7 Big Reasons People Still Love Using React Js in 2024

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Posted by Julian Apr 9, 2024


Front-end technologies have grown much in the last two decades. During this period, experts introduced many advanced tools. Web Developers built the front end with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

But, the JavaScript ecosystem is proving to be dynamic.  Many new software packages, tools and libraries are arising. This advancement offers developers to choose from a wide range. 

The top JavaScript libraries belong to React JS. This is the main reason developers use React JS. Also, many large organisations are hiring React JS developers. They want to get the most out of this trending technology. 

This blog will list key reasons why we use React JS in 2024 for front-end development. The next section highlights React JS’s advantages. 

Advantages of React JS

The use of React JS is increasing tremendously. It certainly offers developers an easy way to create applications. The apps have a lot of features. React JS makes apps easier for users to understand and use compared to other frameworks. 

Additionally, React does not require extensive experience. The only rule is a basic understanding of JavaScript syntax. You also need to understand how functions work in the language. 

Now, let us jump to the various advantages of React JS in the following section of the blog post. We will explain how React JS saves time. Also, it would explain the way it works well with other tools and make it flexible and adaptable. React JS is a great choice for making modern and official websites. 

So, let us get started!!

Offers a Well-Supported Library

React boasts a vast ecosystem of libraries, tools, and resources. A booming community continuously updates and maintains them. This ensures that developers have access to a worth of documentation, tutorials, and assistance. 

It is beneficial for developers when they encounter challenges or seek to optimise their code. Furthermore, the strong support system surrounding React establishes innovation. It lets developers build scalable and efficient web applications with confidence. 

Reusable Components

The ability to reuse code throughout an application makes React a distinctive framework. It does not require hours of hard and repetitive coding tasks. Thus, it allows developers to work smarter rather than harder by reusing components. 

These help maintain a consistent code style and overall maintainability of the application. Hence, React speeds up development times and increases productivity gradually. 

Rich User Interfaces

React JS allows developers to describe user interfaces clearly. This makes the coding process an easy task. Hence, it becomes more simple to read and understand. Also, by changing the state of the component React offers interactive user interfaces. It helps in cutting out the actual DOM and updates it virtually. Therefore, this makes the process more intuitive and less complex.  

React library creates an interface without compromising the speed and robustness of the application. The optimisation and debugging of the code do not consume much time. Debugging is much simpler to carry out at the end too. 

Better Performing Application

React can cut the cost of updating the UI. This leads to smoother interactions and less delay. React’s ecosystem provides tools and best practices for improving performance. 

Developers utilise these resources for faster and more efficient apps. With React, they have the power to create web apps that are responsive and growable.

Ultimate Compatibility and Flexibility

React is designed to integrate with other libraries and frameworks smoothly. This allows developers to utilise their existing tools and resources. Thus React offers unparalleled flexibility that extends across various platforms. 

React adjusts to diverse project requirements and development environments. It helps create adaptable and extensible codebases. This inherent openness allows developers to customise solutions. It further ensures smooth association and future ease of use. 

Ease of Testing

The various applications made using React are very easy for functionality testing. The ease and flexibility make it more popular among developers. It is easy to test as its views are treated as a function of a specific state. 

React JS’s various testing libraries smoothen the testing process. It allows developers to write detailed unit, integration and end-to-end tests with ease. 

This way developers ensure the reliability, maintainability and quality of their codebase. It results in more stable and strong web applications.

Used by Top Companies

Most front-end developers prefer React JS for building applications. React is the top choice for building major applications. Many big companies use it like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Airbnb. These tech leaders showcase how reliable and scalable React is. 

React has now reached a stage of maturity as it has been around the corner for many years. This framework has created solid and easily available documentation and an active community. Developers widely use ReactJS due to confidence in its ability to handle the demands of high traffic. This is also true for regular and critical applications.  


In a nutshell, React JS is the top position for modern web development. It is loved by developers worldwide for its multifold benefits. It has a well-supported library and reusable components to create rich user interfaces.

As a result, it delivers better-performing applications. A lot of organisations are switching to React JS as it opens a world full of new possibilities for them. 

Awebstar provides React JS web development services for businesses based on customised needs. We are fully committed to expanding your business with our services. Get in touch with us to hire highly experienced and technically sound React JS developers. We will fulfil your requirement for interactive, user-friendly and smooth-performing web apps.

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