Common Queue Management System Myths- Are they true?

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Common Queue Management System Myths

“Myths which are believed in tend to become true” —  George Orwell

The above quote simply portrays one thing- that when you start believing in myths they often become reality. The same is true when it comes to choosing the technology-oriented software for your business. You must come across the term “Queue Management System” many times. There are big giants in this world using it. Also, the statistics imply that its market share will grow in the coming years. The estimation says that it will touch US$ 436.00 million by 2028 which is US$ 287.37 million by 2021. Certainly, there is an increase in CAGR growth of 6.1%.  

Although, these figures are enough to compel and assure about queuing solution effectiveness and reliability. But, even then, there are many who are revolving around the myths and do not consider it a valuable system to add to their business. Hence, to untangle their confusion, here in this article, we are revealing those and confirming the actual facts. Check out!

8 Myths About Digital Queue Management System

Myth 1# Less Busy Days Implies Less Waiting Time

It is not evident that everyday businesses will face long queues and never-ending tasks. However, there are days that are slower and have less work. Yes, we cannot predict the customer’s volume and the waiting time that comes by. This is particularly true for the slower days. 

Imagine a situation when there are five to six people in a queue and there is only one employee to serve them. Then, approximately, ten minutes are enough to attend to the customers; which is almost a half-hour before serving the last one. In such scenarios, if the businesses choose to use a digital queuing system, then they can let their customers wait considering their terms. They do not need to be present in the queue, wait and get services. However, from the appointment management system, they will get regular updates or notifications for the time or the status of the queue; assuring a better customer experience. 

However, the data says that the long queue waiting time on Sundays is 13.5 minutes. It is more than Mondays which noticeably is 12.4 minutes. Though there are fewer who complete bank related tasks on Sundays, despite that,  they have to wait for more. This is because of the unavailability of the staff members on Sunday. 

Myth 2# Digital Queue Management is not Secure


Still, there are those who believe that the queue solution does not confirm security. We do not agree with it and deny any truth behind this myth!

The SaaS-based queue management system is excellent and assures security within premises. Even, the studies define that it is the prime necessity for protecting company data.

After its installation, information of customers or employees gets saved in the cloud-based queuing solution. Indeed, it is a more valuable approach than handling the data manually. 

Myth 3# Small Enterprises cannot use the Queue Management Solutions

No, the queue management system is not only for medium and larger companies. But, the small business can use it the best and leverage all of its benefits. Most of the queuing systems have the features for small businesses to handle at least basic operations

Considerably, it is not a luxury, but a requirement with the sole purpose to eliminate waiting lines, improve customer experience, easy staff management, and easy handling of administrative operations. 

Myth 4# Queue Management Solution does not Lessen Service Time

The next myth is it does not matter if the customer is waiting for their turn physically or virtually, the time taken to serve will be the same. To disapprove this myth, we underline the statistics explaining that Digital Signs lessen the customer waiting time by 35%. In all, the virtual solution improves the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction level by completing the services in the suitable waiting time.  Below are some perks of choosing the smart solution:

Enabling the staff members to prioritize giving the best services than thinking about handling long queues. 

The data is updated and saved at the right time before customers’ appointments. Hence, offering staff the full data in their hand to give the best services.  In addition, the customers are not irritated, but are cooperative and focused.  

Overall, less waiting time comes with many advantages. Now, the customers do not need to wait for more to complete their service, confirming higher satisfaction and therefore, business growth.

Myth 5# More Staff Members-> Quick Service

At first, it seems like a mathematical equation.  When there are two servers serving twenty customers then, how much time four servers will take to serve 40 customers? 2X servers, 20X the speed!

We would like to say that mathematics is not easy in any case. Yes, you can improve the server’s effectiveness by devoting several resources. But, remember that the resources allocates to various service parts. Like, if you will add one grocery bag at every cashier counter, then, it can enhance the customer’s flow. However, when there will be two or more bags and one counter, the speed will decrease. 

Here, the self-check-in kiosks and scanners from queue management software are of great help! These let the customers pass through the system faster, resulting in a faster check for everyone. The solution segments the various services into particular lines. Hence, reducing the load on the staff members. 

Myth 6# Customers Enjoy Long Queues 

Really! Who enjoys waiting? When in any office or eatery place, standing in long queues for more time irritates and annoys customers. Several agree that increasing the customer’s queuing experience soothes the problems. Managing queues is not a breeze. How do you think you can boost the customer’s satisfaction rate?  

Of course, you can occupy the customers. Asking them to check the menu, give them complimentary service, offer them snacks, let them sit, and let them taste the food sample to please them. Truth to be told, these efforts will confirm to customers that their services have begun. 

Have you ever thought it is a waste of effort and cost? So give them the best dining experience by including a smart queuing solution. The customers are there not to be in the queue but to eat. 

Myth 7# If the Digital Queuing System is not Lessening Waiting Time then it is Worthless

Occasionally, the unexpected frustration of customers will be so devastating that the queue management system will not provide the efficiency you are expected to. However, the case would be such that you do not have much staff that can complete the task. Collectively, it results in more waiting and the customers cannot be served at the right time.

At that point in time, there are chances that you can think if the queuing solution is worth the investment or not. As it has not given the experience you expected. Releasing the visitor from the waiting room or physical queue delivers an additional advantage that is usually ignored- the perceived waiting time. It gets reduced even when ideal waiting times are not.

There are studies that confirm that time easily passes when there are fun activities. Let the customer get out of the line and have some entertaining activity. At least, those crowded and long queues will not upset them and they can wait to get their services completed.

Myth 8# Queue Management Solution for Public and Healthcare Sector Only

It is not difficult to understand why health care and retail have waiting lines. For the staff, it is only about profitability and efficiency, but for the customer or patient, it is a case of life and death. But, the question here is why many consider that the queuing solution is only for them, not for others?

Yes, the government sector does not deal with customers and does not have any benchmarks for customer services. But, they need to improve their productivity as well.   

Giving services to customers in less time is a major role for any industry or sector. The results are – fewer customer complaints, reduction in operation costs, etc. Fast food restaurants,  post offices, passport centres or banks must complete their tasks instantly. And, when it comes to delivering quick service then a queue management system is the right choice. 

Concluding Remarks

Believing in myths is not a wise choice. Try the queue management solution by yourself and gain experience! 

Do you believe in other myths than these? If so, then, contact Awebstar, we will debunk those myths! We have a queue management solution for handling the customer queues effectively. With easy Kiosk, digital signage, notification system, etc. our software is there at your disposal. 

Sign up, request a demo and find out how our queuing solution could be a better addition for business.

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