How is the Virtual Queue System Helping Restaurants?

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Restaurants have started the new ways of managing the restaurant customers!!

Indeed,  it is- no reservation or limited seating strategy. Even though the significant challenge for limited bookings is the capacity to achieve a balanced and effective waiting system. ,

Believe it or not- The situation becomes difficult in the evening time. There are lines of people wishing to get inside for dinner. What then??

Will you let your customers wait for hours to get served?

Those hungry customers will not prefer to wait much and like to move to your competitor’s restaurant. And, it results in nothing but, a loss in profits and of course, in customer satisfaction rate.

Do you want this to be an experience?

Is this why you have opened your restaurant?

Do you like your time and effort to get wasted?

No, right?

Then, what about providing the guests with a more suitable way to wait when setting your brand apart from your competitors? And, overcoming the lost revenue from the anxious guests walking away before seating?

Undoubtedly, the answer lies in the Virtual Queue System. It allows you to track the guest’s approximate wait times in the party, special requests, designated seating areas, and many more. Hence, it provides an overall effective yet useful customer service while waiting.

Virtual Queue Defined

Many have been in virtual queues whether they realize it not. Remember the last time, when you were online to buy the concert tickets from the Ticket master. Or, you were on hold for an agent for adjusting the insurance policy.

The virtual queue is the other way; businesses manage the waiting lines, hence, customers can wait for assistance without standing physically in the line. On the other hand, the regular queue binds the person to the location as they wait to checkout or get served, a virtual queuing has the spot without letting them line up.

Virtual Queues Benefits 

Virtual Queue Benefits

Certainly, the virtual queues are providing advantages for both businesses and reveal the virtual waiting experience and customers waiting in line. One or the other way,  for the customer’s benefits, the virtual queue system offers better service, more pleasant waiting experience, etc.

In the retail environment, the customers can use the time to browse the online store and possibly, include more items to their baskets. And, when used in the bank, with the queue system, you can assure that the branch is equipped with multimedia and print materials for other offered products. 

Additionally, as you are offering customers with peaceful waiting experience, the virtual queues are helpful in retaining and attracting more customers. Consequently, virtual queues allow you to:

  • Eliminate long lines
  • Grow basket size
  • Gather data of who is waiting

Fundamental Elements of Virtual Queuing

Elements of Queue System

The virtual queues smooth the harsh corners of the waiting experience. Precisely, its aims lie in converting the service as excellent from the first step in the location.

  • Service Selection

While checking signing-in, the customers can choose the service they require. 

  • Customer Self-service

As the customers include themselves in the queue, hence, it makes the process faster.

  • Know Wait Time

The queuing system considers every customer in the queue currently and computes the average waiting time. In the same fashion, the concrete number decreases the perceived waiting time.

  • Digital Signage

In-store service depicts the current growth of waitlist and provides customers better assessment on how long they can wait to get served.

  • SMS Notifications 

The aim of text messages is to notify customers regarding their turn. However,  it gives them the liberty to browse the window shop and store.

  • Multilingual Interface 

The modern-day customer base is quite different. It provides the option to the customer to select the favored language. For the employees, the system provides many ways to set up human resources. Above all, It even assists in improving the manner of interaction with the customer.

  • A Multichannel, Centralized Dashboard

It allows the employees to leverage the virtual queue system from different devices and permitting for zero interruptions in service flow.

  • Automated Customer Assignment 

In reality, customer assignments in the virtual queue system are manual or automated. Importantly, the fully-automated in most of the time with the option to make manual adjustment according to the service context. 

  • Staff Resources Allocation 

Discovering how many visitors have signed up for each service selection assists in better planning staff availability.

  • Customer Sorting and Labeling

The capacity to manage the customers according to the unique requirements permits them to offer a more personalized experience. Moreover, the custom and label input fields convert customer categorization a breeze.

  • Performance Reports 

The system gets real-time store and data historical insights (number of visitors, service times, and wait times and many more) that assists in making better staff and business-based decisions.

  • Enable Customers to Get Out and About

The virtual queuing applications include text messaging that permits the customers to register from the phone and then receiving text messages as they near the head of the virtual waiting line. In the same vein, it allows customers to run errands, walk around, or even sit at the bar and relax.

  • Let Customers Delighted While They Require

Several virtual queuing systems have digital screens that not only show the queuing prompts to inform the next waiting customer; besides it even shows promotional or video messaging for occupying the customers.

  • Permit Customers to Keep Their Spot Inline

The virtual queuing offers mobile access that permits the customers to get a spot in line when they are on the way to a restaurant.  Besides, it can automatically decrease the perceived wait time and perform the in-route buyer. 

Restaurants manage the expectations from the time buyers enter the waiting line to the time they give the bills. However, the virtual queuing system provides a way to have the first impression more positive and allow more customers from walking out the door.

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Working of Virtual Queues for Restaurants

Working of Virtual Queue System

The customer registers with the restaurants with the below-defined strategies:

  • From SMS (text message)
  • At the restaurant itself
  • Using the restaurant-oriented virtual queuing mobile app
  • Or by different web-based device

After the fulfillment of the registration process in the queue, the customers are given the approximate waiting time. Subsequently, the calculation of this waiting time is dependent on the average time that already presented customers take to finish their feeds. Similarly, other dependable factors are; to check whether the table is enough for the required customers and whether the hall is enough to gather the approximate customers, etc. 

Then, customers get an effective way to examine queuing progress. Here, you are provided with a text message option of leveraging the text messages to notify the customers when the table is ready. Additionally, you can SMS the essential web links that after clicking, open the personalized queue pages. These pages permit the customers to track their position in the line and the exact time period of waiting.

How Virtual Queues Make Customers Entertaining?

Perceiving the answer to this question is not difficult. First and foremost, it lessens their estimated queue waiting time.

When the customers consume time examining the surrounding community, running errands, or having a drink in a bar, hence, the waiting time gets less than the actual time.

On the second note, these virtual systems permit personalized communication with the customers. Consider a virtual queue’s integrated web interface or text messaging to get regular updates on the approximated waiting time. Also, the customer can have an idea of when they are about to get served.

The queuing solution could also be used to provide the customer with special offers or discounts that they can use. In addition, they can even get incentives for the next restaurant visit. 

The information given at the time of registration assists the employees to have specific needs. This could be some birthday celebration, the presence of kids, or some drink requests.

How Virtual Queuing is Beneficial for Your Business?

The aim of the virtual queue system is to streamline every important business task. The employees are the focal point of every business. If they will be busy only entertaining the customers only, then how can they help you to get profitable results. 

Hence, it is better to choose the solution that not only helps manage the customers but also, gives meaningful ways of handling the business. Using the best queuing system is always a win-win situation. 

Virtual queuing reduces tedious crowd control tasks and simplifies the queue management process. This technological aspect makes handling the business easy for your employees; also, it is robust to group and classify customers, place them in the right area, and so on. The actionable notifications in real-time are the basics for strong queue management.

It gives information to the managers regarding any prevalent issues. It becomes essential to solve them on time so that they cannot become tough to handle in the near future. In addition, historical reporting gives appropriate planning for some days, weeks, or months. This is helpful as the managers have to examine the trends in advance to experience good traffic and lessen waiting time.

Wrapping Up

Who wants to lose potential customers? As a business owner, obviously, you don’t want this!!

Waiting in the large queues in the restaurants has become an issue nowadays. Most of the businesses are even losing the sales, the customer retention rate, which is an overall loss in the profitable results. 

Therefore, it is advisable to use the best queue management system for your customers to have a personalized experience. Reduce the waiting time in long queues and give your customers a sense of calmness to enjoy their meal. Satisfy them to a great extent and make them your regular or repeatable customers to your restaurant.

We hope you liked this piece of knowledge. If you are using the queuing system then share your views with us. 

Let us know if there are any queries and suggestions. We will be happy to help you out. Thanks for reading!!

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