5 essential survival tips when building Backlinks

Link building is an important and essential part of improving the traffic for SEO services in Singapore. With the influx of information readily available, it has become more important to provide only the best result, while skimming through the search engines. The mission of search engines has always been to provide users with solutions to everyday problems, references, and problems. Let’s Discuss Some:

Fundamental Tips to Build Backlinks

1. Build Back Links for Visibility and Exposure

Visibility and exposure is really crucial in the digital marketing space. They help a website to be discovered and found by its target audience, which is a very important milestone in the world of online marketing. In fact, they help a website to increase organic search result, direct traffic and referral. However, that does not mean you can spam every channel in your industry. You should use strategic methods to participate in various channels which should develop an authority to earn their trust.

  • a. Associate your brand with big brands
  • b. Create pages on various social media buttons
  • c. Participate in community discussions that are typically related to your industry or niche
  • d. Constantly appear on established industry news sites or blogs


2. Build Back Links for Traffic

Without traffic, a website is non-beneficial and ineffective to any business. Therefore, building back links for traffic is imperative for a website. It will help in raising the leads, potential partnership or even inquiries to your business. Here is how to build back links for traffic:

  • a. Always update your social channels with your own piece of work
  • b. Contribute a well-researched and quality content on top ranking blogs in your industry
  • c. Cite your website content when contributing in the community thread


3. Build Back Links to Authority

You need to establish authority to ensure that individuals are likely to trust your website, whether you share information or publish new content. The authority that your website commands in the industry increases the chances of attracting new visitors. However, for SEO services in Singapore, you should avoid back links manipulation as it might cost your website. Here are a few ways to build back links for authority:

  • a. Generate back links from government or educational sites
  • b. Build back links to top ranking blogs in your industry or niche
  • c. Don’t focus on building back links on your own pages, instead, focus on category pages or important pages


4. Diversify Back Links

Building your back links from one source is not healthy for a website. It can make the website to lose a lot of opportunities and potential traffic, and the worst; it can just put a website at risk. So, diversity becomes a huge part of building back links that can enable a website to survive in the long run. Make sure a website back link profile is diversified, using the following methods:

  • a. Local listing
  • b. Guest blogging
  • c. Press release
  • d. Video distribution
  • e. Brand association
  • f. Slide representation


5. Don’t Build Back Links on Irrelevant Contents

If a website’s back links are low quality, irrelevant and manipulative, obviously, it will definitely not rank for the target keyword phrases and the site might be at high risk. Search engine algorithms can detect if a website is manipulating its back links to rank for the target keywords. Always, ensure that the back links your website acquire are from a high quality sites so that the performance of organic search result can improve.

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