Why your SEO Campaign is not giving results
A Few Reason why your SEO Campaign is not giving Results
If you are putting in effort for SEO, you probably know that it is one of the greatest tools that can help you rank highly on various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This helps to increase the visibility of your site and ultimately makes it more successful. If you are not getting the desired results from your SEO Campaign, it means that there is something you are doing wrong and it
Best SEO Practices for HTML5
Best SEO Practices for html5
Html5 has been designed specifically to help standardize various multimedia formats so that they can be understood consistently by browsers. It makes it easy for a person to include interactive multimedia elements within the website without need for the external plugins like Flash. It is best to understand html5 seo soon as HTML5 can be described as an evolving process with various new features th
SEO Friendly WordPress Theme
Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
Coding and site structure is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. This means that selecting and utilizing SEO friendly WordPress themes is vital. There are certain features that you should be on the lookout for before you settle on the one to use such as tags. Although SEO experts may differ when it comes to selecting the ideal theme, all of them agree that you should be very ca
Youtube SEO
Benefits of Youtube SEO
Just like the evolution of 20th century media: magazines and newspapers made room for radio and film paved way for TV, online consumption is also changing. This is because over the past years, the internet is not only internet based and videos make up about 40% of all the search results. Uses for video normally range widely from instructions, news and entertainment. Your website can also take adva
competitor and Market analysis
Analyze your Niche and Competitors
If you would to be successful with SEO something very important for your business or blog, it is important to make sure you not only analyze your niche but also your competition. This is where you get to know what you are clearly doing, your target market/audience and all the traits of your business. Analyzing competition on the other hand gives you the chance to beat them when it comes to SERPs.