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digital tricks to generate revenue May 7, 2019
How to Improve Customer Service Experience of Hotels and Restaurants?
Having a provision for delivering the product is an extraordinary method to build incomes, increases sales and generate income at your restaurants in Singapore. The way of life has completely changed; improve in customer service experience has flipped the way of thinking. Look up to the digital platforms like Deliveroo Singapore, Food panda Singapore, Food Matters Singapore, etc. These have changed the way of thinking and widen the opportunities to earn more money.  "Now get the food Online!!" What helps you to generate more revenue in restaurants? Friendly Conversation with customers, best customer support service? Is that so? These days online request is the booming idea and opportunity to take the restaurant to greater heights. With the advent of 'cashless Read More
blank July 23, 2015
What is SEO? How Does it Benefit You?
To take their business to the next level, business people need to take advantage of SEO. What is SEO you may ask? What is SEO? The initials stand for Search Engine Optimization and it can be described as a process of getting traffic from organic, free, natural or editorial search results to your website on search engines. This normally affects the visibility of a web page or an entire website in the search engines unpaid search results. It is not an overstatement to say that businesses who do not practice SEO are in for a worse situation than the ones who do. Benefits of SEO This is because it brings about numerous benefits to a business and some of them Read More
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