Complete Guide to Increase Sales With Amazing Website Design

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Who does not want their website to appeal to visitors?

No one!!

Of course, the website is the reflection of your business. Everyone wants that whenever the visitors visit the website, they get delighted with the services and the products and get converted.

But, on the contrary, if you fail to do so, then, you will not only lose the immense traffic but also waste the productive time being spent on designing the website.

It must be known to you that your website design holds the capacity to secure 94% of first impressions.

Hence, there is no wrong in saying that the website design contributes a lot in generating sales to your business. To know-how, check out the below points:

  • When customers first encounter a product, they instantly and subconsciously form an idea of ​​it. Later, this opinion is difficult to change. This is where the characteristics of the perception of colours and shapes come to the rescue.
  • Depending on the purpose of the product or service, it can be joy, friendship, love, or even hate.
  • Prompts for targeted action.
  • Now, you must have got an idea of how good design actually affects sales. To make it more clear, find out the below statistics.

Recent Statistics on Website Design

  • Almost 57% of visitors do not suggest the business to others if it has poor web design.
  • Users only take 0.05 seconds to make an opinion of your site and 50% of them believe it.  
  •  ¾ of visitors revisit the site if it is mobile-friendly. 
  • Two-thirds of visitors like to check a wonderfully designed website than a simple one if provided 15 minutes to absorb content

With these figures, it is clear that the best web design is an effective growth element for every business.

How Web Design is Beneficial in Improving Your Business Sales?

Here, in this article, we are giving you different ways to improve the conversion rate with web design. Check it out below:

Improve the Website Load Speed

If your website loads slowly, then it is sure that the visitors are not staying there for long. And then, you will not be able to convert them into customers. One-third of internet users judge business credibility according to the website’s appearance. Believe it or not, a delay of more than four seconds in website loading can take away less than half of your potential visitors. This figure should be considered sincerely, especially the new ones. It is because they do not spend more effort and money on website development.

Additionally, assure that every photo size is reduced to the maximum (do not let this process hamper the photo quality). The intentional and artful use of white space, text, and colour is a must. Use some brand-oriented graphic elements and make the website delighting to the visitors.

Mobile Accessibility

Nowadays, the ways of using the internet have changed. For some years, the percentage of users accessing the internet from the PC has reduced to a great extent. Whereas, the era of using mobile to access everything has begun. As per the research, mobile is the leading medium to access the internet. And, the more proportion to this is noticed in adults.

Keeping these things in mind, the website should be built considering mobile-oriented features. Contrarily, you will lose the business for sure. The website needs to be responsive. It implies that the website must be designed to adjust visually to the shape/size screen whenever it appears. The best responsive websites not only get adjusted to the new screen but they have to be easily navigable and intuitive. Hence, it is better to hire the best professional designer to assist your business with responsive website design.

Do Not Overlook Landing Page

If you seriously want to achieve the heights of success, then, you have to prioritize the landing pages. The landing page is the web page, particularly, dedicated to one offer or product. And, despite the existing website homepage, each element is fully-focussed on the one Call to Action (CTA). Also, deliberately, designed to convert the lead to the customer.

Hence, it is advisable to put every product or offer on the unique landing page on the website. Also, you can create the landing pages for a particular potential customer. Hence, the customer search for the product online can be navigated to the web page that generally fulfills the perspectives and needs.

Furthermore, while designing the landing pages for the website, do not forget to reduce the distractions, give a suitable CTA, and let the customers easily perform the CTA with the purchase.

Revive Abandoned Shopping Carts to Improve Sales

In every business, the shopping cart is the final point among the sale and the influential customer. Plus, the shopping cart abandonment is the major that every online store faces. Most of the customers integrate the items in the carts, but, suddenly, disappears.

There could be several reasons for cart abandonment. It could be a difficult check-out process, the shipping price shock and thinking of buying later. Besides, the best designs assist you to push the sales on hold to actual purchases. It is advised to review the shopping cart design with the below points:

  • Is it complicated?
  • How many steps does it take to complete?
  • Is the website taking much to load?
  • Is the process cumbersome or buggy?

Assure to ask many to give feedback to the checkout process. Find out the issues while reviewing the procedure. A single inconvenience can even take the customers away. Also, these types of inconveniences are the guideposts to improve. Redesign the shopping cart interface to reduce the friction points you have created. Do not forget that the minimal design is far better than the complicated one.

Use Call to Action (CTA) for a Seamless Experience

For improving sales by employing web design, you need to focus on the CTA buttons. While visiting the website, the visitors like to check the information and move to the next step, and at that time, they need CTA for guidance. If the CTA does not stand out on the web page or assures the visitors to move, then you can lose a lot of sales.

You can boost sales with the web design by making CTAs that are visible on the page. When you possess a great website design, the CTA must evolve on the web page. And it gives comprehensive details of what appears when they select the button.  Hence, instead of a CTA that shows “Click Here”, there should be a CTA like “Click here to sign up for your free trial!”  Hence, by designing the CTA that attracts visitors and is easy to attain, you must get more visitors to click on them, which will lead to more sales for the business.

Make the Navigation Organized

In addition to the above-mentioned ways, there is one more aspect that improves your business sales- it is your website navigation. While creating the best web design, make it easily accessible. 

The managed navigation allows the visitor to know the services or products easier and faster. This way, the visitors will not get irritated and the chances of attracting visitors and developing sales become higher.

It is advisable to leverage the wide categories and manage the suitable subcategories below them. Accordingly, it will assist you to make the fixed navigation for the visitor to find the information quickly.

Testimonials and Certifications 

You might be overlooking that including testimonials or certification logos is not worth it. But, believe us, it is!! It plays a critical part in making the website design effective. Including logos that reveal the credentials, like, third party reviews and security badges explains to new customers that you have the authorized business. 

It also shows to the visitors that you have given some effort to assure every transaction is secure and customers are thrilled with the purchases. Several customers will not share their monetary information from websites that require some sort of security.

Also, testimonials are the best tool for driving sales. More than half of the visitors trust the product review and testimonials as similar to personal recommendations and providing five-star ratings. It improves the CTR, particularly, improving conversion and generating sales.

Leverage White Space

For boosting the sales with the web design, assure that you are using the white space. Several companies make mistakes by filling the website with visuals or information. Whereas, the reality is that overloading the website can make it more overwhelming and can distract the visitor.

For good design, the primary thing is white space. The aim of this is to have a clean website and make the visitor focus on important information. While using the white space, make the visitor more focused on the important information and improve the sales of the business.

Web Design Errors that Turn Off Customers

Web Design Errors

Poor Photo Quality

High-quality and beautiful photos of goods or services on the website attract the attention of users. Accordingly, this has a positive effect on sales. But, it is worth considering that photos on an old soap dish will not help you. So, if you want to get your website visitors interested in your photos and turn them into loyal customers, then, let them pay attention to product photography, detailed shots. This will allow users to see all the elements of the product.

Do not steal pictures from other’s sites. Not only will this not have a positive effect on your business, but you can also get to court for copyright infringement, so be careful.

Typos and Mistakes in the Texts

This also repels users. You will not be able to give a pleasant impression on the visitor, because they are unable to understand the content. This demonstrates the company’s non-serious attitude to its business. 

Obviously, this makes them think twice before hiring you. Hence, for a high-end reputation, be cautious. Do not be lazy to check the website for typos and errors in the texts and make the best ever-lasting impression on them.

No Contact Details

Most of the websites fail to include the contact detail section. The specified phone numbers are not available and the company office addresses are not. 

Here as well, the visitor becomes double-minded to choose you. And, think, if the company exists and is doing an honest business?

So, to make the visitor start trusting your website, you must specify a valid phone number and email address where you can always be contacted. Do not forget to work on the “contacts” section, where all phone numbers, company offices, your pages in social networks, as well as your email address and work schedule are mentioned.

Fake Reviews or Testimonials

Fake reviews on the website from “non-living” customers, or irrelevant reviews or their absence at all – this is another thing that can take off the visitor’s interest from your website.

In general, fake testimonials or reviews discourage the desire to purchase anything. Hence, it is best to be loyal to them whatever it is. After the customers have made an order, ask them to leave a review about the purchased product or how satisfied they are with the quality of service. 

Do not be afraid of negative reviews, they will also play into your hands, apologize to the unhappy customer and make sure that when they leave, they have a good opinion of your company. Also, work on those negative reviews and improve.

Annoying Pop-ups

The several requests about subscribing to the register, and urgent purchase is something that irritates the visitors. 

It is likely that you are trying to sell anything and everything as soon as possible. It does not matter whether the customers need it, whether they came to buy and whether the product is of good quality.

Get rid of the unnecessary, annoying windows that pop up in full screen right now. If you think that pop-ups are indispensable, configure them so that the customers see them only when they are really interested in something.

Wrapping Up

Giving some of your time and effort to the website design is definitely going to improve the sales of your business. With a beautifully designed website, you can secure visitors and convert them into leads. This simply means that you will experience more traffic and a definite improvement in sales.

Considering that, here in this article, we have mentioned the different ways of web designing that helps to improve the sales rate. Moreover, the other factor that needs to be overlooked is also described. Have a look!!

Do let us know how you like this article. If there are some queries then comment below. 

 Thanks for reading!!

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