On-Demand Service Apps: A Perfect Solution for Your Business

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Living in the era of digitization, every business is trying hard to survive!!

With the changing world, the demands of customers are also changing. And, making them engaging has become a complicated task. But, when the smooth path establishes among you and your clients, then, inevitably, the graph of growth stimulates regularly. The one thing which is consistently getting into the nerves of everyone is the on-demand service app.

For on-demand businesses, it has become the lifeblood. These apps connect the clients with the companies directly and, therefore, eliminates stress and improves the satisfaction rate. 

What we meant is that these apps have the capacity to adopt mobility potential and improve your business value. Opting this best practice in your business strategy will grow your brand value. 

In that fashion, how to make the clients book their services in just a click? Also, what is really on the move? 

With on-demand mobile apps, it is possible to grow the business very effectively. In addition, it lets you give exceptional services with satisfying client experience. 

What is an On-Demand Service App?

What is an On Demand App

The on-demand service application is the medium between you and your client. It binds the user-generated demand with mobile devices in one place. It is the feature and facility of the computer services that enable the users to get and utilize the required or emergency services whenever needed. 

Like, Grab’s food delivery for food delivery, Grab Taxi for cabs and Airbnb for hotels, etc. are some of its instances.

This solution permits the users to secure the services with a surety to deliver in a few minutes.

Saying that – it gives solutions for every small and big issue is appropriate. Nowadays, on-demand apps have made their presence noticed in many industries. Food delivery, healthcare, taxi, beauty, cargo delivery, education, and food sector are some of them. Getting everything done in some clicks is possible with these apps.

Generally, the on-demand service app establishes the connection of clients with many service providers. Yes, the platforms charge fees for the same. Besides, both pay more money to spend more time searching for the right client or service provider.

Consequently, the on-demand apps are giving convenience and faster results and, in return, are getting profitable results.

Amazing Statistics – On-Demand Service App

From the Harvard Business Reports, it is evident that the on-demand economy, in less time, has shown tremendous results. This solution is bringing more than 22.4 billion clients yearly by paying approximately $57.6 billion. 

Of all, there are 49%, who are Millennials and, 30% are the clients in the age group of 35 and 54. After examining these figures, expecting more growth in the same industry is assured.

Check out some more interesting on-demand app statistics below:

    • Approximately, there are 22.4 billion clients that are connecting with the on-demand apps. 
    • 2019 has experienced revenue of 32.9 billion USD in the on-demand video industry. 
    • Whereas, the revenue of the on-demand food delivery industry is 20 Billion USD in 2019.
    • Comparatively, higher revenue was obtained in China in 2019. It is approximately 40 Billion USD.
    • Prediction is that the yearly growth rate of the on-demand app would be 6% in the coming three years. That will bring 25 billion USD till 2023.
    • To fulfill the demands of the clients, the on-demand app service providers should consider the prognostications below:
    • On-demand apps will enable the sellers to communicate directly with the clients. There would not be any mediocre and any platform that usually asks some percentage of money as commission for the transactions. 
    • More personalization is expected from the on-demand service apps.
    • It will definitely grow more demands for services and products online.
    • On-demand apps will be supporting the millennials for monetizing their time, assets, and skills.
    • On-demand apps will support the service provider to fulfills the requirements promptly anytime and from anywhere.

Fundamental Features for On-Demand Application Features for On-demand Application


The notifications in the form of messages and emails sent to the clients whenever required. It works as one of the best marketing tools to increase customer volume and to generate more sales. As a useful characteristic in the apps, this feature notifies the clients regarding the completed payments, requests, discounts and order updates, etc. 

These are performed via the Apple Push Notification Service (iOS) or Google Cloud Messaging (Android). 

The text messages work best when the providers/customers are out of range or when the phone goes offline. On an all, it can be said that the notifications are by far the suitable way of reminding and updating. 

Easy Tracking 

The other key feature that these on-demand apps amalgamate is Tracking. It authorizes the clients to know the status of their order by tracking it live (live progress of the order). The future benefit is that it gains the client’s loyalty and assures 100% satisfaction. 

Activity List and Wishlist

Everyone wants to give the best experience to their clients, so, in this case. If you require your clients to experience your app to their best, then this feature can aid you. It displays the orders, search results, and suitable data to the clients.

** Wishlist feature occurs when the clients like some items, but does not want to purchase. The case might become different when the item goes out of stock. Hence, when the clients notice this feature in the app, they include the product or item to the wishlist.  And, when the product appears back in the stock, a notification is sent to them. Accordingly, they can buy directly from the wishlist**. 

Payment Gateway 

We are living in a world of mobile. It has a vital role in making the experience seamless. When it is about making payments, mobile is integral in use. The possibility of converting the on-demand more useful and acceptable relies on distinct payment options. 

It is like making more efforts towards the loyal clients and cashless world. Several payment integration options are responsible for a strong client base. Those businesses that have just started should concentrate on making the custom state-of-art app. It is important to encourage the business to success faster. 

Feedback System

The on-demand applications also depend dramatically on the client’s feedback and testimonials. Allow your clients (existing and new) to give a review of the services they have experienced. This way, you will get to know where you are lagging. Accordingly, business strategies can be changed and more loyalty and satisfaction become guaranteed. Also, this practice is vital in improving your app quality.

Booking Cancellation/Rescheduling

These applications enable the clients to reschedule or cancel their booking whenever they feel like it. The reason could be any. Therefore, the other client can book with you, and there will be no-shows. 

Support and Maintenance

Clients might have queries. Let them approach you in case of any issues with the on-demand apps. Provide them support and improve their experience. 

Types of On-Demand Apps

Types of On-Demand AppsTill now, it is apparent that on-demand apps are applicable in many spheres. From small, medium, and large businesses, it is covering all. It is showing its presence almost everywhere and is taking care of every little thing.

Let’s find out below its types or the industries it is reflecting in. 

Taxi Services

The transportation industry is getting a lot of profits from on-demand apps. Indeed, the big players, such as Uber and Lyft, have made the competition tougher. Nowadays, these apps are allowing the clients to book merely in some minutes. What the client has to do is to secure the destination and wait for the cab to reach. 

The driver, on the other side, gets the ride request, and after completing the current ride, they pick the passengers. On-demand taxi apps provide such impeccable features to the world, but, the significant ones are:

  • GPS and map navigation to assist the clients in getting nearby cabs.
  • Comprehensive communication among the drivers and the passengers.
  • Reviews and ratings (Advanced feedback system)
  • Examples; Grab, Gojek, ComfortDelGro, iCabSG, etc.

Food Delivery

From the on-demand food-delivery app, one can order from the close-by- eaters after reviewing their menus. Right after placing the order, the restaurants begin making the food and notifies when it gets ready. Also, when the order reaches nearby the location, the app reports. And, hence, delivers to the exact location.

Examples; Deliveroo, GrabFood, Burpple, Chope, Honestbee, etc.

Household Tasks

From any repairing to house cleaning, or any other house-hold tasks, the on-demand mobile apps integrate everything. It is the perfect manner to get the chores done in some time only.

For instance, when there is a leakage in the water tank at your home, then from the mobile app, you can request to get it to fix. The nearby plumbers will reach your place in some time and assures full-satisfaction. Similarly, anything related to home appliances or carpentry problems can be fixed. 

Examples; Helpling, Proper Hands, Agent Bong, Glorgo, etc.

Flowers & Gifts Delivery

Getting astonishing about how the on-demand apps are embracing every sector!! So, do we!! 

Here again, these apps have incorporated some of the flowers and gift delivery services. Nowadays, delivering flowers and gifts is the trend to gain customers and to enter the competitive market. The on-demand flower & gift delivery apps are attracting the clients in the following manner:

  • It gives the extensive choice of accessible products
  • It enables the client to choose the suitable delivery time and date
  • Door-step deliveries
  • Examples: Ferns & Petals, Giftagram, Floweraura

Healthcare Industry

These service apps let the doctors connect with patients in no-time. The patient can communicate with the physicians whenever assistance is required. Like, a regular visit, the physician’s advice. 

Yes, it is known that these apps do not handle severe diseases. Also, patients cannot get adequate examination or testing. But, with a suggestion, some mishappenings can be avoided. 

Examples; ConnectedHealth, ScolioTrack, Healint, DocDoc, Zestora, etc.

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Benefits of On-Demand Service AppsBenefits of On-demand Service Apps

Address the Requirements of Every Size Business

The best part about the on-demand application is that it holds the ability to benefit every size business despite size and scale. The other surprising thing is that the businesses do not require to be established to get the benefits. The small to large businesses can get benefits from the user-friendly and fully-featured on-demand mobile app.

Additionally, the most significant benefit is that businesses can attain a considerable amount of users for business promotion. For leveraging the localization advantages, you can use the customized app. Later, modify it according to your requirements.

Meets Expectations

The other benefit is that these apps can fulfill the demands and expectations of users effortlessly. On-demand services automate the business process seamlessly by keeping the client’s convenience in mind. 

Like, it makes it probable to adhere to the requirements on the same day delivery from the app. Keeping the process manageable, assures your business to get potential clients. 

Besides, this solution also promises to meet the expectation in the future as well. For any customization and modification, you can hire the app developer to keeping the user expectations and market trends intact.

Administers Competing Edge

By using the on-demand apps, you can convert your services to be more appealing and user-friendly. Accordingly, you can grow your client base and improve the business exceeding the boundaries. Hence, your rivals who have not started using the apps will sluggish, and you can, therefore, expand your reach.

It is known that this solution is approaching more Millenials and youngsters. The Millenials are the primary one that uses more of on-demand products and services. 

In the same way, youngsters are a significant resource for reaching the on-demand services orders. Here, we can conclude that a massive amount of youngsters can drive your business to an extensive level by using on-demand apps. 

Security and Scalability 

Scaling the on-demand apps according to the user demands is possible with on-demand apps. For instance, with the online payment system, the restaurant owners do not let the clients wait in queues and assists them without wasting their time. This system guarantees a safe and secure payment with an improvement in scalability.

As the demands of clients change, so, using the on-demand apps becomes a need. Compared to the existing business models that have a combined network of software and hardware inputs, these apps include the changing marketing conditions. It gets itself adjusted in the changing market demands, accesses new services and products, and achieves a competing edge. 

Unlock New Marketing Opportunities 

Opportunities are vital in any business, and when there is an app that can give you so, then why not adopt?

While addressing the clients in a satisfied manner, you get their information such as email, phone number, address, preferences, interests, etc. This information can be used in many ways:

  • You can enhance your business practices with the user data after analyzing it.
  • Invite the audience for the forthcoming services or offer them discounts on the existing one.
  • Email marketing can be practiced from their email ids to sell the products.
  • Let the aura of personalization remain for the long and engage the clients.
  • Give them personalized support and communicate directly with them.
  • Grow your business branding and create long-lasting relationships with the clients
  • Improve the client retention and conversion rate

Best for Every Business Enterprise

Another benefit is that every other company can get benefit from these top-rated on-demand mobile apps. That is why it has made its approach noted. The business firms (any size, sector, or scale) can customize the service apps as per their demands. Whether your business is well-established or not, you do not need to fret about getting the benefits from the on-demand service apps. 

Also, those who have just started their business can get a similar type of advantage, just like large-scaled businesses. These are customer-oriented and fully-featured and do not fails to impress the customers. 

Accordingly, these help in establishing a broader customer base to help you to increase the financial prospects in the future. After the customization of these apps, you can operate it from any location and boost your business productivity.

Attract the Investors

Several start-ups require investors for financial support to make a smart and quick expansion. Ultimately, these types of businesses grow and give exceptional returns to investors. Though, to gain the investors’ trust and to make them assure that you are inspired by the investment prospects, making apps can give tremendous results.

Saying that- by spending in the web designing and development in the on-demand service apps, you can engage the investors with a keen interest in perceiving their business prosper and grow. With a robust business plan incorporating an on-demand app, you can attract the investors for your financial help only.

Employee Satisfaction and Efficiency 

Holding the professionals and experts or the enterprise for your job, you can get the aspired ROI for your business. It highly depends on the usability, project management processes and user-friendliness of the custom-built features.

While spending in the entire business application, you are more inclined towards improving business productivity and limiting the issues that the employees are regularly facing. Hence, you can do your business to succeed at the next level with on-demand service apps. 

Choosing the Desired Provider Becomes Easy

The on-demand service apps allow customers to choose the same provider for their future services. These apps add the previous service providers automatically on the list after they made a purchase. It is very helpful in getting the details of all the providers in just a click. 

The customers will opt for the same provider only when they got satisfied with their services and all. These apps notify the service provider whenever the customer chooses them for the next project.

Extremely Economical

Because there are several apps and they differentiate with the type of industry they are dealing with and the features they incorporate. Hence, their prices differentiate. And it enables the customers to choose the one app that fits in their budget. 

According to the customer’s point of view, on-demand apps provide several promotions, discounts, and offers regularly. On the other hand, the business can also preserve their money with the on-demand apps as they do not have to invest in vehicles, a full-time courier for delivering the logistics of the product significantly. 

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Your Verdict

On-demand service apps are proliferating. These are convenient that almost everyone is after using it. So, if you have an urge to gain more customer volume, then integrate it into your business and offer competent services.

Undoubtedly, these are here to stay for long!!

Hope you liked this article. But, if you still have doubts regarding the same, then you can contact us!!

Thanks for reading!!

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