How to Improve Customer Service Experience of Hotels and Restaurants?

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Delivering the product in an exceptional way is promising. It improves incomes, boosts sales, generates income at your restaurant and higher customer satisfaction rate.

While serving in the service-based sector, it becomes important to offer exceptional customer service. Why? Because it is the core part of a successful, strong and positive image of your restaurant. With the right customer service, you can stand out in the competitive market and gain customer loyalty to your brand. 

But, if you are unable to receive the desired outcome from your hotel and restaurant business and your customer’s visiting rate is regularly declining, then, start working now.  To believe, from 10, there are 7 customers who prefer spending on the business that gives the best services. For a company having $1 billion of annual revenue, modest growth in customer experience produces an approximate revenue growth of $823 million in three years.

From these statistics or figures, it becomes evident to offer the best customer service. Want to know how? Then, read the article!

How we can Improve Customer Service in Restaurants and Hotels?

There are various techniques which you could follow. However, these have been the best-proven tricks to enhance the business sale:

1. Introduce Loyalty Points

A loyal customer is what every restaurant seeks. When you have loyal customers, then, there are fewer chances of them moving to your competitor. And, these are the perfect way to assure that loyalty.

An understanding of your customer’s mindset plays an elementary role in planning and executing your program. Indeed, it is in the interest of the customer’s taste and requirement. If the goal of your CRM System is exclusive to the mindset of earning money, in that case, it is not considered a loyalty program.

Loyalty cards in restaurants in singapore

CRM Software based loyalty program aims to guarantee long-term commitment to the clients. In the restaurant industry, a loyalty program is a reward that you offer to your frequent visitors.

Essentially it’s a marketing strategy that hotel chains (and sometimes independents) use to attract and retain guests by offering discounts and other privileges. There are few things to consider before launching the loyalty programs:

  • Keep Simple Point Redemption system
  • Implement Tiered Programs to reward initial loyalty
  • Structure non-monetary rewards
  • Upfront Fees can work for VIP Clients
  • Having a multipronged strategy to win back customers

2. Food Ordering App

Food ordering app

Diners have great different alternatives to going out to eat. So, do not let them choose others, make it easy for them to choose you. To expand your eatery’s business, offer online ordering. Practicing this, you can relax from regular phone calls and the gathered queues at your restaurant door. And, the visitors do not have to wait to get served.

The food ordering application enables your kitchen and staff to finish more requests in less time. Make it simple for them to book with your restaurant and amplify your deals by offering online orders.

Features you can choose from in the Food Ordering app:

  • Online slot reservation
  • Digital menu card
  • Ordering online and online delivery {fast food chains}
  • Location-based deals
  • Have an answer for every question (chatbot system)
  • Offers on the festive season
  • Online presence, on social media
  • Feedback System

By reacting to customers’ feedback or reviews, you can fabricate client connections. Moreover, positive guest feedback online can help to build your brand reputation. Hence, amplify the brand name locally and beyond.

Investing in a Restaurant (Point of Sale) POS Software framework. It allows the restaurant to ask guests for feedback at the time of checkout and give valuable details on their experience.

By implementing so, you can find out why visitors aren’t loving a particular menu item or what is extremely favorite of them. These reviews help you to make an analysis and get the easy way out to please them. All you have to do is send the email or the SMS from the software when they leave. It lets them quickly give their honest opinion. Also, the solution is notified in case there is a negative comment. Accordingly, you can reply back instantly and assure a good customer service experience.

3. Queue Management System 

The point when your stomach is grumbling and you are holding yourself long to eat. In that case, waiting time acts as the lengthier moment one could expect. In such a case, if the hotel doesn’t have a powerful queuing system, the chance to scare off customers increases and ultimately hampers the business’s success.

Restaurants are different to deal with clients, the main goal isn’t always to make a buy and leave. They need to sit, mingle, and eat — all while having a wonderful meeting among friends and family. However, in light of the fact that waiting is a part of eating out, it simply does not mean that impatient customers can be ignored.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that uncertainty sours the entire supper. A long holding up time can leave clients with a negative impression, regardless of whether the food was delicious.

Here, the Queue System helps! It notifies clients when it’s their turn to be served through an SMS or email. Doing so saves up the clients to occupy themselves, in the meantime, their table will be ready.

As the restaurant discovers and delivers accurate waiting times, now the clients know exactly to what extent they need to wait. They are not plugged into lounges along with others waiting to be served.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing works 100 times better in Hosting events within your restaurants or dictating the special cuisine to your customers. It is known to be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a business and improve the customer service experience.

As per the marketing statistics, email marketing remains a great method to connect with both existing and potential clients:

Email yields $42 on each $1 spent, that is, 4,200% ROI. However, making it the best option comparatively. 

Different advantages of email marketing for your restaurant include:

  • Creating brand awareness among new and existing clients. Thus, accelerating hotel sales by informing customers about the special discounts available.
  • Email advertising simplifies the promotional task for small or local restaurants.

Email Marketing

Concluding Remarks

In addition to the above-mentioned ways to enhance the customer experience at your hotel, you must emphasize on:

  • Have a fixed menu
  • Offer seasonal meals
  • Give superior staff training
  • Integrate easy payment methods
  • Maintain the cleanliness
  • Implement the recent software
  • Make the restaurants look appealing

Customers are your soul and blood, if you are failing to engage them, then you cannot survive in any business for long. So, value them and offer the best experience.

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