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HR Hiring Process
Smooth Hiring Process In a Few Clicks!

With HRM Software, hiring managers & HR professionals can make the whole recruitment process smooth and hire the right people. It is also helpful in Employee retention. A more productive & happier workforce for your company just a few clicks away!

Unique Features

Employee Time & Attendance Tracking

Online employee time tracking becomes easier with HRM Software. It guarantees efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings for companies.

  • Automatic Traffic of Employee’s Attendance,
  • Automatic display of wage and hour regulations,
  • Effective elimination of time theft &
  • Punch-to-paycheck process.

Payroll Management

Say a Final Farewell to Paperwork, manage employee’s pay online!

  • Automatic Salay calculation,
  • Paperless Pay slips on a single click,
  • Give Employees an instant access to their pay snubs 24*7 and
  • Simple and Adapting payroll tool.

Performance Management

Get the best out of All your Employees!

  • An excellent performance evaluation and appraisal software,
  • Automatic Feeback about the employee’s performance,
  • Instant Notice to HR professionals and employees about performance reports, and
  • Facility to print the report.

Leave Management

Automated leave tracking software for better management of employee’s leaves!

  • Instant access to leave and attendance data,
  • Facility of connection with the payroll system,
  • Improved compliance of rules and regulations regarding leaves &
  • A list containing all leaves allowed by the company.

Document Management

No paperwork at all, easy online documentation of employees!

  • Facility to upload documents in different file formats,
  • Facility to print necessary documents 24*7,
  • Hassle-free file sharing with different departments of the company &
  • Easy maintenance of massive records.

Live Location Tracking

Track Your employee’s outdoor activities in just one click!

  • Real-Time updates about your Employee’s outdoor movement,
  • GPS tools and configurable maps,
  • Easy sharing of location, and
  • More service value for your clients.



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