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HR Management Software in Singapore

Smooth Hiring Process In a Few Clicks!

With HRM Software, the whole recruitment process becomes smooth by managers & HR professionals. Employee retention with more productivity & a happier workforce in your company is just a few clicks!
  • Our best HR management software concentrates on keeping updates on advancement and developing zones of the company.
  • Our cloud-based HRM software facilitates managers to maintain a happy culture among the employees.

“Train people well enough so they can’t leave. Treat them well enough, so they don’t have to.”

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Kinds of HR Softwares Awebstar offers

Key Highlights of HR Management Software

HR software is divided into many kinds that cover solutions ranging from benefits administration to workforce management software. Following is an overview of the HR Software categories and subcategories:

  • Core HR software
  • Background check software
  • Recruiting automation software
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Onboarding software
  • Employee scheduling software
  • HR analytics software
  • HR management suites
  • Sales compensation software
  • Staffing software
  • Compensation management software
  • Employee engagement software
  • Employee recognition software
  • Performance management system and Much more
HR Management Software Singapore

Unique Features

Attendance Tracking

Employee Time & Attendance Tracking

Online employee time tracking becomes more accessible with HRM Software. It guarantees efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings for companies.

  • Automatic Tracking of Employee’s Attendance,
  • Automatic display of wage and hour regulations,
  • Effective elimination of time theft &
  • Punch-to-paycheck process.
Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Bid a farewell to paperwork, manage employee’s pay online!

  • Automatic Salay calculation,
  • Paperless Payslips on a single click,
  • Give employees instant access to their pay snubs 24*7 and
  • Simple and Adapting payroll tool.
Performance Management

Performance Management

Get the best out of All your Employees!

  • An excellent performance evaluation and appraisal software,
  • Automatic feedback about the employee’s performance,
  • Instant notice to HR professionals and employees about performance reports, and
  • Facility to print the report.
Leave Management

Leave Management

Automated leave tracking software for better management of employee’s leaves!

  • Instant access to leave and attendance data,
  • Facility to connect with the payroll system,
  • Improved compliance of rules and regulations regarding leaves &
  • A list of all leaves allowed by the company.
Document Management

Document Management

No paperwork at all, easy online documentation of employees!

  • Facility to upload documents in different file formats,
  • Facility to print necessary documents 24*7,
  • Hassle-free file sharing with different departments of the company &
  • Easy maintenance of massive records.
Live Location Trackin

Live Location Tracking

Track Your employee’s outdoor activities in just one click!

  • Real-Time updates about your employee’s outdoor movement,
  • GPS tools and configurable maps,
  • Easy sharing of location, and
  • More service value for your clients.

We boost your business performance up to 95.99% with a flexible framework for management, Automatic salary calculation, paperless payslips on a single click, and much more. With all these useful features, your business will boom tremendously.

Software for HR Management; Amazing Features

Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking


Online employee time tracking becomes more comfortable with HRMwage. It guarantees efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings for companies.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management


Say a final farewell to paperwork, manage employee’s pay online! Give employees instant access to their pay stubs 24*7 with simple and adapting payroll tool.

Best Approach

Best Approach


Get the software for HR Management. An excellent performance evaluator and appraisal software with automatic feedback about the employee’s performance.

Live Location Tracking

Live Location Tracking


Track your employee’s outdoor activities in just one click! Real-Time updates about your employee’s outdoor movement, GPS tools, and configurable maps, and much more.

Flexible and Scalable for HR professionals
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