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Posted by admin May 21, 2015


Html5 has been designed specifically to help standardize various multimedia formats so that they can be understood consistently by browsers. It makes it easy for a person to include interactive multimedia elements within the website without the need for external plugins like Flash. It is best to understand html5 seo soon as HTML5 can be described as an evolving process with various new features that will be added over the coming months or even years. If you are wondering what HTML5 can offer, here are some of what you can get from it:

  • It brings in several improvements in terms of user experience and usability.
  • It has several new tags that developers can use to classify important content.
  • It is awesome for sites that are rich in video and audio.
  • It is a great alternative to Silverlight and Flash.
  • It is SEO friendly when it comes to indexing and website crawling.
  • It is going to be heavily used for games and mobile apps.

Some of the changes that will affect html5  SEO and those that SEO experts should be aware of as it will affect their work include:

Enhanced Page Segmentation

As the years go by, search engines are evolving to become smarter and there are numerous reasons why you should believe that they are also applying page segmentation. Generally, page segmentation implies that a page is divided into various sections i.e. main content, headers, menus, footers, sections and links among many others. These parts are normally treated as separate entries. Currently, Webmaster does not have a way to tell the search engines how they can segment pages but this can happen with HTML 5.

New <article> Tag

From an SEO point of view, this is probably one of the best features that have been added to HTML5. When used for html5 seo, the <article> tag normally allows users to mark various separate entries in an online publication like a magazine or blog. It is expected that when the articles are marked using <article> tag, it makes the HTML code cleaner as it normally reduces the need to utilize <div> tags. This could also imply that the search engines will add more weight to the text inside the <article> tag when compared with the contents that are found on the other parts of the page.

New <section> Tag

With the newly introduced <section> tag, it can be used to identify divide various sections on the chapter, page and book. The main advantage of this is that each of the sections can have its own HTML heading. When you take the <article> tag into consideration, it is safe to presume that the search engines will tend to pay close attention to the contents that appear in separate sections. For example, if words of a certain search string are found in a single section it implies that there is a higher relevance when compared to when all the words that are found across the entire page or in the separate sections.

New <header> Tag

This <header> tag is something that SEO experts will love. Keep in mind that it is different from head element. This gives users a lot of flexibility. It is quite similar to <H1> tag but this one is able to contain very many things such as h1, h2 &h3 elements, whole paragraphs that feature text, hard-coded links and other information that you feel may be appropriate to include.

New <footer> Tag

Although it may not be as important as the <header tag> it still comes in handy for html5 seo as it allows the inclusion of important information that can be used for SEO purposes. The <footer> and <header> tags can be used as many times as you wish on as single page. This means that you can have separate header/footer for the sections something that gives you great credibility.

New <nav> Tag

For html5 seo, many people will agree that navigation is one of the most important factors that SEO takes into consideration. SEO experts are happy with anything that can help to make navigation a little bit easier. With this type of tag, users can be able to identify a collection of links that feature on other pages that can help them benefit from a good link strategy that will help make the website successful.

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