Digital Marketing Vs Content Marketing. Which one is more important?

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Digital Marketing Vs Content Marketing

Probably, you may confuse content marketing with digital marketing since both terms are correlated. As the term content marketing suggests, you do marketing with the content you produce. That content involves videos, images, infographics, news, deals, articles, and more.

Digital marketing is almost the same but includes other elements. The way to reach out to the readership through digital marketing is different. You don’t focus on videos or “content”. Instead, you concentrate on pay-per-click, SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing strategies.

With that said, it is easy to conclude that content marketing will always be focused on content with valuable information, while digital marketing will publicize it. Reaching further is possible through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Vs Content Marketing: Know the difference

Content marketing

Content marketing embraces content creation to educate people and get them updated. It indirectly has to do with advertising because it is part of it. If your site is about dresses, your content will be catered for the population who like dresses, but you will need other tools to promote it. In the content marketing world, we have:


Videos are maybe the most entertaining part of content marketing. You don’t have to spend hours on the computer, wording articles, composing poems, and whatnot. If you are appealed to videos, you can make them by yourself. Video editing, however, requires knowledge and consumes time.

For creating the videos, you need tools, programs to record and edit them. You require a camera and a lot of time for this job. Nonetheless, most people who make videos as content marketing love this work. It is exhausting, but they find it amusing and more fun than making blogs.

Videos are more preferred because they tend to attract more people than blogs. If you embed or add videos to your blog, viewers will spend longer on the site watching them. Just make sure the content is engaging and conveys the right message.


Blogs encompass written informative content, which can be standard or academic. They describe the subjects, for example, cancer, drugs, or problems in society. Content marketing through blogs is still one of the most popular manners of producing information in bulk and getting visitors.

Nevertheless, blog optimization is complicated. You require knowledge and stay on top of Google rules to create SEO-optimized articles. Positioning blogs high is challenging because of the competition as well.
So, what is required for blogs? Expertise in SEO, which is something that is not gotten from one day to the next. You need to understand the correct use of keywords, meta description, and how to avoid plagiarism. Copy-pasted content is forbidden, as the blog can get punished. In the best cases, your site will be just ignored in searches.

To get the best results, create blogs that contain over 300 words. The keywords should be distributed properly all over them. Paragraphs should not be lengthy; otherwise, it will not attract visitors, and they will prefer to leave the website. Blogs must not hold the words or fillers that do not express any content.


Believe it or not, many sites depend on images to rank well. It doesn’t mean they have zero written content, but most of its content consists of images from the galleries. The images on these sites have a short description with a keyword connected to the image. These have alt, which is a small text that contains the focus keyword.

Just like in the written content, you can’t use copyrighted material, as this is a reason for penalization. Make sure you use free-to-use photos. Some websites that can help are and You can also add the credits to each image.


Infographics are diagrams that make it easy to understand processes, which can be hard to put in words. These are not exclusive to academic content, as they can also be used for news and regular content—they layout statistics, figures, names, and numbers.

It comprises the full content of a simple post or be a part of it. As a part of SEO, the infographics must include the focus keyword or its synonym. They have an attractive design that pushes readers to visualize them. It has dawings and logos as well. You can use infographics when you want to provide the information didactically without including text.


While blogs are great, convenient, and useful, it is also a fact that ebooks have a better value. If you, as a website owner, offer a book to your readers, your audience will automatically appreciate it. Ebooks generally put together a variety of topics that interest the targeted audience.

Ebooks are more like content as they contain infographics, photos, and charts besides text. Apart from that, they are downloadable in different formats like PDF.

As a bonus, they strengthen the reputation of a site or a corporation. To put this simple, having a book published is not the same as featuring 500 400-word blogs online. For this reason, eBooks generate more leads, definitely.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the term used for the advertisements delivered via digital channels, such as websites, social media, search engines, mobile applications, etc. From these online media channels, digital marketing is a way for companies to endorse services, products and brands. Below are the popular types of digital marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a broad term. It implies optimizing the content through the implementation of tools and tricks to rank better. You attain SEO when you make proper use of keywords, upload well-sized photos, craft a well-structured title, and avoid stuffing.

In SEO, you play with the keywords and the way they are distributed. You use outbound links, inbound links that redirect to other blogs and web pages on your site and work on affiliate blogs to gain reputation.


Pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is like buying links. You bid on links to appear first in search results and pay for each click. By implementing this strategy, your site’s link will appear in the first positions with the tag “ad” below. The tag ad doesn’t mean you will bombard people with ads; it means you are using paid clicks.

It could sound hard, but this model can help make a lot of money. For example, if you are running a selling site and using PPC and paying for every click, then recovering that money is easy with the sales on your website.

If a user makes a $300 purchase from your website, you will receive funds invested in pay-per-click. As a general rule, the fee per click costs $1 or 2. With Pay-per-click, you advertise your site through Google Ads to boost the number of visitors and increase the chances of getting conversions.

Email marketing

Email marketing is just how it sounds: marketing by sending emails. With email marketing, you advertise your site, company, and special events via email. However, this tactic not only catches more customers but also an invitation for regulars to check out the new products.

Social media marketing and advertising

With social media marketing and advertising, you promote social media services on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There are countless means of advertising on social media, but it is best to implement this tactic to social media channels with more followers. Also, it is necessary to use tricks to prevent blocking from publishing on those networks.

Thanks to social media campaigns, it is possible to reach out to more people and get more leads. Social media advertising turns out to be a great alternative to make contact with other types of audiences.

Social media marketing can be expensive and requires publishing regularly. If you are, for instance, a TikTok advertiser, you would need to post three or more times to keep the people interested. You also require being imaginative and creative.

Is content marketing a digital marketing strategy?

Undoubtedly, it is. When you produce content, you do it to promote it and cause a surge in visits. Even if you are not selling anything, your content acts indirectly as a digital marketing strategy because it helps the site rank high. Consider the fact that content marketing has SEO and other stuff associated with digital marketing. Good content will always be the best digital strategy tactic.

Is content marketing a digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing vs. Content marketing: which one is more important?

We can’t separate both strategies, indeed. Content marketing needs digital marketing to maximize the results. If you are running a blog and your content is valid, you need a digital marketing strategy to publicize it. If you create content and you don’t advertise it, how will people know about you?

On the other hand, digital marketing optimizes content. It includes SEO tools that help appear in Google searches. Usually, digital marketing requires investment to increase profits, although some bloggers do a great job optimizing their own content.

In layman’s terms, you require digital marketing to boost visits and have more purchasers, but the quality of content is essential to maintain customer retention. At the end of the day, digital marketing and content marketing are the names on the same page!

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