Comprehensive Guide on Virtual Queuing System: How and Why to Use?

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Now is the time to introduce the virtual queuing system to your business. Cause you might be losing customers because of the traditional queue system. And, it is the worst nightmare for many! Let the virtual queue management system spread its beauty and improve customers’ journeys.

The statistics reveal that the market for virtual queuing will touch US$ 436.00 million in 2028 as compared to US$ 287.37 million in 2021. Surprisingly, it is a percentile increase of 6.1% CAGR. These numbers are enough to open your eyes to use the queuing system. To make you more convinced, here, in this article we are answering the basic questions related to it.

What is a Virtual Queuing System?

Virtual queuing is a solution in which the customers are placed in the virtual queue or waiting line. They do not need to present physically to get assistance. Using this, the customers are not required to wait at the premises or any defined waiting spot. However, they can generate a mobile ticket, examine queue status in real-time, reduce in-person visits, and receive timely notifications. In all, it leads to improved staff productivity and boosts customers’ experience. 

How to Use the Virtual Queue Management System?

The virtual queuing solution leverages every element of the digital device and digital solution. The customer’s virtual queue has an identifier such as a printed ticket or is controlled via SMS, queuing application or mobile ticket. Usually, an identifier is provided when the customer arrives. Though, it can be given in advance when appointment booking. As you turn is safe; therefore there is no requirement to wait physically in line.

  • Customers join the line: Customers can either use the Self-service kiosk. Then, enter the details or scan the QR code implemented at the entrance of the premise.
  • After selecting the services, a mobile ticket is generated.
  • Customers can wait for a remotely-in car or can complete any of the pending work. Similarly, check their progress in line. 
  • They can check the updates in real-time and the estimated waiting time for their turn. 
  • When the turn is approachable, they receives a notification in the form of an SMS and they can reach on time.

What are the Key Features of the Virtual Queuing System?

The major elements responsible for the smooth functioning of the virtual queue system are:

  • Customer self-service
  • Customers will join themselves in the queue with the self-service kiosk or QR code. Therefore, the process becomes quick.

  • Required services
  • While signing in, the customers uses services they require and the employees defines the approximate time frame. 

  • Estimated waiting time
  • The system will examine the total number of customers in the queue and hence, define the waiting time. 

  • Digital signage
  • The screens installed within the premises display the progress from time to time. So, it gives an idea to the customers regarding the time they have to wait.

  • SMS reminder system
  • The virtual queue management system incorporates the SMS reminder system that notifies customers when the turn is approachable. In the meantime, they can roam around or complete their urgencies.

  • Multilingual interface
  • Mostly, the customer base is diverse. Therefore, allowing the customers to select the language. 

    When it is with the staff members, the virtual queuing system gives an enhanced manner to manage the resources and smooth the ways of customer interaction.

  • Centralized and multichannel dashboard
  • Accessing the virtual queuing solution from various devices is easy for the staff. It assures no interruption and a regular flow of services. 

  • Automated and Manual Customer assignment
  • The virtual queuing solutions give customer assignments both in manual and automated ways. But, usually, fully automated. It allows manual changes according to the services. For example; letting customers join the other queue that gives the best service according to their needs.

  • Easy Staff allocation
  • After finding out how many customers have signed up for different services, assigning staff accordingly becomes easy.

  • Personalized experience
  • The queuing system holds the capacity in sorting the customers considering their particular requirements. It helps in giving the best-personalized experience. Custom and label input fields help in categorizing the customers in a better way. 

  • Essential Reports and Analytics
  • The solution can monitor real-time information and essential data. It saves the insights related to the number of visitors, service time, waiting time, and many more. Certainly, with this information in hand, you can make valuable decisions for staff and business. 

    Why Is Using Virtual Queue Management System Necessary?

    No business would like the customers to wait to get served. However, they know it leads to a decline in customer satisfaction rate.  In actuality, the virtual queuing solutions boost the customer experience; it eliminates the frustration they face while waiting for their turn. It is not the only effect that businesses experience after implementing the queue management system. We are defining the others below:

    Decrease in waiting time

    One of the most important factors of customer dissatisfaction is irritating waiting time. The studies reveal that 73% of customers end up not purchasing if the waiting time is more than five minutes. Here, the online queue management system helps! It boosts the queue flow and overall process. Because of regular flow, there is a 50% reduction in waiting time; hence, lessening the queuing pressure. 

    Reduction in abandoned calls

    When the customers call for their queries, they usually face the issue of getting hold for a longer time. Though there might be reasons behind it, either it could be because of the distraction of the crowd or another related situation.  If the customers have to wait for long on the phone, then the chances are they will hang up because of frustration. Possibly, they will not prefer to call back further as well. Allowing a representative to contact them when they can talk allows them to do their work rather than just waiting in the queue. 

    Boosts customer satisfaction rate

    The value of a virtual queuing solution is increasing as it lets the customers feel that they are valuable. If you are solving their queries on time, serving them when they arrive, do not let them wait, ensuring the appointment booking process is seamless, then, they will not move to your competitors. Apparently, customers like to continue doing business with those companies that understand their needs and work accordingly. 

    Higher service quality

    It is only the waiting experience that paints a perception of the whole service interaction. Virtual queuing is beneficial for customers as it lets them monitor the status of the queue. Accordingly, that waiting time can be used in completing some valuable tasks. 

    Gain Staff satisfaction

    The Virtual Queuing System allows your staff members streamline their work. The intelligent staff allocation confirms that each of the staff members is at their designated place and is operating in the defined operation. The solution eliminates the manner of paperwork and traffic, and the employees can complete the useful work on desired time frame. With a  virtual queuing that looks after sign-ins, staff can devote their free time to providing satisfying customer experiences.

    Valuable reports and analytics

    Because most of the queuing solutions are cloud-based, hence, the customers’ data is saved. In addition, the system provides extensive reports and keeps track of KPIs.

    The collection of data helps you better measure your service status: average service and wait times, customer waiting times, individual employee performance, the customers in queues, etc.  

    Queuing system allows you to access the useful insights of customer service. In addition, it even lets you access data for every queue in every location. Individual reports according to evaluations permit you to make fast decisions in every branch included. 

    Boost revenue

    Reducing queuing costs is only one aspect of the queuing system. The other increases revenues. When you are allowing customers to spend time more intelligently, then, it is their wish to complete it. Thus, by providing them back their valuable time, you have a wider possibility to upsell and cross-sell to your visitors. It is a great but, overlooked advantage of the virtual queue management system.

    Which Industries can Benefit from Virtual Queuing Solutions?

    There are several industries that leverage the benefits of virtual queuing solutions; some of them are:

    • Hospital Sector: This amazing system can be used by hospitals to complete every bit of the process; from registration to bill clearance, etc.
    • Banking Sector: Because this queue solution can be used by banks as well. Therefore, they can complete the processes in less time. Additionally, the staff member can also solve the customer’s queries efficiently without any delay. 
    • Education Institutes: When the virtual queuing system implements in the educational sector, then, it could be used in several operations or services. Easy Student interaction, registration, inquiries, etc. are some of them. 
    • F&B Sector: Boost organization productivity, less customer waiting time and eliminating operational costs are some of the consequences of implementing the F&B Queue System.
    • Immigration Sector: Using the solution, the immigration sector can benefit in many ways. Passport renewals, passport collection, document submission, appointment booking, etc. issues are now seamless.
    • Retail Sector: From the retail queue system, you can experience the smooth functioning of your store. It gives simple yet powerful services and assists customers in placing their orders fast. 
    Concluding Remarks

    Incorporating a virtual queuing solution is one of the best ways to boost customer satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency, and fulfill customers’ expectations. Of course, this leads to brand loyalty and undoubtedly, a positive effect on business. 

    If you want to try the virtual queuing system, then, contact Awebstar! We will give you one of the best solutions considering your business needs, however, decreasing customers’ waiting time. Our queue management system includes the features that let you manage appointment bookings, customer data, their waiting time, etc. Approach us to get a quote!

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