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Queue Waiting System gives direction to your business by measuring the correct data and maintains information. It accelerates the efficiency to perform the task and improves customer satisfaction. This software provisions a queue management solution with a smooth and innovative UI. It enables all the users to use the software efficiently.
  • Easy to access the online queue management system over the cloud with the reporting of multiple users.
  • This Online system saves a lot of time of the customers, however, increases the efficiency of the staff members.
  • SMS notifications inform the customer about their queue number, estimated waiting time, and remaining time
  • Being responsive, it let the customers monitor their entire data in real-time.
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Benefits Of Waiting Time Management

Queuing Software gives information about those who are waiting for their turn. With Queue management system, the issues can be actively maintained.


Customer End

Customer End

  • Gives touch screen services with multilingual help.
  • Various selective service @dispensing the token.
  • Generate tokens containing date, branch, token number, etc.
  • Audio alert and shows the data on the LCD.

Service Desk End

  • Customized menu expandability option.
  • Keep track of client arrival at the counter like a token number, client type, and more.
  • Adjusted counter, upcoming token number, past token number, tokens missed.
  • Stop or delay activities at the counter for a specific time frame.

System Admin End

  • Generates regular report of clients and staff members.
  • Easy Mobile Accessibility: update about clients, served within a day.
  • Made changes to the promotional messages which is displaying on screen
  • Can customize the fields with as per the need in queue system management.

Branch Supervisor End

  • Branch head can activate/deactivate benefits over the counters.
  • Use this system to take an overview of various branches like continuous floor view visibility.
  • Complete analytical report with comparison will be displayed to take further decisions for an organization.
How it Work
How Queue management system Words

Dispensing Machine

  • Multi-user support
  • Create a detailed ticket with department and queries
  • Generate the printed queue ticket with a unique number
Dispensing Machinee
Token Calling

Token Calling

  • Multi-language support system
  • Ticket holders are called with a detailed preview
  • Manages multi-department and multi-counter calling
  • Announcement when ticket number is missed
  • Tellers call the next ticket, recall the numbers, inform about skipped ticket users, etc.

Token Display Screen

  • Clear tone announcement
  • Display currently called numbers skipped Numbers.
  • Display the review of the customer’s experiences, other services provided by the organization, and much more.
Token Display Screen


  • Informs about approximate waiting time
  • Get message alerts about the visitor’s turn
  • Saves visitors Time and is convenient to Users

Hospital Queue System

The patient management system simplifies the entire consultation process between patients and doctors. All the events will be taken care of by this unique system from hospitals to patient registration till bills clearing.


Banking Queue System

The bank system provides efficient banking solutions to all customers. The system will perform the queuing process most adequately as well as ease them to resolve their problems efficiently.


Education institutes, Universities and colleges

Queue system in educational institutes streamlines the entire process to select and customize the service. However, choose from a wide variety of services like registration of study course, inquire about study loan and more.


F&B Queue System

The F&B system increases the overall productivity by achieving all the objectives of an organization at minimal operational cost. However, it allows you to “Quit saying No or Wait to any customer”.


Immigration Queue System

The immigration control system caters all the public services to its customers, including collection and renewal of passport, submitting documents, fixing an appointment with an immigration officer along with other immigration issues.


Clinic Queue System

Whenever a particular number blinks, a buzzer is automatically activated to gain the customer’s attention. It is a beeper system that enables the customer to move to the serving counter. The queue number will be generated in a fixed sequence.


Retail Queue System

All the processes, like placing an order for a specific product, making the Retail Management System will efficiently cater payments. All these operations will be performed smoothly, enabling an organization to provide any service.


Rental of Queue System

We have provided a rental management system to many corporate customers for events and exhibitions. Our intelligent, customized queue system can provide premium customer service and improve corporate branding.


Standalone Queue System

The standalone system houses a ticket dispenser, keypad, and a counter display. The purpose is to issue tickets. However, keypad calls the queue number, which is displayed on the counter display unit.


Public Sector Queue System

The public sector management system fulfills the needs of various government organizations. The purpose of the functionalities is to optimize the whole queuing process and ease the user’s journey.


Ticketless Queue System

With an efficient ticket system, a token is generated, which contains the services information chosen by the user.


LDAP Authentication

Queue management is integrated with LDAP authentication. It is a Cloud-Based protocol that manages the data of the server. This open protocol is used to retrieve, store information in the form of a hierarchy structure called a directory information tree.

Queue Management system also providers various kiosk models to choose from depending on your needs such ,24 32inch Kiosks for public sectors, and small kiosks for small branches with limited space.

Stand Kiosk
Desktop Kiosk
Counter LCD
Digital Signage
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