How To Use Digital Tricks to Generate Revenue For Restaurants In Singapore?

Having a provision for delivering the product is an extraordinary method to build incomes, increases sales and generate income at your restaurants in Singapore. The way of life is completely changed, seeking to the customer convenience thus, flipped the whole traditional method. With the platforms like Deliveroo Singapore, Food panda Singapore, Food Matters Singapore, etc.

The online request is the new thing that can take restaurant deals to the greatest height. With the advent of ‘cashless economy’ has seen, a significant rise in the digital food ordering. The restaurant delivery service sector has warranted regular incline. This topic will discuss:

The Uses of Digital Tricks To Generate Revenue For Restaurants In Singapore

1. Introduce Loyalty Points

An understanding of your customer’s mindset plays an elementary role in planning and executing your program which is, indeed, in the interest of the customer’s taste and requirement. If the goal of your CRM System is exclusive with the mindset of earning money, in that case, it is not considered as a loyalty program.

Loyalty cards in restaurants in singapore

CRM Software based loyalty program ought to be centered around guaranteeing long-term commitment to the clients. Some business owners are not able to understand this concept and its outcome- thus feel the disappointment with this concept.

One needs to understand that all clients are equivalent. While some are inclined towards your business others, are new. The organization should focus on each client equally, despite the fact that the client’s needs and inspirations are altogether different. Henceforth, one needs to understand in order to maintain a long-term relationshipit is very important to plan a loyalty program.

*Things need to remember*

  • Keep Simple Point Redemption system
  • Implement Tiered Programs to reward initial loyalty
  • Structure non-monetary rewards
  • Upfront Fees can work for VIP Clients
  • Having a multipronged strategy to win back customers


2. Food Ordering app

Diners have great different alternatives where individuals can go out to eat. Hence, in order to expand your eatery’s business, you’ll have to make it simpler for your clients to pick you over your competitor. If you offer online ordering, you will clear up your telephones and the queues out your doors. Visitors won’t be compelled to stick around just to be served.

Food ordering app

This enables your kitchen and staff to finish more requests in less time. This feature highlights you more on the web, in-fact builds your online presence. Hence, individuals will almost certainly order directly from any digital machine. Make it simple for them and amplify your deals by offering online order in your café.

In the Food Ordering app,  you can offer cuisine like Smaller Plates, low-calorie, low-fat, gluten-free snacks, bring in more varieties of low-sugar, low-carb that excite your customer and incline them to purchase something new!!

Features you can choose in Food Ordering app:

  • Online slot reservation
  • Digital menu card
  • Ordering online and online delivery {fast food chains}
  • Location-based deals
  • Loyalty programs
  • Have an answer for every question (chatbot system)
  • Better ROI(Return on Investment) on the festive season
  • Online presence, on social media


3. Reviews System

By tuning in to your clients and reacting to their expressions, you can improve the eating background and fabricate client connections. Moreover, posting positive guest feedback online can help to build your brand reputation, hence amplify brand name locally and beyond.

Review System

Investing in a Restaurant POS Software framework that asks guests for feedback at the time of checkout can make reveal valuable information about each guest’s experience. You’ll likewise have the capacity to follow criticism consistently or if your visitors aren’t loving a particular menu item. This would be the easy way out to stay in touch with the customers and to improve the shortcomings within your business.

The simplest approach to assemble input through email is by incorporating your criticism demand in a client’s computerized receipt, regardless of whether it’s by means of email or text. Request a review by means of email including the accompanying content at the highest point of your email receipts.

4. Queue Management System 

The point when your stomach is grumbling and you are holding yourself long to eat. In that case, waiting time acts as a most lengthier moment, one could expect. In such case, if the cafés that don’t have a powerful queueing methodology the chance to scare off customers increases and ultimately hampers the business success.

Restaurants are different to deal with the clients, the main goal isn’t always to make a buy and get out as fast as possible. They need to sit, visit, mingle, and eat — all while having a wonderful encounter among the friends and family.

Help you get with Queue Management System

Lounge areas are an average component of eating at a restaurant. However, in light of the fact that waiting is a part of eating out, it simply does not mean that impatient customers can be ignored.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that uncertainty sours the entire supper. A long holding up time can leave clients with a negative impression, regardless of whether the food was delicious.

In the meantime, Queue System Singapore helps to alarm clients when it’s their turn to be served through an SMS alert — a basic instant message. Doing so saves up the clients to occupy themselves, in the meantime, their table will be ready.

As the restaurant discovers and delivers accurate waiting times, now the clients know exactly to what extent they need to wait. They are not plugged into lounges along with others waiting to be served.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing works 100 times better in Hosting events within your restaurants or dictating about the special cuisine to your customers. This is known to be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a business.

Email Marketing

As per the email marketing statistics, email marketing remains an extraordinary method to connect with both existing and potential clients:

In the US alone, over 80% of grown-ups use email. 28.5% ROI can be amplified by email marketing over direct mail suggested by the researchers

Each dollar is spent on email marketing brings you $38 in return.

Different advantages of café email advertising include:

  • Creating brand awareness among new and existing clients, thus, accelerate your sales by informing customers about the special discounts available.
  • Email advertising simplifies the promotional task for small, local businesses to compete with greater ones, in case they get their technique right.
  • Individuals effectively agree to sign up to their favorite restaurants for updates thus, embrace awareness and preference of the clients.
  • You can also offer Coupons to the customers through email marketing to increase engagement of the clients.


6. Google Business Listing Page

Google My Business is a product of Google that enables organizations to make business postings in Google Maps with a goal that clients can easily discover the business near to them.

Google My Business is a phenomenal way to get local attention easily on Google. Read further to know why you should add your business to google

  • Better Discoverability
  • Boosts Online Ordering
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Local Search Rankings
  • Boosts Customer Experience
  • Makes Restaurant More Approachable
  • Access To Customer Analytics
  • Supports Review Handling
  • Ease In Ad Creation


7. Adapt Proper Restaurant Technology (POS)

Bit of manual mismanagement spills the milk, handwritten requests can sometimes be misunderstood by the Kitchen team. To avoid the chaos of the kitchen and customer, the POS system framework works best to deal with any uncertain situation if managed right.

This System act as a helping hand to all the activities performed. Acquiring the cutting edge POS system can streamline your activities and access all the data to realize how to build your restaurant’s sales.

POS System

Utilize a restaurant POS Software that will help you in maintaining your business and increase your restaurant sales. Your POS Software Singapore must be your closest companion, giving you data about everything that occurs at your eatery, regardless of whether you are physically present there or not.

You should get the point by point reports of the number of sales happening at your restaurant and increase in the number of bills created, keep a check on offers and limits given, the things that have achieved their expiry date and should be reordered and other such data.

Since you will have a point by point report of every one of your deals including the most selling things and the least needed one, with this you can consult with your chef to bring change within your grocery list.

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8. Social Media Strategy

Restaurant owners have the mind-boggling chance to promote business and convey their brand outside their walls. Social media enhances the awareness of your business and increases the opportunity to grow your business.

Social awareness wider the horizon of the owners thus tries something innovative and creative to invite customers even at the outskirts of the city or town. You can promote through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter by offering discounts, special cuisine, Special events or festive offers, etc.

Uploading on Social Media

This will be a great resource to scale up your business, thus double your sales within no time.

You can also share, comment or post on your social media page, thus increases the visibility of your business and enhances the sale.

For example– if you are regularly posting a blog, commenting, sharing with the people around, let’s say Flora Singapore restaurant, best restaurants in Singapore, Singapore best restaurants, restaurants with a view, the lighthouse Singapore, as well as using the hashtags with the same.

Within no time your brand takes a loop of the hike because you are targeting the audience who are searching for such queries. You will be benefited because you are simply promoting what people duly search or are interested in.

9. Get started with table-top ordering systems:

One evident approach to expand benefits is to turn tables faster.

Utilize Restaurant POS Software Framework:

A tabletop POS gadget is commonly a tablet that has been introduced to programming custom-made to the restaurant’s needs, regularly including the menu, specials, the capacity to look at when you wish, to tip, and once in a while even incorporates amusements and music.

Today, tabletop requesting frameworks is most regularly found in quick easygoing dining companies like Red Robin, Olive Garden, and Applebee’s, yet there’s positively no reason you can’t coordinate them into your very own foundation.

As indicated by POS Advice for Restaurants, the trend is here to stay. For the individuals who have embraced these frameworks early, many reports claim up to 20 percent increase the sale of snacks and a 30 percent increment for desserts.