Awebstar’s Smart Queuing System

Keeping your customers waiting in long queues is not a good idea- it impacts your customer’s experience on your business. Implementing a solution that not only satisfies your potential customers, however but increases staff efficiency as well is a must. Awebstar’s queue management software is here to help! As a well-renowned name in Singapore, we offer a queue management system that helps reduce customer queues with fully-functional features. This system has a smooth and innovative user interface so that novice users can use it easily. Once your customer scans the QR Code, an intimation will be sent to them regarding the queue number and estimated waiting time. We offer powerful & reliable queue management software for our Singapore customers. Your customers would be able to view data in real-time, get easy access on devices, and over the cloud. The system is a perfect combination of innovation and technology that helps to provide a better customer experience
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Benefits Of Smart Queue Management System

With our Queue system, customers waiting their turn would have information right at their fingertips on how long it would take to get attended to, thereby saving unnecessary wait times on long queues.

Increase your business work efficiency with our Queue System

Customer End

For Customers

  • Instant help on any smartphone in several languages
  • View estimated wait times, and queue number
  • Super-fast notification when customers are close to their turn
  • A large view of data on LCD.

For Service Desks

  • Menu customized to your preference
  • Information on the token number or client type to keep track of when the client will arrive at the counter
  • Boost efficiency by eliminating rush hours
  • Freedom to delay counter activities for as long as possible

For System Administration

  • Customize various fields as needed in the queue management system
  • Display preferred promotional messages on all screens
  • Instant detailed updates on clients and other vital data
  • A periodic report on all clients and staff members in one location

For Branch Supervisors

  • Detailed analytical report for a better decision-making
  • High visibility of various branches
  • Activate/deactivate benefits over the counters anytime
  • Easy monitoring of all staffs and clients
How Our Queue Management System Works
Dispensing Machinee

Queue System Ticket Dispenser

  • Support for multiple users
  • Simple ticketing system for queries and departments
  • Unique number for each printed ticket
Token Calling

Token Calling

  • Support system across various languages
  • Instant notification for missed ticket numbers
  • Can be used for several counters and departments seamlessly
  • Detailed preview system for ticket holders
Token Display Screen

Display Screen for Tokens

  • Display Multiple Token Number per Counter
  • Interactive Tone Announcement that can be understood clearly
  • Display all numbers including the ones on call and those skipped


  • Instant SMS alerts for customers
  • Convenient to use with an excellent interface
  • Accurate information on approximate wait time
  • Save the time of visitors as they are alerted when it’s their turn

Don’t keep your customers waiting anymore

We know how customers face issues, no matter if it’s a government institution, hospital, retail store, or bank, the long waiting line can trouble customer experience. It’s a high time you need to take care of it to provide a seamless experience to a customer who pursues your service. What we offer is automated queue software that is guaranteed to decrease customer wait times while increasing your revenue and service efficiency. With our smart queuing system, you can say goodbye to long waiting and queuing forever. Our team has years of experience in helping organizations manage their queues virtually in Singapore. The queue system helps businesses to manage valuable information, appointment bookings, and customer wait times from a seamless device. Have a queuing problem and need to manage your crowds better? Simply contact Awebstar. We can also integrate a cloud-based queue system with digital signage for even better customer experiences.

Hospital Queue System

Simplify every consultation process between patients and doctors with our patient queue management system. With this unique system specially designed for hospitals, you can take care of every process from the point the patient registers to the bill clearing stage.


Bank Queue System

Banks are one of the prime spots for long queues and waiting lines. This banking queue system is an efficient banking solution that makes the queuing process simpler and helps staff solve the problems of customers efficiently


Education institutes

By implementing our queue software in education institutes, you can use its wide variety of options for lots of services, including inquiries, registration, communication with students, and so much more.


F&B Queue System

Using the F&B queue system, you can increase the overall productivity in your organization by putting an end to wait times for customers while reducing operational costs. We Offer Qr Code Queue systems for Restaurants to manage their queues.


Immigration Queue System

Need to deliver immigration services to your customers? Then this immigration queue system is all you need to handle various tasks, including fixing appointments, submitting documents, passport collections, passport renewals, and tons of other immigration-related issues.


Clinic Queue System

Managing Queues in clinics with our patient Queuing system is very easy. Patients need to wait for their turn and view regularly towards the screen to check their name. Clinic Queue System helps to manage your crowd for the Vaccinations also.


Retail Queue System

Need a smooth system that enables any retail store to provide seamless services and help customers place their orders quickly? Then check out our retail queue system.


Rental of Queue System

Our rental queue system works flawlessly for corporate customers. With this system, you can provide premium customer service at any event or exhibition.


Standalone Queue System

This system is primarily for issuing tickets, and it will show the ticket number on the counter display unity. With this standalone queue system, you have all the tools for smooth service delivery.


Public Sector Queue System

It’s time to make every public sector gain instant access to tools that make the queuing process easier than ever. That’s what you get with this public sector queue system and more.


Ticketless Queue System

A user chooses a specific service, and this system will instantly generate the token. This ticketless queue system the need for physical tickets.


LDAP Authentication

We manage every data on the server using a cloud-based protocol called LDAP authentication. Our queue management gets integrated with this protocol for effective retrieval and storage of information.

QR Code Queue Management System

Eliminate crowded service areas with this mobile e-ticket solution that optimizes customer flow. With this queue app, customers can join a queue even before they arrive and take a number that you will be aware of at all times. With this, they can easily join the queue when it’s their turn, and your business never has to deal with stressful crowds again.


  • Generate queue using Qr Code Queue System
  • Ticket numbers for customers on their smartphone
  • Instant alert for queue numbers
  • Easily book online appointments via mobile devices
  • SMS notifications for access without an internet connection.

The Queue Management system also provides various kiosk models of 24 and 32 inches. You can choose the one according to your needs. Large or 32-inch kiosks are generally recommended for public sectors, whereas small or 24 inch kiosks are for small branches with limited space.

Stand Kiosk Stand Kiosk
Desktop Kiosk Desktop Kiosk
Counter LCD Counter LCD
Digital Signage Digital Signage

SSO (Single Sign On)


SMS/ Notifications API


HIS (Hospital Information System)

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