How to Top Your Website’s Ranking in Google India?
Rank Your Website in Google India

How to Top Your Website’s Ranking in Google India?

Google, the world’s leading search engine, is used prominently in almost all parts of the world. Because of a number of reasons, most people love to use Google when they have to find something on the internet. Google has different versions for different countries. Google India is one of them.

India is an important country for Google. Most Indians use this search engine in their daily life. With 7.7% growth rate, 500 million active Internet users, a good possibility for a further increase in Internet users, a big market, etc, are some important reasons why Internet-based companies are focusing on Indian Internet market. Recently, Amazon, the world’s leading shopping website, launched its Hindi version for Indian users to increase its market share in the country.

Search Engine Market Share in India

Search Engines Market share in India
Google 97.22%
Bing 1.85%
Yahoo 0.85% 0.01%
MSN 0.01%


So, how web-based companies can increase their presence in Google India & boost their profit margins? Let’s consider a few points.


1. Perform the Grassroot Work at First

Before you start optimizing your website for Google India, let’s perform some grassroots works at first to make your online business more profitable:


A. Track the User’s Activity on The Internet

Track User Behaviour on Internet

As a business owner, you need to track the activities of Internet users in India. Mainly, they perform the following tasks:

  • Reading News, watching videos, and listening to music,
  • Booking online services, such as buying a house, choosing a life partner, booking railway/ airplane/bus tickets,
  • Searching topics of their interest,
  • Large-scale online shopping. India has 120 million active online shoppers.
  • Studying online,
  • Online financial activities and
  • Selling goods and services.


B. Create High-quality Content in Different Indian Languages

Although English is widely used in India, you would be surprised to know that only about 12% of India’s population is familiar with English. Indian Internet users love to use the Internet & different web applications available in the local languages. So, business organizations can’t think of increasing their market share in India with English only websites.

Different Indian languages Total Internet users Percentage
Hindi 201 38%
Marathi 51 9%
Bengali 42 8%
Tamil 32 6%
Telegu 31 6%
Gujrati 26 5%
Kannada 25 5%
Malayalam 17 3%


So, apart from English language content, you should create high-quality materials in other Indian languages also.


2. Technical Considerations

Technical indicators of a website play a great role if you eying for the potential business opportunities originating from Google India. Your website should look be attractive & look professional. It must be responsive to all mobile devices and load fast. Make sure that your website is easy to use and help users to find what they need in the shortest possible time. It would be better to get your website created by an Indian IT Company, which understands the local Internet market & user behavior very well.


3. Update Your Website Regularly with Fresh Content

Fresh Content is the foundation of search engine optimization. So, you should have good-quality content for website optimization. Check the available content at least 2 times before use and eliminate all possible left out mistakes. Update your website regularly with fresh content and optimize it for Google India & the targeted audience. Use good keywords, metadata, heading tags, titles and subtitles, images, etc, to optimize the content very well. This will encourage Google bots to visit your website and rank its or it pages in search results.


4. Social Media Optimization

Indian Internet users are crazy about different social media websites. Almost all tech-savvy internet users have one or more social media accounts.

Social Media website % of users in India
Facebook 78.63%
YouTube 9.97%
Instagram 4.95%
Pinterest 3.99%
Twitter 1.82%
LinkedIn 0.21%


So, pay proper attention to social media optimization to have a stronger presence on Google India & get additional traffic & business opportunities. Just share your site’s content on different social media platforms and encourage users to share it to the maximum. Join different social media groups and share content in them. You can also create groups and add interested people to them. You can share useful content in those groups & expect more referral traffic to your website.

5. Never Ignore Mobile Internet Users in India

Out of 1.35 billion people, nearly 478 million people use the WWW on different mobile devices because of the ease-of-use, mobility, and feasibility. Only a few people access the Internet on desktop computers and laptops. So, if you want to see your website in the top search results of Google India (and in other versions of Google), just optimize your website with a mobile-first approach. Ensure that your website is responsive to all mobile devices. Keep the content length balanced so that visitors can view it fully on different mobile devices. If you are able to capitalize the business opportunities following out from the small screens, the ultimate success will kiss your feet in the web-based business.

6. Premium Advertising

Most SEO professionals use premium advertising when they fail to get tangible results through free SEO campaigns. You must always keep in mind that the premium ads will not get lost in the list of free ads. They show the seriousness of your intentions and make your ad more noticeable in the SERP of Google India. Give premium ads on Google and its different platforms. They will increase the effectiveness of your ads up to a great extent. As a result, you will have more calls from potential customers. The actual cost of premium ads varies from time to time. So, be careful about it & place premium ads carefully.


7. Always Be Ready for Google Updates


Google Algorithm Update

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Google updates its search algorithm from time-to-time to discourage the use of unlawful SEO practices & allow only the fair competitors to excel in its SERP. So, just one Google update can shake your whole web-based infrastructure. Google updates affect the ranking of websites. 

Some websites go up in Google’s SERP, while some others are humiliated with a lower ranking. So, follow the rules & regulations of SEO practices guided by Google. If this happens, your website will be able to accommodate frequent updates in Google’s algorithm and give more business opportunities.


Final Words

A good ranking in Google India can give immense traffic and business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Follow the above-mentioned tips to help your website rank well in Google India & make more revenues every day by successfully converting traffic into paying customers.