot keeps your business ongoing 24*7*365 and delivers the best user experience. It helps companies to boost actual sales and grow revenues.


Data Collection and Analysis

Data Collection and Analysis


Evaluate the efficiency of your chatbots using real-time analytics. Check out the total number of chats and peak times to see which of your Stories is most popular.

User data

When chatting, automatically gather user information. Learn about your chatbot’s users and use the information collected to provide more individualised interactions.



Put users in groups according to certain contact lists. After the discussion ends, you can easily follow up with new leads by transferring them to your email marketing or CRM programme.


Get access to every conversation your chatbot has ever had with a user. Have the opportunity to thoroughly examine each one to learn how users communicate with your AI bot.

Chatbot for Woocommerce

Our Woocommerce chatbot is here to assist you 24*7 whether it is for product inquiries or order tracking. This will provide you with instant support, offering faster and more secure services.

Chatbot for Woocommerce

Driving Sales and Enhancing the Customer Experience

Recommend Products

The customer’s browsing history, purchasing patterns, and preferences can all be used by the AI chatbot to provide personalised product recommendations.

Track and Update Orders

The AI chatbot allows users to track orders and get notifications on order confirmations, shipping progress, and estimated time for delivery.

Speed Up Search

AI chatbot’s ability to understand natural language inquiries and deliver relevant search outcomes helps customers study what they want.

Chatbot for Shopify

With the help of the Ai chatbot Shopify business owners elevate their online store experience. It answers all your product inquiries, guides you through the checkout process, and provides personalised recommendations for happier shopping.

Chatbot for Shopify

Transform your Online Store Experience

Showcase your Offerings

Customers can learn about current offers, promotions, and exclusive deals from the chatbot. To encourage sales and boost conversions, it can give discount codes, special offers, and time-limited bargains.

Tailored Recommendations

Chatbots can provide recommendations for related products or services based on a customer’s prior purchases. By doing this, businesses can enhance the order value and the overall profit.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Best Shopify Chatbot provides instant assistance to customers regarding products, delivery, refunds, and other subjects. Enhancing customer satisfaction means avoiding making customers wait for phone calls or emails

Chatbot for E-commerce Stores

With our e-commerce chatbot, you can provide instant support to your customers enhancing their shopping journey. With this, answer product inquiries and provide tailored recommendations to gain recognition in the market.

Chatbot for E-commerce Stores

For a Smarter Shopping Experience

Lowers Cart Abadonment

By interacting with consumers who are about to leave a website without completing their purchase, chatbots can assist in lowering the abandoned cart rate.

Increases Sales Conversion

Chatbots can assist e-commerce companies in increasing profits by helping you with your purchases, providing specialised recommendations, and replying to questions.

Collects Data

Ai Chatbots for e-commerce can learn a lot about consumers’ preferences and typical issues through their interactions with them. Then, with this data, promotions, goods, and services are improved.

Automatically Manage Every Step of Your Customer’s Journey

Ready to improve your customer service and streamline your workflow? Get our top AI chatbot solution from our chatbot agency today!



  • Assist human agents in resolving customer inquiries
  • Provide product suggestions and support solutions
  • Excel at handling routine inquiries and frequently asked questions


  • Respond to customer inquiries instantly
  • Handle multiple conversations simultaneously
  • Gather valuable data about customers


  • Quality and nurture leads
  • Create personalised sales offers and coupons
  • Transfer qualified chats to sales representatives

Integrate Chatbot with your Favourite Applications

Are you prepared to transform your customer service and optimise your workflow? Pick up our best AI chatbot solution right now from our chatbot agency!

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Google Reviews

google review

Wei Jie

The ChatBot software has changed how we handle online orders. Since we customised it for our Shopify store, our online orders have increased by 200%. Setting it up was very easy, and it started working right away. We’re so happy with it that we’re using the ChatBot in our other Shopify stores and websites, and we expect similar success.

William Jones

The ChatBot platform is very important for our business. Its flexibility helped us increase our leads by 50%, which is a big improvement. It also greatly reduced our service costs, making us more efficient. The platform is now an essential part of our strategy, and we’re excited to use it even more.

Juan Pablo

The ChatBot has been a reliable part of my online shopping and learning experiences for many years. It’s great at answering frequently asked questions and acting like an automated secretary. However, it can sometimes feel like an obstacle when I’m impatient and must reach the Human Sales Department for more specific or personal inquiries.

Use AI Chatbot to Answer 90% of Customer Questions

Let the AI chatbot handle common inquiries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues and boosting overall efficiency.

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Chatbot Development Services For Different Business Verticals

At Awebstar, we aim to create AI-powered chatbots tailored to suit every client's industry, business needs, and objectives. Our goal is to provide highly relevant and effective solutions.



Chatbot makes it easier for logistic individuals to easily communicate with enterprise resource planning systems and present warehousing solutions to needy customers.



Insurance companies actively use chatbot so that automated insurance agents can respond to customer inquiries 24*7 and insurance products in bulk.


Customer Service

It gives support to customers, and also provides personalised recommendations to customers, take orders from them and arrange deliveries in a timely fashion.



It updates the client regarding the most recent collection and unusual purchases based on individual interest, social media activities, and post history.



Chatbot acts as a personal travel assistant for aviation companies and helps customers to find the best deals on flights, look for the nearest restaurant, hotel, etc.


Health & Fitness

Chatbot act as convenient reminders, workout advisers, personal trainers, and digital health assistants, allowing doctors to treat more patients quickly.



It helps financial organizations to manage funds, make payments, send/receive money, and track expenses. They also perform various other duties.



Hotels and travel companies use the chatbot to handle the requests for reservations and cancellations and reply to customer’s questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to talk with people. It can chat through text messages or by talking. Chatbots can answer your questions, help with customer service, and do different tasks based on what you ask.

Why use a chatbot?

Chatbots have many advantages. They can provide customer support all day and night, respond quickly, and handle many questions at once. This makes customers happier, lowers business costs, and keeps users engaged by giving fast and accurate answers.

How to create AI chatbot?

Creating a chatbot involves several steps:
  • Define the purpose and scope of the chatbot.
  • Choose the right platform and tools for development.
  • Design the conversation flow and user interactions.
  • Develop and train the chatbot using machine learning algorithms.
  • Test the chatbot extensively before deployment.
  • Continuously monitor and update the chatbot based on user feedback and performance analytics.

How long does it take to create a chatbot?

The right time to create a chatbot depends on the features or functions you like to automate and your project's complexity. According to the specifications, Awebstar’s team can create intelligent chatbots to promote personalised experiences before the deadline.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chatbots?

  • Provides 24/7 customer service.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Handles multiple users at once.
  • Enhances user experience with quick responses.
  • Limited understanding of complex queries.
  • May provide generic responses.
  • Requires continuous updates and maintenance.
  • Potential for user frustration with repetitive or irrelevant answers.

What is the best chatbot development company in Singapore?

At Awebstar We specialise in creating AI chatbots for businesses. we are experts at creating custom chatbots that fit a business's specific needs. We ensure that our chatbots integrate seamlessly with existing systems and deliver optimal performance.

Are Chatbots secure?

Chatbots are the same as other software systems and cannot capture variations in human interactions. Hackers can attack them and the user's details can be compromised. Don't worry! Awebstar 's expert chatbot developers follow data encryption, authentication, processes and protocols to create safe and secure chatbots.

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