Tips to Grow and Scale Digital Marketing Agency in 2023

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Unquestionably, starting a digital marketing agency and running are totally different. 

There is a lot to consider- selling, account management, marketing, payroll, hiring, and the list is endless!

Needless to say, clients are at the same time are important. You need to achieve results to engage them in your agency. Otherwise, the circumstances are known to you- they will move to your competitors and will not say the nicest things. 

The marketing strategy is nothing if it is not acknowledging the digital channels. There is a rise of 13% in the budget of digital marketing in 2020 than in 2019. The increase is only because of the marketing channels such as video, SEO, content, social media, etc. 



The graph indicates that two-thirds of B2B product businesses cover marketing direct expenses in the marketing budgets. Whereas, B2C product businesses contribute 57%. It is because B2C product organizations define marketing spendings extensively and include them in the budget of operations or sales. Only 51.4% (half) of the organizations spend their expenses on social media from their marketing budgets. As shown in the above figure, B2C product companies spend 57% as compared to the B2B product organizations that are 50%. However, B2B organizations are not spending much on social media or in corporate or technical communications. There are not more than half of the marketers that consider marketing training, marketing research, marketing analytics, and additional marketing expenses from their budgets. 

In this article, we are highlighting the best tricks that let your digital marketing company thrive. Choose the nuggets that you might not be applying or including in the marketing strategy. 

Tactics to Give a Boost to your Digital Marketing Company

Focus on a Particular Market

To experience growth in your marketing company or to stay ahead in this competitive market, specialization is a must. It is not advisable to look after each need or try to solve everything for your customers. 

You cannot scale your agency because you are expanding your horizons that you are not even dealing with. When a potential client visits your site, they will get confused and not find your exact niche. 

Is your Digital Marketing Company Specialized or a Full-Service Provider?

Both of the figures work. However, it is complicated to categorize when the company is handling more of the aspects. Do not make specialization a missing piece. In simple terms, it is just about your niche or the services you are providing to clients. As per Moz’s survey, 32% of respondents recognized themselves as “digital marketing” agencies or “full-service” agencies.

The other side of the coin says that successful and effective companies focus on a single vertical only. They do not prefer to give service with non-strategics. So, if you are an expert in one service only, bet on it and remain productive.  

Website Design Optimization


Certainly, your business website is the first place where the visitors visit before contacting you personally. From the recent figures, it is evident that 75% of visitors make an opinion about your business credibility as per the website design. Hence, consider your site as the storefront and display everything you have to provide at first vision. 

Check out the websites of different Web Design Companies You will find that even if they are paying attention to the copy or content, the emphasis is on the website navigation and visual appeal. 

As per the reports of Kinesis, 94% of first-impressions are related to design. You can find out that presentation is essential to gain positive impressions of who you are, the type of services you are offering, and the professional level. 

If your web design holds more influence on visitors, then, it must be the higher priority on the list. You will be imaginative as you can be, however, assure that the web design improves the image and assists you in reaching a wider audience. 

  • Showcase a clear message
  • Don’t mess up the web page with several elements
  • Assure that the website is responsive
  • Use intuitive and simple navigation
  • The text must be in a readable format
  • Do not consider non-clickable buttons
  • Include beautiful visuals

Hire Skilled Team Members

Of course, you are not operating the business from the dining table only. For the growing digital marketing company, there is a need for staff members that can handle the major business aspects. Hiring a new one assists you in improving the business strengths. 

Though, you already know that an authorized digital marketing company provides different services. It implies you require a professional for every service, such as social media manager, SEO specialist, content creation team, graphics designer, marketer, editor, etc. However, to assure that you are making your employees engaged:

  • Transparency regarding development paths.
  • Provide a good salary or rewards or packages.
  • Build a powerful business culture and team bonding. 
  • Give remote opportunities and flexible working hours when required.

Digital marketing is a broad and competitive field. You can also outsource the projects and hire in-house team members that fit your organization’s needs. 

Enhance Response Times to Leads

Customers remain anxious and need quick services and answers. Certainly, it is known that you are busy. The helpful practices are approaching leads immediately. As you are working on the project, they are reaching the competitors. 

As per the research by HBR, the companies that are approaching probable customers in an hour are 7X likely to break a deal as compared to those who are working an hour later. Also, the businesses are taking 42 hours to revert, so you must aim to reduce the response time. 

Provide Corporate Training and Internship Programs

Entry-level positions are challenging and demanding. They are difficult to fill, as several companies do not provide training programs and include additional needs to the necessary job details. You can recall the intern days when giving 200% to the first job, keen to understand everything in one day.

The intern always studies and adapts to the changes quickly. Also, those are the important characteristics of the marketing business. By using the internship program, you can build a steady stream of expert candidates that are trained as per the agency demands. 

Though, you can move further to assist every staff member to improve their skills.  Corporate marketing training empowers team members, enabling them to blend knowledge with experience.

Include the Appropriate Tools to Manage and Examine Data

The digital marketing company gains a lot from data monitoring. Leverage the best tools for digital companies for improving the efforts in every aspect such as SEO, marketing, management, and sales.

The companies are mostly saturated, hence, rather than wait for the clients to visit you, leverage the marketing software or tool to assure you hold a constant supply of leads and prospects. Always remember the analytics tool that assists in tracking you, marketing campaigns, and efforts optimization for a better outcome. 

Don’t Neglect the Post-Sales Process

Simply because you are completing one project, that does not imply that you are bidding bye to your customer. The customer who is satisfied with the services and attitude can be converted easily to repeat them. Significantly, they provide recommendations and positive feedback. 

You can maintain the post-sales connections with:

  • Enduring customer services
  • Providing regular value with academic content, case studies, white papers, how-to blogs, and many more.

Improve Web Presence using Online Directories


Do not overlook the tactics that can get you several online directories. Allow the possible customers to approach you from online directories without doing more effort.

There are several routes you can take. Definitely, you need to be general, popular directories such as Yelp and Google are here to start. 

Rank the Target Keywords

This is essential when your digital marketing services are not focussing on search engine optimization. How do you assure the companies that they can enhance their ranking on search engines? It is by displaying that your company ranks in the organic search ranking. 

That is to say, if you cannot get a ranking for “digital marketing company” as it is competitive, try and rank for a less competitive term such as “digital marketing Singapore”.

Create a Scalable and Repeatable Process

You must process everything you do as a company. Set particular procedures and policies for scaling. It must serve as an architecture for deliverables. 

Do documentation of your processes and scale your system. Consider tools or templates for automating the reporting method. Also, you can get assistance from different tools for digital marketing agencies. Streamline bookings and appointments with the online booking software. Do not follow the manual ways of drafting proposals. 

Concluding Remarks

Now you have it! The ten helpful tips that assuredly will help you to take your business to the next level. You have to be either skilled enough to apply the tactics in your agency growth or can hire a web developer in Singapore to do the same for you.

Always remember, it is not an overnight process. Usually, it takes time! Understand the potential customers because it is where your basics of marketing start!

Do you find these tactics fruitful? Are you implementing them? Or, are you already working on it? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below. We are here for you! 

Thanks for reading!

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