How do you increase likes for Facebook pages?

How do you increase likes for Facebook pages?

The Internet has presented many marketing opportunities. In the recent past, there has been an upsurge in the number of people who use social media platforms for different purposes. The biggest social media network currently is Facebook, and it has presented a big opportunity for the marketing of many business brands. Nonetheless, business owners are highly encouraged to enroll in a Facebook marketing course in Singapore to enable them to create effective Facebook pages.

Facebook pages, when used correctly, can generate traffic to businesses. This traffic is easily converted into loyal customers hence increasing profits for the business. An increase in the number of Facebook fans increases traffic to the host business. Setting up contests (giveaways etc) on the Facebook pages is guaranteed to increase likes for Facebook pages within a short time. Contests are interactive, and they excite more people that draw in new users as fans of the page.

People are lured by the probability of winning prizes as they continue to interact with the page. During this contest, the business owners should make sure that they enlighten the people about the business.


Also, they should engage and entertain the fans entirely. Through this active interactions, the fan base increases rapidly.

Coupons have also been seen to increase the number of Facebook likes. People always seek to save costs. Thus, when presented with discount opportunities in the form of coupons, they are entirely interested in the business’ products and services. Financial reports show that 10% off coupons always give people an incentive to buy while the business keeps their profit margins intact. Nevertheless, the best way to use these coupons is by prompting users to like the page so that they may access them.

Different kinds of businesses use different strategies to attract traffic and potential customers. For B2B companies, they can provide free written content in the form of ebooks. These ebooks contain educational content and have a download landing page created on the business website. For effective marketing, one is supposed to fill a certain form before they access the contents of the ebook. Through including the content download inside a tab on the Facebook page, one can increase the number of likes using a ‘like’ popup.

Another excellent strategy effective in the increase in the number of Facebook likes is creating Facebook ads. These ads guarantee high visibility of the business to the targeted audience who easily and quickly like the Facebook page. These ads enable companies to target a specific audience and make sure that only the targeted demographics can see the ad campaigns.

A majority of businesses nowadays have blogs. These blogs can present a great opportunity to increase the number of likes on the business’ Facebook page. Companies and business owners are advised to include a ‘like’button on their blogs. This strategy is non-invasive and effectively captures the visitors on the blog to like the Facebook page. For efficiency, the liking should be made easy by allowing visitors to like the page right there from the blog.

Businesses should add a ‘like’ button on their website’s headers. Having a like button on the headers is a sure way to increase the number of Facebook likes over time. It is easy and hassle-free though it does not increase the number of likes rapidly.