Awebstar introduces you to cloud-based gym management software which allows you to maintain your records quickly. Its customer profile management feature builds a robust, healthy, and life long relationship with customers. Our fitness management software facilitates you to book classes, can take charge of the inventory, complete track of gym trainers. You can communicate with your members anytime at anyplace with our flexible software.

Easy Online Appointment Scheduling

Make the process of booking appointments easy for your customers! Allow them to use fully-featured gym management software and schedule appointments according to their convenience. The best part- it gets updated on each booking.
  • Find out how early the customer can book before starting the class with the online booking system.
  • Get notification automatically of waitlisted customers when the class slot opens up.

Automates the Management of Membership

Get your community together with a powerful and intuitive membership database for automating tasks and expand as you grow.
  • Unique member experience with an interactive membership dashboard and offer exclusive discounts, and offers
  • Customizing as per the need of the time
  • Automatic data synchronization

Ease Gym Workflow with POS

Our holistic Point Of Sale Systems helps manage your club financially, inventory, customers and employees. The best gym management software is tailored for gym and fitness clubs to process customer information, requests, and sales effortlessly.
  • Let customers pay with flexible payment options
  • POS integrated with inventory makes easy management of stocks
  • Get invaluable customer insights, analyze sales performance

SMS and Email Marketing for Fitness Centers

Send updates on new offerings, or renewal drives from the gym system software, improve revenue and boost member satisfaction.
  • Notify about the recent offers to potential members and give discounts to those who refer their friends or family members.
  • Improve sign-ups or member's participation with SMS and text marketing.
  • Send a prompt reminder before renewal dates come up.


What is gym management software?
It is also termed as fitness business management software, or gym scheduling software or fitness scheduling software. The software offers features to manage client classes, tracking staff and member activities, easy process payment, monitoring of sales, etc.
Why should I choose fitness business management software?
Fitness business management software have features to rely on. Best of all is effective membership management. The businesses can easily track the information, and check-ins of all members. Each of the members can access the portal of member management, complete their payments, sign waivers, update details, schedule appointments, etc. The software lets gym owners control financial transactions and eliminates the manner of handling billing manually.
Can gym membership management software improve my business success?
Yes! The sole aim of fitness business management software is to help the fitness clubs to succeed. Its features such as, user-friendly dashboard, easy membership management options, automated payment, business performance reporting and data analytics, etc. makes your gym business flourishing.
Is implementing software for gym management complicated?
No, it is not! It is very convenient and simple to use. Its design is easily accessible and gym business owners can comfortably use it
How can my gym members use the gym management software ?
The software has to be integrated with your business website allowing gym members to use it. They can book their appointments, pay for classes and track memberships accordingly. However, accessing the software solution on any device- either laptop or mobile is also possible.
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