How QR Code Food Ordering System Helpful for Restaurant

How QR Code Food Ordering Helpful

The one trend, whose demands have been increasing continually are QR codes. There are many reasons behind their popularity- but, the effective one is that they are not only easy to use and provide more benefits but, also, they are supplying a touch-free experience. 

Nowadays, businesses redouble their efforts to ensure that their customers have a unique experience. They have to be smart enough to retain their existing customers, attract new ones, instructing them about their services or products, and making attempts to make them interested in delivering suitable deals available in the store. Here, their strategy relies on QR codes, which are an easy way to give shoppers a smooth experience.

QR code is something that many entrepreneurs and business owners should be aware of it. If you own a restaurant and you need the best way to increase the footfall and assure a better guest experience, then, QR Code is the word for you!! Allow this contactless ordering process to transition from takeaway to outdoor dining. 

The QR Code food ordering system holds the capacity to make your restaurant tech-savvy, modern and quick. It is analyzed by the restaurant business that the QR code all of the sudden has become the need of an hour. These codes can easily solve the labour crunch and require less waitstaff.

Why is the QR Code Food Ordering System Helpful for Restaurants?

Why is the QR Code Food Ordering System Helpful

More people have started using scan QR codes as it reduces human interactions and can be accessed easily. The QR Code Based Food Ordering System offers immense benefits these days in the restaurants. Know-how below:

QR Code Mobile Ordering System

The first and foremost is that it is easily accessible. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can scan the QR code effortlessly. For the new models, this can get executed automatically with the camera. In many cases, it can be read with the third-party app as well. 

As they evolve with the mobile-optimized content, so, the QR codes are the best partner for the digital platform with mobile. The restaurant industry can leverage this fact and promote the food ordering system in an easy and safe manner.

Real-time Reporting

The restaurant owners can now create real-time reports to know the best selling dishes, peak time, daily sales and more in their restaurants. The best thing is that they can access this information anytime and from anywhere.  And, can remain at the top of the game.

Contactless Food Services

You can provide contactless services to valued customers and give them the confidence to eat out. The way of eating out has changed, and your customers pay more attention to hygiene and safety. They prefer to avoid getting in contact with the virus or infection. Offering contactless service is a practice to reveal special gestures to your customers & employee protection.

Reduce Overheads

A Contactless scan QR code assists in lessening the repetitive cost of printing paper menus. The paper menus are the source of spreading any sort of infection. With the QR Table Ordering For F&B Merchants, the percentage in order can be improved and the staff labour can be reduced. The staff cost also gets saved. 

Delivers a Rich User Experience

Every business owner tends to offer the best and comfortable customer experience. And for that, they think of new methods which are indeed, difficult. By leveraging Restaurant Contactless Ordering menus, like, QR code menus, you can assure a rich user experience and safety at the same time. The interactive landing pages on the QR code menus are here to offer a unique yet pleasant ordering system.

Improve Customer Loyalty

When your ordinary customer knows that you have taken many precautions to protect customers. It will gain the trust of customers, and they will feel special for the safety measures you are following because everything you do for safety is not just for increasing your sales, customer safety is also important. In this time period, we cannot compromise on the employee and customer’s safety.

Benefit of Adopting Early

While checking the competition, you must have noticed that every restaurant is adopting the essential ways to offer contactless service to potential customers. Due to the recent pandemic crisis, everything has changed. People want to improve the way they use services in their restaurants. They are satisfied with these changes and constantly developing into an all food ordering system. Adopting the variations in the right time will make customers more satisfied and they will prefer to visit you again.

More Profitable

If you will consider the scan Restaurant Contactless Ordering system for the restaurant then, there you do not need to experience the recurring changes to use the third party aggregators. It is just a one-time investment which is less by means of features. The spendings can be received back in some months of its usage or might be in the first month itself.

Prepare for the Digital Future

Improving the online presence in the restaurant business can immediately help. It is estimated that online food delivery is expected to improve at an approximate rate of 7%. When you have the online ordering system setup, then, it is the additional revenue stream for the restaurant that can be promoted via QR codes. 

Quickens Order Waiting Time

Customers who are generally busy and have little time to wait in the restaurant can visit your restaurant and experience the restaurant’s dining ambiance. By using the QR code menus, the time you spend waiting for an order reduces and speeds up the order waiting time.

How QR Code Food Ordering System Works

QR Table Ordering systems are in for a long now and are preferred by most of the restaurants. They are the substitute to the cardboard and paperback menus and assures quick and safe ordering. Implementing it in your restaurant is not a complicated task. Make the dining experience best for your customers and follow the below steps:

How Restaurants Use Food Ordering System QR Codes

How Restaurants Use Food Ordering System QR Codes

Performing the QR based ordering system in the restaurant is not rocket science. There are simple steps to be followed in operating the QR code menu, check out below: 

Step 1

Know where you require customers to go online- generally, to the digital menu.

Step 2

Create a QR code. Usually, you can execute right in your design program.

Step 3

Put the code into a section to be printed as you would the other graphic.

Step 4

Repeat for the various marketing pieces as you want. There is no technological restriction.

Step 5

Even place the code linking to the digital menu in the printed menu. Or, a code that connects to the daily specials page.

Step 6

Place the marketing pieces in the windows, on tabletops, doorways, and curbside. 

How Customers Use Food Ordering System QR Codes in Restaurants

How Customers Use Food Ordering System

As we have mentioned above that the smartphones have in-built QR codes with a camera, hence there is no special application to install the same. It makes it easy for the customers to access it with the below steps:

Step 1

Place QR code menus at ordering stations or on tabletops from where the customers can scan the QR code seamlessly from the mobile phone.   

Step 2 

After completing the process of scanning the QR code menu, the customers can check the food menu online without any contact with anyone and without downloading the application.

Step 3

Now, the customers can place the order from the digital menu. and the kitchen order ticket gets printed. Later, food preparation starts.

Step 4

The payment can be done either by cash at the counter, or at the tablet or from the mobile responsive web ordering system 

Most Beneficial Ways to Display QR Code Ordering System in Restaurant

Most Beneficial Ways to Display QR Code Ordering System

After uploading the menu and creating the food ordering QR code, you will have to post it on the restaurant. Below are some of the best ways to place the QR code where the customers can seamlessly check and scan it:


Provide the customer with the option of scrolling the digital version of the menu on the smartphone.

Table Tents

You can place the QR code with a free-standing desk account in front of the customers.

Tabletop Inserts

Slide the insert in the holder and initiate the scanning process.


The efficient and cheap means to post the QR codes on the walls and windows.


Spread the menu on the tows with flyers featuring the QR codes.

Sandwich Boards

Allows the passerby to scan the QR code by free-standing sidewalk signage. 

Stickers & Labels

Change the surface to an opportunity to show the QR code.

Rack Cards

Allow the promos show with QR codes on the rack cards.

Business Cards

When you associate with a business card, you can stand out so that customers can easily find you.

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Concluding Remarks

Use a scan QR code contactless online ordering system to increase restaurant business sales now. It, totally, has changed the way of accessing the information, and the recent statistics have vouched for that.

If you have not implemented it till now, then, it is never too late to start!!

Hopefully, you have grasped what we meant to deliver to you!! If you have some queries or suggestions then, you can share it with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!