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blank July 1, 2022
What Is A WordPress Navigation Menu And How Does It Work?
The performance of any business website depends on its simplified navigation. After all, users will become frustrated if they fail to discover the menu that directs them on the appropriate path. As a result, users leave the website. The wp_nav_menu function allows easy modification of menus to meet the website requirements and visitor choices. Many WordPress themes provide navigation menus in addition to other components. It contains add-ons, templates, and fonts. However, this menu in no way compromises the look or feel of the website or the brand. This way, incorporating the WordPress navigation menu can be the ideal way to achieve the responsive menu design, website performance, and user experience you expect. Let us now take you to the Read More
blank January 19, 2022
Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate a WordPress Website
Thinking about moving to a new server or host or migrating to a WordPress website? WordPress is one of the leading Content Management systems that empower 43.0% of all websites. Many contemplate the migrating process as a stressful task, however, it is not! All you have to do is follow some of the considerable steps! To carry out the process, users either look for a WordPress website development company that offers migration services or choose to do it by themselves. For those, we are here with the guide that helps you to migrate the website to a new host! Best Ways to Migrate the WordPress website Step 1# Pick a New WordPress Host When it is about migrating the site, Read More
blank October 21, 2021
Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Business Website
Previously, not many enterprises looked to create a website for their business due to its affordability. But now the time has changed, there are better & economical options available. WordPress is one of them which gives an edge to your website. Since its first launch in 2003, it has undoubtedly experienced considerable growth.   It is a flexible and powerful platform that enables its users to create a business website.  The statistics show that this Content Management System empowers 42.7% of all sites. WordPress has one-third of the web in its pocket.  14.7% of top sites get created on WordPress. Daily more than 500 websites are created on WordPress, whereas just 60 to 80 get built on CMS like Squarespace and Shopify. Read More
blank July 19, 2016
Top 5 Resources That Can Teach You to Use WordPress Like a…
WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular choice nowadays for people looking to set up magnificent blogs or websites and have little or no knowledge of coding. It makes it a lot easier for people to get their businesses off the ground and on the web with the help of WordPress and several plugins and additional programs that they can utilize. To benefit the most out of WordPress, you need to actually know how to utilize it to its maximum capability and extract all that you can. There are several things about WordPress that even frequent users are not aware of. Unless you studying depth about the features and benefits it has to offer, chances are, even you might not realize Read More
blank August 20, 2015
5 Reasons Why International Companies is Using WordPress
A company's website is usually termed as its new face. It's the clients' and consumers' first impression of the legitimacy and professionalism of a business. Therefore, choosing the right web design company is critical for your particular business. It is now common knowledge that WordPress is the most popular blogging tool available today. But what most people may not realize is that it is also one very powerful Content Management System that you can use for more than just blogging. The essence of marketing is all in reaching the right person, through the right medium and delivering the right message and at the right time. However, a lot of business marketers get caught up in other details like the name Read More
blank July 30, 2015
Essential and Useful SEO WordPress Plugin
When you develop a website using WordPress, it may not come with all the features that you would like it to have such as Google Analytics, SEO and automatic backups among many others. This is however nothing to give you sleepless nights as it is possible to take advantage of SEO WordPress plugin that can actually help to make your site work in a smart way. SEO WordPress Plugin Below you will find some of the options you have where some are free and others you have to pay to get the most out of your site. Google Analytics This is a great feature that will help you with marketing efforts. It is free of charge and it helps to Read More
blank May 21, 2015
Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
Coding and site structure is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. This means that selecting and utilizing SEO friendly WordPress themes is vital. There are certain features that you should be on the lookout for before you settle on the one to use such as tags. Although SEO experts may differ when it comes to selecting the ideal theme, all of them agree that you should be very careful when selecting a theme. WordPress themes can be referred to as SEO optimized when: It is code free. It follows the guidelines that have been prescribed on various search engines such as Google. The theme has been optimized for speed. It is a responsive theme. Below Read More
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