How Does the Queue System Help to Manage Clinic Effectively?

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The vaccine of COVID-19 is in the development phase. And, there is no hope that it will be out any time soon.

Hence, in the general influenza season, everyone avoids getting the Coronavirus. One must consider that those who are prone to COVID-19, must be treated with more effort and care. But, no one knows when the disease can capture them. Either those who are sitting or waiting in queues in the clinic or hospitals.

The risks of getting infections are more to those who have a weak immune system. Nowadays, things become more complicated. Those who do not have symptoms can also spread the virus potentially. Hence, it is essential to manage the customers or patients waiting in the lobby or waiting rooms to reduce the chances of spreading of Corona. 

You must know about the management software that is known for handling all the daily chaos, provides profitable results, and in return, satisfies the customers. In continuation of all the software, there is a queue management system. The queuing system has expertise in managing the patient’s journey to a great extent and providing all queuing solutions.

Before jumping directly to the queue system, let’s first find out how the inflections get spread to the patients waiting in queue for their turn in the clinic. Check out below:

How COVID-infections are Transmitted in Queues

How COVID-infections are Transmitted in Queues

Several researchers have to build a speculative model to examine the percentage of cases increased exceptionally in the clinic queues. In addition, the number of suspected individuals in the clinic lobby or waiting room highers the number of new infections for sure.

Hence, it is estimated that to reduce the spread of deadly diseases, the queue management system should be adopted. The aim of the queuing system is to reduce the waiting time and the percentage of suspects present in their own best way.

This is one of the most efficient ways to get profitable results. It not only improves patient satisfaction but also, reduces the chances of COVID-19 spread.

Queue Management System

The main task of queue management, i.e. purposeful indication of directions to the visitor for receiving services on the territory of the organization and collecting data on the most demanded services and the time of their provision. 

The use of queue management systems replaces the existing service system based on a “live” queue, which does not have the ability to comprehensively support the company’s information and analytical processes.

To implement the main task, the queue management system has various functionalities that allow you to use the system not only for solving the main task but helping to solve additional tasks as well:

  • organization of the queue distribution process and its automation;
  • reducing the time of the process for the provision of services;
  • increasing the throughput of the enterprise;
  • transition to a qualitatively new level of information support;
  • the effectiveness of management decisions;
  • additional opportunities for analyzing service processes;
  • a tool for monitoring the work of employees;
  • functional analysis of the organizations or clinical processes;
  • reducing the time spent in the queue in the clinic.

By increasing the efficiency of the processes mentioned above, reducing the “manual”, duplicate and unproductive operations, as well as optimizing the information interaction of all participants in the process, will allow solving every clinical problem.  

Almost any queue management software includes a reporting and analytical part. It contains information on employees working with such a system; on the services provided by the company; by service time and much more. By receiving reports on various criteria for the work of employees and analyzing the data, managers receive a tool for making and approving decisions in operational management. This is achieved due to reliable and timely information, its completeness, as well as the convenience of the statistical reporting formats.  

Why Use a Queuing System for Clinics?

Why Use a Queuing System for Clinics

Overall, One of the delicate industries is Healthcare. There is a lot of individual interaction with your patients and potential customers. It could be debated that patients are one step above in this regard. The service it offers is more powerful and, in many cases, even saves lives.

Not surprisingly, people feel nervous when it comes to trusting someone with their health. Healthcare is not as same as other industries and gives the best customer experience. The best part is that the queue system allows clinics to make the patients feel happy and safe.

Queue System Offers Data to Enhance Customer Experience

The first and foremost thing to do to enhance the customer experience is to acknowledge the correct answers.

The benefit of using the best queue management system is the data it gathers for you.  With no additional effort or any setup, you can easily have the insights of the clinic.

  • What makes your patients unhappy and unsatisfied?
  • How about their emotions? Are they frustrated or angry?
  • How much are they waiting to get served?

The above-mentioned questions are in each doctor’s mind, however, with the appropriate data, the answers can be achieved. 

The data-oriented businesses settle the decisions according to the number itself.  In the clinic, you do not have this leisure. You deal with real people and their issues.  Nevertheless, you cannot be 100% data-oriented, you have to be data-informed.

Key Features of Queue Management 

Key Features of Queue Management 

Simple Queue Management

The powerful patient queue system automates patient flow distribution and self-service queue ticketing for improved counter effectiveness. The queuing solutions can be customized easily to give prioritization to pregnant, disabled, and elderly patients in your clinic.

Real-Time Queue Status Presentation

The counter staff can leverage the mobile device or desktop computer to know the next patient in the clinic queue. Know the estimated wait times and counter LEDs display queue ticket numbers in real-time. The patients can find out the queue status by checking the display. The health care facilities can leverage the queue display to show the related healthcare details.

Status Checking and Queue Notifications 

The smart patient queue system notifies patients about the queue ticket numbers and upcoming appointments. In addition, as the system is totally web, the patients can take advantage of the mobile devices to know the status of the real-time queue.

Queue Data Analysis

The leading queue system allows for accessing real-time queue management analytics. It gives the data of daily patient numbers and average wait times to enhance the counter services.

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Things to Consider When Implementing a Queue Management System in Clinics

However, when installing automated systems such as queue management, there are several aspects to consider. When installing a coupon issuing terminal, you need to choose a place in the hall or lobby so that it can be seen by incoming visitors. The services on the terminal should not contain complex names and terminologies, a visitor who came without specific knowledge could immediately understand it. 

It is better to entrust the creation of such a menu with services to the customer’s specialists who work with visitors, or marketers, rather than specialists who implement the system. This is due to the fact that, because of specificity, IT engineers cannot “take the place” of a simple visitor. 

Monitoring Queue System

The easiest way to test the queue management software is to conduct a test involving future users of retirement age. 

If they have coped with the process of registering in the queue and receiving a ticket, then other visitors will also cope with this. Otherwise, you will have to put a special employee at the coupon issuing terminal.

The next point that must be taken into account is the even distribution of the queue among services, otherwise the negative reaction of customers cannot be avoided. Let’s say the patient is the first in the queue, but no one calls them, and visitors go through other services and receive service before them.  This irritates the customer and they get more anxious then.

In addition to this, we know that the queue system provides an opportunity for manipulation by both the employee and the client or patient. Employees manipulate the system to demonstrate higher performance to management. Visitors resort to manipulation to reduce the waiting time by taking several coupons at once. This can speed up the passage of the queue for such a service, by attracting additional employees, and increasing the waiting time for other services.

Optimization of Service Processes Through Queue Management

The presence of a queue management solution in the structure of the clinic is an indicator that shows your interest in the efficiency of its work. Pay attention to the issue of comfort and convenience of the patients.

Implementing queue management software will reduce business costs, not least of which is the queue. It gives rise to another problem and raises the question of how to optimize it and how to manage it. This problem is systemic in nature and it is impossible to determine one specific aspect of the cause of the queue in the clinic. Certainly, having fewer queues will serve more patients, which in turn translates into increased profits.

Making Clinic a Safer Place for all

Regardless of what one might believe, looking after the patient-first values and being the best medical service provider is not too tough. The best queue system is to enhance the walk-in experience.  

Leverage the data collected with the queue management system for the optimization of customer service and delight every patient. After the implementation of the powerful queue management system, you can experience an increase in the percentage of patients and their improvement in their satisfaction level.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If you have some queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below.

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