Common SEO Mistakes People Do

Common SEO Mistakes People Do

There are numerous common SEO mistakes people do that jeopardize their efforts for Search Engine Optimization. This normally results in low rankings and not enough traffic among many other vices that may cause the website to fail. Some of them you may not even be aware that you are making something that can be quite frustrating.

Google and all the other major search engines are undertaking the task of giving relevance and quality to search engine.

This means you have to take this under control if you want to take benefits from SEO.

Some Common SEO Mistakes

Examples of some of the common mistakes that people do include:

Not Optimizing Pages to Relevant Keywords

Look for a number of main keywords or even short phrases that will be used throughout your pages.

This is something that can be quite challenging but you can use Google Keyword Planner or any other tools to help you out when it comes to picking the ideal keywords for the site.

Keep in mind that the most vital keywords are supposed to appear on the URL and also a few times on the page. At all times, keywords should be in context and make sense without being overdone.

Working with Uncrawled Site

Crawling is a term that is used to refer to how search engine robots normally systematically read through data they found online like links and HTML pages the guts of your site.

Make sure the pages on your site are linked well to each other if you want the search engines to crawl easily from one page to another. The pages that are not linked to other pages internally are not shown by search engines.

Poorly Written or Blank Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

They are very many sites that are guilty of one of this SEO mistakes that people make. Title tags are very important as this is what appear on the search results. It should include the most relevant keyword and the subject of the page. It should not be more than 60 characters.

Meta descriptions are also important as they act as synopses for your page. This helps you grab the attention of the readers as it gives them a picture of what you have to offer them.

Not Using Relevant Anchor Text

Another example is not using the proper anchor text for the internal links. Your anchor text should always be relevant to pages that they lead between for all your internal links. Use this in a thoughtful manner as it can end up making a huge difference on your site.

This simply means that when a person is on your site, they should be able to navigate easily so that they can get all the information they are looking for without any complications.

Not Having Descriptive Product Pages

Another example of SEO mistakes that people make is think that a picture is worth a thousand words when they place pictures of the products they are dealing with. The search engines do not think like this thus it is important to note that you have to provide text for each and every product that you are selling online. The text should include keywords.

Where possible, it is recommended that you try and write at least 250 words for the products that you want to sell. This is where you describe what the product does, who it is for, how it looks and when people need to use it.

Ignoring the Use of Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics

People generally do not take advantage of tools that can help them measure the results of their sites. This can be done easily by using tools like Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics to find out how many visitors have been on the site and what they clicked on to know where their time was spent.

Here you can even see where your visitors are coming from. This can help you out a great deal when it comes to advertising as it helps you target the right people with