How HR Management Software Helps to Manage On-site Employees During Covid-19

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Posted by admin May 26, 2020


The sudden onset of COVID-19 has paused the overall world. It has disturbed businesses and human resources. 

The economy is going down by each passing day, almost all the organizations are into a loss. Though many have begun remote work, there are still many on-site employees who are working tirelessly to sustain business growth.

In this time, the mission of the companies is not to improve the growth rate, but to hold their position in the market. The main source behind any business management is HR managers. They are the whole and sole responsibility to manage the employees. 

Now, in this COVID-19 pandemic, the HR managers have to think out of the box to carry out the new working environment and at the same time, fulfilling all WHO guidelines. 

Because of the remote working, the face to face interaction is replaced with video conferencing and e-mails. Managing the difficult work in a difficult situation has become a challenge. 

The concern of HR managers does not end up in looking for the employees’ well-being and health, but they are also under pressure to deal with the paperwork and grant solace for millions of employees who are on leave or have been laid off.

For employees who are still working, HR managers are struggling hard to keep them motivated, productive, connected, and engaged. To streamline the HR manager’s work; or we can say, to give them a sigh of relief, the HR management software operates effectively. It drives the management goals of the new normal. Though, many businesses have adapted the HR management software to control the operational disruptions. In this tough phase, the management solution has come as a blessing for the HR managers.

What is Human Resource Management Software?

Human Resource Management Software

In this global crisis, the HR manager’s work has become more involved and complicated than ever. The job of HR goes into managing the employee’s details that are further used from recruiting and hiring to training, estimation, etc. The manpower and significance behind these tasks have made it tough for human resource managers to manage everything. Hence, they prefer to choose HR management software to gain more efficient results.

Human Resource Management Software is an integration of the processes and systems that links information technology and resource management from the HR software. It is beneficial in many tasks, such as, payroll management, candidate recruiting, succession planning, leave approval, career progression, performance reviews, attendance tracking, and employee maintenance information in the organization, etc.

The management solution assists small startups and large businesses to boost their productivity and growth rate. Find out below how this piece of software is helpful for your organization: 

  • It allows the employees to manage some of the general tasks, such as, filling in their personal information by themselves.
  • The software has built-in security, such as authentication measures which protect the company’s data and limits access to authorized employees only.
  • Several HR management software enables the employees to customize the workflow as per the organization’s needs and in the end, give the best user experience.
  • The business heads can set up automated reminders and emails from this software. It will help the recognition of the message to save managers time to track the responses.

Now, after grasping a quick brief about HR management software, let’s get back to our concern behind this article. We are here to give you those ideas on how Human resource management software could be helpful for the HR managers in the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out below:

7 Ways HR Software can Manage On-site Employees in COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 Outbreak

Safety-first: Human Resource Management Method

Now, at this time, it is important to look after the employee’s safety. For those businesses that have on-site employees should carry out a temperature screening test daily before letting them in the office. Notify all of the employees about the guidelines they need to follow while visiting office from the HR management software. You can send emails or personalized messages for the same. 

The HR managers should allow the employees to stay home if they are not feeling well and report back only when they are ok. Companies that provide essential lock-in services should deploy some staff on site. However, it should not allow you to reduce your focus on social distancing and lockdown.

Attract and Retain Employees Through HR Software Automation

Most of the top business leaders nowadays are more concerned about the ability of the employees they have hired. They are more curious to find out if the employees can fulfill and grow their business needs or not.

Even though a study has revealed that the top-level management bothers that lack of inefficient skills can affect the growth rate of their company. Generally, small businesses mostly rely on the best employees only, hence losing them can cause great damage to them.

Hiring talented employees is a difficult task, but there is much to do than this. The smaller businesses attract the employees to the most to improve productivity and to delight them with rewards to boost the retention rate. The HR management software can grow and give more value to all management processes even from the initial stage; that is from the recruitment to the final exit meeting.

The HR management software uses data analytics for the growth of the business needs. It finds out the employee’s requirement, enhances retention and recruitment, creates better compensation plans, and acknowledges the employee’s benefits. The software also includes the automation and best processes to improve the engagement, guide and cultivate talent, evaluate and manage employee performance.

Consistent & Efficient Communication is Crucial

There are many ways with which you can assure the safety of the employees- regular communication is one of them. In this outbreak, keeping the employee’s morale high is important. Most of the employees act differently according to their psychological traits. Therefore, HR departments have to acknowledge their matters and encourage them. 

Keeping clear and regular communication is the prime factor to achieve this. Most of the businesses are leveraging the HR management software to carry out this effectively and to the best. The solution has features that allow the HR managers to streamline their business operations in the best possible way. 

Attendance and Time Automation Keeps the Employee Cost in Check

In smaller businesses, it is an easy task to compute the employee hours and attendance from the paper timesheets. But, for larger businesses, it is not an easy job. As it is known that most of the employees are now working remotely on odd timings. Hence, in this unpredictable timings, relying on the attendance tracking and paper-based sheets has become less reliable.

The absence of tracking gives rise to abuse and fraud because the employees and arriving late and leaving early and assure that no one is noticing them. The cloud-based and automated Human resource management software assures your business growth, lessens administration, examines trends, enhances scheduling and accountability, and removes the compliance risks linked with the ineffectual timekeeping records. The software security feature protects against any manipulation and thefts. 

Now, you can keep the attendance and time records and assure the proper execution of work and rules. It lessens the scheduling conflicts, assures the proper staffing coverage, and therefore, improves the overall employee satisfaction rate.

Assure Equal Benefits to All Employees

COVID-19 has started a heavy toll on employees with unpleasant situations. It has influenced them physically, financially, and psychologically. Hence, it becomes important for the employees to alter and review the company’s guidelines accordingly. The aim is to assure that each employee has access to healthcare offerings and employee benefits. 

From the HR management software, the HR managers assure that those employees working from home have exceptional leave benefits. And, they can leverage the related benefits from the HR software itself.

Payroll and Tax Automation

Out of all, the major concern in the COVID-19 outbreak is how to pay the employees. For business owners, the payroll has to be timely, complete, and accurate. Delay or less payroll hurts the employee’s motivation, breaks their trust, and gives them some unlikeable financial stress. 

Because of the pandemic, the reporting and record-keeping have changed to a great level. There are changes in the state and federal wage and hour laws, with compensation to those who are sick and need time off. To cope-up with all that complexity, using the best HR management software is always worth it. 

The solution enhances the accuracy and gives you an insight into reporting and analytics, hence, boost the effectiveness. With automation of the significant tax and payroll, the businesses can remove the burden from their shoulders and seamlessly, can monitor the regularly updated compliance regulations.

Employee Feedback

Employees’ feedback always pays well. The positive feedback on the one hand encourages you and negative feedback on the other hand, allows you to improve you where you are lagging. 

In this crisis, get feedback from those employees who are coming regularly. Know from them if they need some changes in the workplace, what can work best to assure their safety from the HR management software. From one of the surveys handled recently, the employees have reported that the businesses are asking the HR managers to take the employee’s feedback in response to the pandemic. 

From the software, you can send collective emails and SMS to on-site employees to ask about their opinions. This is a good way to gain the employees; it lets them feel that you care for them and you need their feedback to assure safety.

Additional Information

Except for using the HR software advantages, there are other ways that the HR managers can support their employees in these tough timings. Here, our opinion is that you can divide your team to work on alternate days. Make a list of the employees and allot them particular days of the week.

Moreover, you can also please them with healthy snacks and food items. In these crucial timings, as a personnel management professional, you have to adopt every possible way to make the employees motivated and happy. Also, give extra care to the one who has less immunity, pregnant women, and elderly people.

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Wrapping Up

Right now, almost every businessperson is focussing their attention on executing the unstable government shut-down rules, changing customer behavior, and the economic uncertainty. 

To keep your game-on, there is a need to follow the best practices. No one has an idea till when the situation will remain the same. Sitting idle is not going to work for much time, the work has to carry on, the economy has to be maintained, etc. Hence, it is best to use technology to its best. 

The market has several ranges of tech-solutions that can make the job of the HR manager easier. Find out the best and powerful HR Management Software and get going. Streamline all of your management and operational tasks. By implementing the software strategically, you are not only improving the effectiveness but, also, making the employees more engaged.

In this article, we have mentioned how HR management software is beneficial for the HR managers to improve their work efficiency, also, for assuring safety. We, hope, this article is beneficial for you. Use the HR software now to gain the best results. 

Expectedly, this time flies soon and we can get back to our normal life. Till then, stay safe!! 

Thanks for reading!!

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