Define Digital Marketing?

Define Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an advertising and marketing of services, products, person or business with electronic devices, online channels, and digital technologies. Nowadays, companies are preferring digital marketing as it provides:

  • Level playing field
  • Economical marketing solutions
  • Various online marketing strategies
  • Real campaign tracking and measurement
  • Advanced personalization and targeting options
  • Regular campaign performance feedback

Digital marketing works by creating an omnichannel or coordinated method that encourages the target audience purchasing journey. It implies that your business is using various channels, such as email, search and social to support an overarching policy, such as creating leads, brand awareness or sales. There are many ways to leverage digital marketing as a business, check them out below:

  • Grow brand awareness using social media ad campaign on Facebook
  • Improve qualified website traffic using the content marketing strategy
  • Create leads and make purchases using the PPC ad campaign
  • Increase website conversion rates using CRO tests
  • Build qualified website traffic, search result sales and visibility from the SEO strategy
  • Target qualified leads and competitor locations using geofencing advertising
  • Turn high-value leads using the dedicated account-based marketing plan
  • Boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases from the email marketing campaign
  • Improve page time and conversion rates by increasing the website’s page speed
  • Increase reach from the marketing strategies on Walmart Marketplace, Amazon and Target+

Digital Marketing Types

Digital Marketing Types

There are different digital marketing types or channels that can grow your business. Check out the best eight below:

Search Engine Optimization

Considering SEO as the digital marketing strategy, the companies can easily improve their visibility in the search engine results on the leading search engines. From the better spot in the search results, the businesses can experience more website sales, traffic and leads.

Content Marketing

The aim of content marketing is to provide companies with a highly effective and cost-effective strategy for approaching, nurturing, and changing the target customers and supporting the search engine optimization strategy. From the high-quality, and original content, the businesses can experience more than 54% of the leads. 

PPC Advertising

More than half of the SMBs used PPS as it is an efficient and fast digital marketing technique for getting more sales and leads. From PPC advertising, the businesses can get a hyper-targeted campaign to approach ready-to-buy users in the target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Approximately, there are 75% of the users that use social media to lock their buying decision. This act makes social media marketing a must-have digital marketing method. From social media marketing, the businesses can make the loyal following, also, interact and engage with the customers to increase sales, customer loyalty and lessen churn.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also on the list of the best digital marketing tactics that most companies can use. Approximately, the businesses can achieve more sales as compared to other methods and hence, shows their usefulness and nurture the leads.

Social Media Advertising

Because of the lessening visibility of the business account posts, social media advertising and social media algorithm updates have become an important digital marketing technique. From social media ads, the businesses can attract its target market and make its online following and create potential leads and sales.

Video Marketing

From 90% of the customers using video for assisting them in purchasing decisions, video marketing is a helpful digital marketing method for the businesses. From the videos, the companies can achieve the attention of the target market and shift them from the top of the funnel to the bottom.

Web Design and Development

The website design and development work as the digital marketing strategy foundation. The mobile-friendly, functional and attractive website assists the businesses to improve the results of PPC, SEO and different online marketing techniques.