Top Reasons Why Shopify is the Best Platform for E-commerce Website

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Posted by admin Dec 21, 2023


Presently, there are numerous e-commerce sites online and many more are being added every day. This is a lot of competition for e-commerce stores aiming to build their customer base. The one thing that separates winners from losers is the selection of a good e-commerce platform. 

A well-designed ECommerce Website is crucial for managing your customers and inventory efficiently. It optimizes your online store, propelling your business to new heights by generating revenue. Frankly, choosing an e-commerce platform largely depends on how complex you want your ECommerce Website Design to be and the resources you are willing to invest in it.

Undoubtedly, Shopify is an outstanding platform that every enterprise thinks of due to the complete package it offers for building a website. It has emerged as the best e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs. Launched in 2006, its distinguished features make it a go-to choice for creating and managing online stores. 

According to the latest stats, over 4 million websites presently worldwide are utilising Shopify to promote their online presence. This blog post will discuss various compelling reasons that make Shopify an ideal platform for small businesses’ success. So, let us get started on this journey with zeal and enthusiasm. 

Compelling Reasons to Choose Shopify as a Platform for Your E-commerce Website

The following section depicts various reasons to choose Shopify as a platform for your e-commerce website. 

A Vast Collection of Themes

The Shopify theme store offers thousands of ready-to-use themes to its users. Here, you can browse many themes with different styles, designs, functionality and pricing to choose the best theme for your store. 

Additionally, Shopify provides various options for a wide range of industries. These include art and photography, clothing and fashion, jewellery and accessories, electronics, food and drink, health and beauty, toys and games and many more. 

Ease to Use

Shopify is very easy to set up and use. This platform extensively employs a cleaner approach that makes it far easier to learn and utilise.  The user-friendly interface of Shopify and its straightforward setup make it easy to operate. 

The simplified backend enables store owners to get a grip on the system in just a matter of days to keep their store running smoothly. Moreover, the platform itself offers the software development features and hosting that are required for launching the website.

Multi-payment Gateway Integration

Another main advantage of moving your website to Shopify is that Shopify offers numerous payment options. These include almost all widely used payments such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe and many more payment integrations. 

Shopify store eliminates the need to add third-party programs to direct transactions to your bank. This platform also provides a native multi-currency system to allow your store to accept payment in almost any currency from around the world. 

Focus on scalability

Shopify is designed in such a way that it accommodates your needs even if you or a beginner or a growing business. You can conveniently scale your evolving business as it evolves. Shopify adapts to the increasing needs of your business. Being a cloud-based system Shopify ensures your online store to effortlessly handle increased traffic, transactions and product offerings. 

This makes it an ideal platform for those with striving growth plans. As your business flourishes, Shopify grows with you while providing a solid foundation for long-term success in the dynamic world of e-commerce. 

Across-channel selling 

Shopify empowers you to effortlessly integrate your store with other big and robust marketplaces to sell your products across various channels. 

Additionally, expand your business and reach out to more shoppers from giants like Amazon or eBay by paying for only one platform. Plus, Shopify helps you to tap into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Presently, Twitter owns one of the largest online customer bases in the world. 

Advanced Functionality

Shopify provides a commitment to innovation to ensure that you stay at the forefront of e-commerce trends. This further provides a dynamic and technologically advanced environment to grow. 

Besides these, it also offers inventory management, accounting and business reporting. Also, it has the option to set email autoresponder integrations that support you to automate as well as run your business on autopilot. 

Affordable Pricing Plans

Small businesses face a lot of limitations due to budget constraints that Shopify rectifies. This is the main reason it offers affordable pricing plans that serve different business needs. Moreover, you can also avail of their 14-day trial pack to witness the ease with which it works for your business to strive. 

Generally, the basic Shopify plan starts at $32 per month including all essential features such as unlimited product listings, website hosting and 24/7 support. The higher plan costs $92 per month and includes additional features such as gift cards and professional reports. 

App Ecosystem

Shopify offers a wealth of over 4k applications serving as a versatile marketplace. This expensive range allows businesses to tailor their demands to their unique needs and goals. The platform goes beyond basic e-commerce capabilities by providing specialised tools for analytics and marketing. Thus, this demonstrates that the platform’s commitment to meeting various business requirements underscores its flexibility and suitability for a variety of enterprises.  


You can now conveniently tailor the look and feel of your store to match your brand’s personality. Moreover, with Shopify, you can create a custom design best suited for your business. Hence, this flexibility enables you to create a high-quality and professional storefront that reflects your unique brand. 

You can customise everything from colours and fonts and product displays to reflect your individuality. Consequently, you have the flexibility to add specialised functionalities to enhance the user experience. Thus, Shopify possesses the tools necessary to bring your vision to life.  

24/7 Customer support

Necessary timely support is utterly important for a smooth customer experience in the fast-paced world of online retail. Shopify provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email and phone to assist with questions or issues that may arise from time to time. In the absence of a dedicated tech team in small businesses, this support provides valuable peace of mind. 

Final Words

In a nutshell, Shopify is an e-commerce platform for building and maintaining online stores. This is a relatively straightforward choice that offers intuitive design and versatile customisation to simplify operations. All in all, Shopify makes a dependable choice for sustainable growth in the online marketplace. 

At Awebstar Technologies, we have an experienced and highly skilled team of experts in Shopify. Our Shopify developers have developed a range of websites to excel at a fast pace. For over a decade, we have delivered top-notch Shopify products to our satisfied clients. If you are looking to avail of our services, please feel free to contact us.

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