How to Create Feature Rich On-Demand Grocery App

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Our lives are fully facilitated by technology. Gratitude for it!!

Now, everyone is capable of doing many things at once- everything is just a tap away!!

Recently, smartphones are those carriers that serve us the required services at the door. Even though we are not magicians – we are only leveraging the on-demand apps. Do you know what exactly these apps are? 

On-demand apps are the service apps that act as the medium between the providers and the customers for different services. Rather than, sparing the effort and time for getting the required services, they prefer to pay some amount for convenient and faster procedures and solve the minor and major everyday problems. 

Feature Rich On-Demand Grocery App

The on-demand app has made its base in every sector- healthcare, food delivery, education, beauty, etc are some of them. So,  all these sectors are earning a good sum of amount in return. 

It totally is eliminating the idea of standing in queues for long to get served and to pay. That is why we all prefer to shop grocery online. Hence, what else one could want?? Why not buy groceries online? 

This much convenience in our daily chaos is a delight to us. We assure you that the future of this market is going to shine and will generate a striking revenue. Undoubtedly, its market is huge; so, developing the grocery app is a beneficial deal. 

And, if you insist on making an on-demand grocery app for your business to offer an exceptional experience to the users then you are on the right page. 

The grocery app enables you to have the best user experience and to improve sales. Here, we will unleash you about creating the grocery mobile on-demand app. 

Why Develop a Grocery Delivery On-Demand App – Know the Need

Grocery Delivery On-Demand App – Know the Need

In this world of mobile, everyone is so occupied that they do not have the time to buy groceries from the market, particularly, when the market is closed and when they are working. 

Therefore, there is a need for a cost-effective solution that can deliver the groceries to your door and therefore, there comes a need to get a grocery app. Indeed, it is the best sword to compete with a tough time. So, here, grocery apps came as the best solution for all. These are the best-in-class solutions with several benefits. 

Find out below the most decisive one:


Comprehensively, it eliminates the need to wander here and there to purchase the grocery. All you have to do is use your smartphone with the best internet speed and download the grocery app and purchase whatever you like. Assuredly, you will get all at your doorstep in less time.

Time Saver

The grocery apps save time to a large extent. Also, these apps are the best source to save your productive time. Even, it is one of those reasons to get the grocery app for your business.

Money Saver

These on-demand grocery apps are very much economical. Positively, these apps save your expenses and offer you several offers, discounts, rewards and loyalty points, etc.

Some other advantages of grocery apps are:

  • Easy and improved navigation
  • Rich in UCX and UI
  • Easy checkout process
  • Digital wallet
  • Order tracking option
  • Real-time order placement process
  • Production Categorization
  • Reliable payment gateways

So, you got convinced or not?? If yes, then build a grocery app for your grocery shop today. However, if you do not have any idea of getting it done, then keep reading, we will reveal to you the easiest way to create an app for you. Let’s get started!!

Process of Creating the On-Demand Grocery App

Process of Creating the On-demand Grocery App

Sign up/Registration Process

Obviously, it is complicated to manage the account details of every customer, so you must enable all to sign up before buying. Though, you can include the social media login process also, it makes them the process convenient and user-oriented. No user prefers to spend their time typing long emails and creating passwords.

Nevertheless, it is not essential to place the login page right while opening the app. Similar to other shopping websites, the users are likely to log in before making the checkout. In the same vein, you can also take assistance from the grocery app development company to know how it can be integrated.

Listing of All Stores

It is mandatory for you to list all of your stores in the apps in a clean and neat manner. Moreover, the logos could be used for every retailer rather than using the name list. This way, you can enhance the user experience. When your first order completes, you can display the stores as per the previously chosen scenario. Even, this option can be customized with the preferred button to check the favorite stores at first.

Better UI/UX

The users do not prefer to continue with those apps that are not according to their needs. And is complicated to comprehend. So, while creating the grocery app, you should design the UI/UX in the way that visitors find it easy to understand without many efforts.

After selecting the store, you should display the category with the subcategories of items such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, and beverages. So, this is how the game starts. If you have an excellent UI/UX, then you will experience the best shopping with more selling.

A smooth and error-free experience will not allow visitors to move to other similar apps.

It is very disappointing to see the pictures and items taking a lot of time to load. And, no user likes to experience that. Usually, the clumsy applications gain more chances of app uninstallation. Hence, it is better to pick that grocery app development company that holds years of experience in making an outstanding interface. 

Adding a search bar also engages more visitors as it saves their time and they can get the desired results in some seconds only. Additionally, it offers the suggestions of the related products while visitor searches.

Additional Details of the Products

In addition to showing all the details of the products, you can also include the additional details- like, the health benefits, nutritional values, and the reviews of the customers, etc.

The packaged food should be displayed with its shelf life. Give an option to provide the rating and reviews so that the customers can give their positive and negative reviews. From the negative reviews, you can get an idea about where you are lagging and improve accordingly. In addition to that, food recipes can also be integrated.

Delivery Choices

You should consider this as mandatory in your on-demand grocery app even if you do not have any proficiency in building an app. Mentioning the date and timings of delivering the products shows that you are concerned about the customer’s time and requirements. It is also evident that the customers might like to schedule the product deliveries as per the suitable timings for their convenience.

Integrate Coupons to Engage Customers

We all like to buy the products or items that provide additional benefits. And, giving the coupon codes is one of those leverages. It not only cheers the existing customers but also engages new ones to download your app to gain benefits. Paying less and getting extra is what all crave for. 

The new on-demand apps usually offer the first time free delivery or some percentage of discounts on some amount of orders. Enable all to get this benefit and improve the user experience.

Clear-cut Checkout Process

No one will purchase the products if your app has the complicated checkout process and is not error-free. With the professionals or experts, you can convert the payment process in an easy and simple way.

CCAvenue, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe and Authorize. Net are some of generally used. Assure that the service company you have chosen has fully acquainted with all this. For more assistance, you can allow the customers to pay as per their convenient and reliable payment gateways.

Offer Best Customer Service

Whether it is a startup or already established shop, you have to contribute 100% to give the best customer service. Do not let any of your customers abandon your services by neglecting their preferences and issues. 

Include your contact details, such as your phone number, email id, etc. Use the live chat option to remain available 24X7 and solve their queries. Make them satisfied and offer them quality services. Your efforts do not stop by building an app, fulfilling the customer needs is a must- it is an ongoing process.

Add the Tracking Option

After the shopper has picked up and ready to deliver the product, make it accessible for the customers to track their order. Add the “out for delivery” button and “track your order” so that the customers can know when you can reach their place. Obviously, it is possible with GPS integration. 

Chat Integration

When the order is placed, you may like to edit the item quantity and do not want it now. So, by integrating the chat option, you can inform the shopper regarding the same. And, can do the needful.

Types of Grocery On-Demand Mobile Apps

Types of Grocery Apps

Before creating the Grocery Delivery Mobile App for your business, you should know that there are several types of grocery apps out there in the market. Below are some common types, check out:

Aggregator Apps

These apps are those types that include all nearby grocery stores to one platform. The aggregator app enlists all of those stores to their apps and enables the customer to choose the one. They, therefore, save the required products and add them to the cart. After that, the customer moves to the checkout process and pays from the mentioned payment options. 

After getting confirmation from the grocery stores regarding the orders, the customers can track the order until it reaches them safely. In this app, the full accountability is with the store not, with the app creator.

Marketplace Apps

It is the same as the aggregator model. The difference only lies here is that it has the delivery persons who deliver the ordered products from the grocery store to the customer’s door with full responsibility. 

Single Store Apps

With the single store apps, the grocery stores get an app for their own store. The team manages all from updating the menu list, app maintenance, providing the deliveries to the customers, to getting the payments.

Grocery Chain Apps

It is seen that a large number of grocery chain apps work in similar ways as Walmart. Undoubtedly, these types of apps are known for providing the on-demand app solution. Somehow it has the same measures and features as the single store apps, particularly, at the micro-level operations.

Personalized Grocery Apps

Personalized Grocery Apps are particularly created for shoppers. However, it allows them to organize their shopping for groceries efficiently. The users can make the grocery list, fix the reminders and share the information related to the connections.

Must-Have Features in an On-Demand Grocery App

Features in an On-Demand Grocery App

Identification Measures

To know the customers thoroughly, it is desirable to mention the below details:

  • Social Registration (Sign-up/Sign-in)
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Forgot Password
  • Verification of email and contact number

Operational Measures

Give customers the best buying experience by providing the right product, in the right quantity and in good condition

  • Filter search
  • Product Search
  • Payment gateways and methods 
  • Search Suggestions
  • Checkout
  • Discount and Coupons codes
  • Counter for quantity
  • Shopping Cart
  • Wish-list

Customer Customization

Make the designing customer-oriented

  • Customer Location 
  • Address Exploration
  • Pin address

Delivery Time

Use all the factors to know all about delivery timings

  • Express delivery
  • Slots for the pick-up time
  • Tracking of the delivery person
  • Cancellation of order and other option
  • Contact details of the delivery person

Feedback Features

Get reviews and rating to know the customer experience

  • Rating of delivery boy
  • Rating of services on various scales
  • Review to know a better feedback system
  • Rating of product quality
  • Technologies associated
  • Help and Support 

Required Technologies to Create a Grocery On-Demand Mobile App

Technologies to Create a On-demand Mobile App

  • App Platforms: iOS app development service, android app development, and web development services
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo, Sinch
  • 3rd Party Apps: Google Map
  • Back-end: Python, .Net, Java, Node.js
  • Push Notifications: APN, Twilio, Firebase
  • Payments: Braintree, Authorize.Net, PayPal, E-Wallets, Stripe
  • Cloud Environment: AWS
  • Mandrill: Related to emails
  • Real-Time Analytics: Spark Streaming, Apache Flink
  • Traffic Analytics: Flurry, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Database: Cassandra, MongoDB

Team Structure Required to Build a Grocery Shopping App

Team Structure

We cannot overlook this factor- owning the professional or expert team is one of the influential factors while building the Grocery on-demand mobile app. In like manner, by attaining the skilled app development specialists on the board, you can assure that app success to a large amount. 

Hire On-Demand App Developers Now!

And you can only achieve this by choosing the experienced grocery app development service company. But while choosing, hire only the proficient experts, your team should have:

App Developers

The app development team must have iOS app developers, backend app developers, and Android app developers. Only those developers should be picked that are required to build an app. 

What we meant is that- if you like to build an app for the Android platform then pick the expert android developers, similar in the case of iOS platform. Or, you like to create the grocery app on both platforms then choose both. Usually, the front end developers manage the app front end development work. And, the responsibility of the backend is on the backend developers.

Project Manager

This person is accountable for managing the applications at all the development levels. The project manager keeps updating by being in direct link with you and the development team. So, it is imperative that the person should have effective managerial and communication skills to manage and inform the team whenever required. 

Quality Analysis Expert

No one will buy your grocery app if it has errors and bugs, so it is advised to keep testing the app, again and again, to make it error-free. And, the Quality Assurance experts are liable for this. Moreover, inform them the app should offer a smooth process to everyone.

App Designers

Choose the best App designers to make the UI/UX better.  Also, the app design has to be engaging or appealing.

App Delivery Manager

The delivery manager is accountable to provide the created grocery on-demand mobile app to the customers.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an On-Demand Grocery App

Cost to Make an On-Demand Grocery App

Generally, the cost of developing a grocery app relies mainly on the features and functionalities you want to add to it. Even though, we have mentioned below some of those main factors that affect the mobile app cost. Check out:

  • The app complexity
  • Number of platforms used
  • App development team size
  • Grocery app development regions
  • Integration of any third-party app

So, we can say that first, the complexity of an app influences the cost. With more complexity, the app costs higher. Then, choosing the platform also affects the cost- if you are choosing one (Either Android or iOS), then the cost will be minimal, but the charges may change when both platforms are used. Next, the cost may also change with the per hour rate of the development region. 

Launch the Grocery app

After creating an app, now, here comes the time to launch it on the Play Store or some app store.  Of course, you can share it on your social media handles to reach the maximum of the potential users in the defined geography. 

Get Your Grocery App Now!

Positively, we advise you to test the app before launching to give the best experience to the users and make them satisfied. With a solid marketing strategy, you can make your app reachable.

Concluding Remarks

Now, you are ready to enjoy the benefits that this app will give you. Besides, know your target audience as this app will be dealing with a lot and sell accordingly. So, keep updated your app from time to time so that the customers can gain the benefits of the recent features. 

We hope this much information is enough for you to create a grocery app for you. Therefore, you are all set to stand out in this competitive market with the fully-featured and highly-functional grocery app.

In any case, you have some doubts about creating an app then ask us in the comment section below or contact us. We will happily assist you!!

Thanks for reading!!

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