FEATURES OF BEST Queue System Singapore

Queue Waiting System gives direction to your business by measuring the correct data and maintaining the information. It accelerates the efficiency to perform the task and improve customer satisfaction.

This software provisions a queue management solution with an easy and innovative UI. Moreover, interactive UI enables users to use queue software efficiently.
  • Easy to access the online queue management system over the cloud with the reporting of multiple users.
  • This online system saves a lot of customer’s time, however, increases the efficiency of the staff members.
  • SMS notifications inform the customer about estimated waiting time and remaining time.
  • Being responsive it let the customers, monitor their entire data in real-time.

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Benefits Of Waiting Time Management

Queuing Software gives information about those who are waiting for their turn.



Customer End

  • Gives touch screen services with multilingual help.
  • Various selective options @dispensing the token.
  • Generate tokens with mentioned department name, services applied for, token number, etc.
  • Audio alert and shows the data on the LCD.

Service Desk End

  • Customized menu expandability option.
  • Keep track of client arrival at the counter like a token number, client type, and more.
  • Adjusted counter, upcoming token number, past token number, tokens missed.
  • Stop or delay activities at the counter for a specific time frame.

System Admin End

  • Generates regular report of clients and staff members.
  • Easy Mobile Accessibility: update about clients, served within a day.
  • Made changes to the promotional messages which is displaying on screen
  • Can customize the fields with as per the need in queue system management.

Branch Supervisor End

  • Branch head can activate/deactivate benefits over the counters.
  • Use this system to take an overview of various branches like continuous floor view visibility.
  • Complete analytical report with comparison will be displayed to take further decisions for an organization.
How it Work

Dispensing Machine

  • Multi user support
  • Create the detailed ticket with department, queries
  • Generate the printed queue ticket with unique number

Token Calling

  • Multi language support system
  • Ticket solders are called with detailed preview
  • Manages multi-department and multi-counter calling
  • A small siren if the ticket is missed
  • Tellers call the next ticket, recall the numbers, inform about skipped ticket users etc

Token Display Screen

  • Clear tone announcement
  • Display currently called numbers, skipped numbers
  • Display the review of the customers experiences, other services provided by the organization and much more


  • NO WAIT in long queues; informs wait time
  • Get message alerts about the vistors turn
  • Saves vistors time, convenient to users

Hospital Queue System

Our Queue system simplifies the entire consultation process between patients and doctors. By giving them the token number, with this hospitals maintains complete record from patient registration till bills clearing.

Banking Queue System

Our queue system are extraordinarily efficiently for banks. It segregates the customers as per the queries to reach the correct counter at that estimated time. It also generates the ticket and simultaneously provides wait time information through mobile phones.

Education institutes, Universities and colleges

Queue system has become critically important in the fied of education. Especially, at the time of admission. Our system helps you in choosing from a wide variety of services to get the right direction without wasting time.

F&B Queue System

In the field of F&B, our queue system can do wonders, however, informs the customer about order and its wait time. So that visitors can utilize that waiting time effectively manage other chores. This increase customer loyalty.

Immigration System

Rather than waiting in long queues outside immigration offices, Queue System is the best way to lower stress by informing about appointment time, however, get estimate time, without waiting long hours.

Clinic Queue System

Fix an appointment or give a prior call. Nothing helps in clinics. Mobile Queue Management System, make things easy also for emergency patients by booking the appointment, however, get an estimated time to visit the doctor.

Retail Queue System

Our queue service helps retailers to give the customer the benefit of personalized attention of outstanding services. By letting them know the wait time, even through their mobile phones.

Rental of Queue System

Our Queue System tracks customer’s details in the rental business, from their first check-in till their exit. This system is also helpful especially at the time of events and exhibitions. Maintained data can also be used to generate leads.

Standalone Queue System

The standalone system houses a ticket dispenser, keypad, and a counter display. The purpose is to issue tickets. However, keypad calls the queue number which is displayed on the counter display unit.

Public Sector Queue System

Our Queue management solves heaps of issue by efficiently managing large number of customer’s data. Our unique software is capable of fixing appointment’s also through mobile phones, and minimizes wait time.

Ticketless Queue System

With an efficient ticket system, a token is generated which contains the service’s information chosen by the user. All the details are maintained in a system like “User details”.

LDAP Authentication

Our Queue System is integrated with LDAP authentication, this platform is known for complete security based validation process. It means the software which you will be accessing, stores the data in a fully secure and private manner.

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