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Queue Management System

The Queue Management System has been developed by keeping the users in mind. This software enables a user to keep a track of all the services at one central place. This has made the life of the users very easy. Awebstar has developed an innovative and feature packed Queue Management System that will meet the user's expectations and also exceed them.

Below are some of the salient features possessed by this software.

  • This software houses an easy and innovative UI, which will enable each and every user to make use of this software efficiently.
  • Whenever a user books a service, a token is generated that has a complete information of the service that is availed by the user.
  • All the details of the users are maintained that are actively using this software.becomes "User details is actively maintained using this software"
  • The software can be easily accessed over the cloud. This provides smart reporting and provides an access to multiple users.
  • The customers can leave the store, so they don't have to stand in queues while waiting for the service. This will save a lot of time of the customers.
  • SMS notifications are sent to the customers that inform them about their queue number, estimated waiting time and the remaining time.
  • The software will generate reports about the efficiency and performance of the Queue Management System.
  • Being responsive in design the customers can use their mobile phones to view real-time queue data.

How It Works


Token display screen

  • Display Screen Shows currently called numbers
  • Statical Reports on Various Departments
  • Tone Announcement

    Dispencing Machine

  • Generate the printed queue ticket
  • Print Ticket Without print preview in firefox with add-on "Universal-Printer"
  • Multi User Support

    Token Calling

  • Multi Department and Multi Counter.
  • Tellers can call the next ticket,recall,etc.
  • Multi language Support


  • Get Message Alerts
  • No Need To Wait Outlet
  • features-image

QMS Solutions

Hospital Queue System

The hospital queue management system will simplify the entire consultation process between the patients and the doctor. All the events will be taken care off by the system starting from the patient registration till the clearing of the bills

Banking Queue System

The banking queue system will provide efficient banking solution to all its customers. The system will perform the queuing process in the most effective manner.

Educational Queue System

Educational Queue System will streamline the entire queuing process so that the customers can easily select any service. The customers can choose from a wide variety of services like registration of a study course, inquire about study loan and many others issues that are related to the study course.

F&B Queue System

"The F&B Queue System will increase the overall productivity by achieving all the objectives of an organization at minimal operational cost."

Immigration Queue System

The Immigration Queue System will cater all the public services to its customers which include collection and renewal of passport, submitting documents, fixing an appointment with the immigration officer along with other issues that are related to immigration.

Clinic Queue System

Whenever a particular queue number blinks, a buzzer is automatically activated in order to gain the customer's attention. This will enable a customer to move towards the serving counter. The queue number will be generated in a fixed sequence or randomly.

Retail Queue System

All the processes like placing an order for a specific product, making payments will be efficiently catered by the system. All these operations will be performed smoothly enabling an organization to cater to any outstanding services.

Rental of Queue System

We possess excellent track record and expertise in providing rental of queue management system to reputable corporate customers for any events and exhibition. Our intelligent customized queue system can provide premium customer service and improve corporate branding.

Standalone Queue System

The Standalone Queue System houses a ticket dispenser, keypad and a counter display. The purpose of the ticket dispenser is to issue tickets. The purpose of the keypad is to call the queue number which is them displayed on the counter display unit.

Public Sector Queue System

The Public Sector Queue Management System will cater all the needs related to the various government organizations. There are many functionalities included whose purpose is to optimize the whole process of queuing and facilitating the user journey.

Ticketless Queue System

The respective counter numbers will be displayed by the standing queue number as and when the counter is made available. This will be done by pressing the counter switch by any of the counter staff.


Estella Rolfson

Awebstar is a sincere and reliable brand.They are extremely innovative and have always provided me with excellent solutions. The customer support is very prompt and they were always there for me whenever I had any query.

Justus Tromp

I have tried many service booking software before but none match with that developed by Awebstar. It is a user-friendly and features rich software. Anyone will become easily familiar with this software very easily.

Vesta Trantow

Awebstar has proved to be a reputed and respected brand. They understand the user requirements pretty well and keep themselves updated with all the latest that is happening around.

Trevion Russel

I have been using the software for quite a while now. I have nothing but praise for developing such an innovative software. All the other businesses must take Awebstar as their benchmark before developing any software of this genre.